Client testimonials

Please enjoy a few heartfelt Testimonials from my Amazing Clients.


“Before I got this Auric clearing from Tawnya I was feeling very heavy inside, like I was carrying a ton of emotional baggage in which some were not even mine, just bad energies my auric field decided to hold onto from me being so sensitive. Which really built up over 4 months. I felt like I was far away from my self, that Ali wasn’t here anymore, that I was on autopilot everyday not really awake or alive, just going through the motions. Being aware that you’re doing that and that feeling not going away, is honestly kind of frightening. I just wanted to snap out of the “trance” it felt like I was strongly stuck in. I also felt like I had been veering from the path of alignment and was starting to think and feel very very negative on things again, especially myself, I’ve learned from Tawnya and already from this clearing how important it is to love and take care of you, its a vital thing in this human life, you are what gets you through it and being negative on yourself not only makes you feel miserable inside but it effects your external reality as well.

The universe is going to give you what you are, so embody LOVE and watch your whole world change in the most positive way possible. Thats what Tawnya has taught & done for me, she restored the love inside and steered me right back onto that beautiful aligned path. Afterwards I felt like the dark shadow that was casted over me had disappeared and the suffocating feeling I was having from all of the emotional pain that myself and external things (that I had definitely drawn to my self) was gone. But not only that, that was just step 1 clearing that negativity from my auric field, it felt like a soul revival, I was awakened again. Ali came back into my human body, I could function consciously now it was a “whoa” feeling no more of the autopilot robot. It felt like my mind, body, and soul were all joyously reconnected.

I’m smiling while typing this because of how happy and grateful I am to feel good and full of love/light again. Theres a difference between just existing and being alive, and I haven’t felt more before Tawnya helped me with an auric clearing! So grateful for you Tawnya~ Ali”


Tawny is a powerful shaman who will rock your world and change your consciousness permanently. Her connection with the angelic realm is impressively deep and she always works for the highest good. She is deeply intuitive, gifted, and amazing at what she does.~ B.R

Since my Auric Clearing session with Tawnya my life has shifted in amazing and miraculous ways. My doubts, fears and negative thoughts that once really messed with me are all cleared away. I have experienced immediate shifts for the better within myself, my health has improved, my relationships are shifting into more loving respectful connections and I have even enjoyed great shifts in my personal financial abundance…True Miracles I am so grateful for her Love and Light and her connection with the Angelic Realm is intense and can be felt.~ Jay

Thank you thank you Tawnya Love! I will highly recommend this Angelic Auric Clearing to others who are in need of a deep spiritual detox and clearing. Let me know when you have your website up, I would like to share with others who ask.  I normally don’t share my experience, but I am willing to make an exception in your case. Feel free to share my experience above with others if you would like. Will write more after reading the messages your shared from angels.
Wow Tawnya…..what an experience! A big namaste to the angels! and a big Namaste to you my friend! This Auric Clearing was so helpful and so powerful. I could feel my body begin to tingle  as soon as you began. I felt very calm and peaceful and my mind was very still, I haven’t felt this good in years, maybe ever. After our session I felt so much lighter and at peace.I would highly recommend everyone receive at least one Angelic Auric Clearing session with Tawnya Love and the Angels absolutely amazing! Thanks again Tawnya you are an angel. ~Siva

How do I express the powerful work I have done with Tawnya? She is Absolutely amazing and gifted and I feel so grateful that my angels and guides brought her into me life and that I had the courage to start working with her. I have healed so much on a physical level,emotional level and in my family since working with Tawnya Love every couple weeks. I have had over 5 Angelic Auric Clearings that I must say are better and more effective than 20 years of therapy. Words truly can not express my Love and appreciation for having such and incredible and loving soul sister in my life. Thank You so much Tawnya Love your name says it all ~ J.B.