Unification of Body, Mind and Soul

It is becoming very imperative that each of us awaken to our fullness and begin living and thriving from this alignment. It is time to understand who you really are for advanced evolution. Each one of you are the marriage of soul and flesh. Without our soul the body is a lifeless shell, without the body the soul is simply wandering energy. The soul is Divine Movement, the soul is God (Source) in motion. Wherever there is movement (expansion), there is soul. The soul is the movement, the body is the vehicle for that movement. When body and soul harmonize together we have powerful awesome manifestation and creation.

There is a need for balance and union of body and soul, and often we can observe humanity’s resistance to this understanding. Resistance can arise from 2 misaligned energies…those who wish to see themselves as only a body, as well as those who wish to see themselves as only a soul.

It is vital that we integrate our soul energy in harmony with our physical form. Many humans can become over identified with their physical bodies and therefore a misalignment occurs at a soul level. If we wish to Thrive and align with the fullness and totality of our wholeness. We must awaken and shift back into the alignment and harmony of body and soul unification.


As each of us return to the Source Code, Energy Vortex of meditation a magical shift begins to occur. We suddenly realize, hey I am not just this body or this busy anxious mind….I am a soul. When this awareness opens huge shifts begin to occur for us. Once we understand we are more than a body we can now begin to tune in and gain access to universal intelligence. Quantum leaps in evolution occur whenever humans begin to tune in. We can observe this from looking back throughout history at great shifts in technology, innovation, and powerful modes of healing flowed in, as humans started accessing this universal intelligence.

I can speak of this not just from theory, but from personal life experience. Each of the gifts I now align with and access daily were gifts I received from quieting my mind, and tuning in to access higher universal intelligence. The awesome life shifting understanding of Angelic beings, galactic beings, our abilities to heal and manifest all given in the space of stillness.

It’s Interesting to observe how many humans are still struggling and clinging to their sense of “reality” how many see themselves as only a body. How many I observe suffering from this choice and people ask me why I offer weekly meditation classes, why I lead Empowering the Empath transformational workshops and retreats…because I know what everyone of you must awaken to. I know as I Am blessed daily because of my awakening to the fullness of who I am body and soul.Never again will I operate separately as only a body, for I have aligned with the power and Awesomeness of the unification of body and soul….Life will never again be the same! My Life is a beautiful miraculous celebration as I Powerfully anchor in the Great Love and Light of Higher consciousness….And it is Awesome!!!!

I encourage each of you to make the Conscious choice to spend quiet time daily in meditation, come gather with aligned soul’s often and consistently for further expansion and alignment. Magic, miracles and the awesomeness of your own body and soul unification await you. What will you choose?

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Infinite blessings Tawnya Love

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