Connecting with our Soul Essence w Intuitive healer Tawnya Love and the Angels

Greetings Beautiful Souls,

I encourage each of you to begin to see yourselves as souls with an important soul mission and with soul family that you have made agreements with you on what you intend to learn and explore during this incarnation. Each of us have what I like to refer to as Soul family, you can FEEL them and recognize them as your team. These are not always your birth family members, though they can be. Working with the angels can be fun and powerful in understanding our Soul Mission more clearly. Arch Angel Ariel is constantly channeling through me the importance of discernment every moment every day. It will serve each of us greatly to master the art of discernment as we learn to listen to our inner knowing and tune in with our guides constantly.

high council of orion

Most of your soul family have shared many lives with you sometimes they show up in physical form and sometimes they assist us behind the scenes. But you can be assured that you have played, worked, learned and co-created together before. We may think we “lose” someone, but this is not the case. No one ever is lost, they may no longer be with us in form but in spirit we have the ability to tune in and connect with any soul anywhere if we desire and have the patience to strengthen this gift. Think of Professor Charles Xavier from the X men in how he could tune into any soul and connect with their Essence. Often a loved one will agree to walk with us during life and then as they leave their human form they walk with us in spirit. Humans and animals act as guides for us as we incarnate in this earthly dimension. It is important to Love deeply yet remain mindful that we do not attach ourselves to others from fear. It is important to Love deeply yet stay awake and aware that we do not attach to others from fear. It is important to Love deeply yet stay awake and aware that we do not attach to others from fear. It is important to Love deeply yet stay awake and aware that we do not attach to others from fear.

As you explore the moment your “Soul Essence” made the decision to embody your human form during a past life regression, or rather an in between stage from Soul Essence to Incarnated human.  Here you will be able to access your Souls Essence and tune into receive guidance on what your learned from your last incarnation, what agreements you made for this incarnation and even who your agreements are with at this time. Tuning in, in this way will serve you greatly in remembering your Soul Mission and life’s purpose. It will also help you understand why you chose this form you have now, why you chose certain life situations or struggles, and different souls you’re working together with as well as any energies you may now be ready to shift and clear to evolve further.


As we open ourselves to SEE from a bigger soul level perspective everything begins to come into greater clarity and focus. It is my absolute honor and pleasure to assist and serve each of you in the grander discovery of who you are and what you are here on this planet at this divinely inspired time to fulfill. I know I have worked with many of you in past lives as I have been shown in visions during meditation and dream state, some of you may be aware of our meetings in spirit. I have been having celestial meetings with the High Council of Orion, Arcturians and the Angelic Realms for quite a while now and am told I am a Bridger of the different realms. It is my soul contract and mission to act as an assistant for the earthly realm and the various celestial realms. I am here assisting humans and animals in connecting with their soul team, their angels, guides and loved ones who have released their physical form. I am a pure channel and conduit for the energies and information to pass between worlds, assisting both the humans, and animals as well as reporting back to the High Council and Angelic realms on what I am observing on this planet. In essence I am a good listener and assistant in purifying energy, I am here humbly serving any and all who are ready for greater truth, perspective and aligned living. As we consciously choose to tune in and listen to our guides rather than go into fear mode we will notice a great shift vibrationaly within and around us. Tuning in with your Source is THE most vital and important aspect of your day. I Love assisting souls with this training in a fun and playful way.

Please enjoy this guided Past Life regression and contact me anytime if you have deeper questions or desire to experience an Angelic Auric Clearing or one on one Soul Coaching. Infinite Blessings Tawnya Love and the Angelic Realms ❤

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