My Services

Angelic Auric Clearing:  $333 per session, sessions are typically 3-4 hours, please hydrate before your session and leave some time after your session for quiet reflection.  This healing is available in person or can be offered remotely as well. There are no boundaries for this healing in time or space. Please call Tawnya Love with questions to schedule your session at 360.567.7576


Past life regression sessions can be experienced one on one, or with a group. $222 for an hour session. These sessions can be Incredibly insightful as you open up to remember who you have been. Often humans can hold cellular memories from past traumatic experiences. Past Life Regression offers the opportunity to clear old cellular memories, release stored pain and trauma. These sessions can also assist in awakening cellular memories and Activating gifts that have lied dormant Within your DNA. 


Aromatherapy Healing Touch Massage:

 These sessions are Incredibly relaxing light angelic touch, Tawnya combines Angelic Reiki, tuning forks and singing bowls as needed. I use a collection of pure essential oils that are great for homeostasis/balancing the body, relaxation, immunity support and pain management. 

So Relaxing! (Gift certificates are available)

Aromatherapy healing touch massage sessions are $75 per session plus gratuity for single sessions. I offer my clients Amazing package deals for 5 or 10 session packages. The more sessions you Prepay for the more $ you save.

Call Tawnya Love at 360.567.7576 to schedule your relaxing healing sessions today.


Divinely Inspired Healing & Art from the Heart


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Mind, Body, Spirit Coaching:

$222.00 per hour session, purchase 10 sessions and receive 2 Complimentary Sessions. Soul Coaching can be offered in person or remotely via phone. I have observed many of my clients turn their lives around in Amazing ways from weekly or bi monthly consistent sessions. Sometimes we just need an Empowered cheerleader to inspire and nudge us into our highest alignment. (Gift certificates available)

Personal Fitness Training:

 Yoga/Meditation/Pilates  $75.00 per 1 hour private session. Tawnya Love has been a Skillful Intuitive Yoga/Meditation Teacher for over 17 years. These sessions are wonderful for those beginning their Yoga, Mindfulness, or Pilates Journey, as well as those who are needing more one on one guidance. A great idea if you are healing or recovering from an injury or illness. These sessions are available one on one or for your group of students. 

Contact Tawnya Love for more information 360.567.7576


Intuitive Angel Readings:

 $55 per ½ hour reading.

Intuitive Angel Readings: 

$75.00 per hour (can be done in person or remotely)

Having an Intuitive Reading can be Incredibly beneficial in order to guide the seeker in a clear intentional way. As well as offering valuable confirmation from Spirit.

These sessions are available one on one or contact Tawnya Love to have her offer readings at your next event.


Tawnya offers powerful and life changing Healing, Creative Art workshops and classes. 

Please email for more information. She is available to come bring creative fun to you for your next event.



Yoga Classes with Tawnya are by appointment only and you can gather a group if you’d like to save more money…example gather 4 friends and cost is $100.00 for the hour, or $25.00 per person. 

Tawnya Offers weekly classes in her sacred space please call for more info 360.567.7576


The Essence of Yoga Teacher Training’s with Tawnya Love are available throughout the year. 

Please email for more information Skype is available for remote clients call 360.567.7576 with questions

Early Bird cost: $2,222.00 for 3 month Yoga Training meeting every week for 3 hours. Certificate will be given upon completion

Payments are available please contact Tawnya Love to work out plan at 360.567.7576


Private One on One Yoga/Meditation Training is available for New students, pregnant women, seniors, or those with and need for special attention or modifications. $75 per session purchase a package and save $


3 Month Empowering the Empath Mentorship  This group meets twice per month for 3 months. This mentorship has been specifically created for You the awakening empath. Come connect with other awakening sensitives and remember who You are as you strengthen your unique gifts. 

Contact Tawnya Love to reserve your space

Cost: $555 with certificate of completion or $111 per class drop in (It is recommended that you attend all classes) 

For more information on any of Tawnya’s services please call 360.567.7576 or email her at

Find Tawnya on Facebook under Tawnya Love or Divinely Inspired Healing and Art from the Heart

Tawnya is available for group training’s, classes and workshops. Please contact her if you’d like to host an Angel Gathering in your home or business, or if you’d like to have her come offer readings, healing sessions or fitness coaching to your group. Prices dependent on group size.

Blessings and Namaste, Tawnya Love and the Angels 💜 


3 thoughts on “My Services

  1. Thank you so much for speaking on Quantum Entanglement. I’ve always felt the connection of every living being and see the disconnection of people and how much easier they become to defeat when they are convinced they are alone. I’m an empath and didn’t realize the term for it or exactly what it was until about 2 years ago. Then began an arduous path and spiritual boot camp along with trying to heal from years of abuse. On top of that, having the sick and hurting drawn to me almost as if I’m a beacon of light. I appreciate your show and services and perhaps one day I’ll be able to participate in a cleansing and/or mentoring. 💓

    • Blessings to you sweet Shannon I am so sorry for any suffering you’ve gone through. Many of us Loving empaths have had quite a journey haven’t we. I am so grateful that this post and channeled wisdom was helpful and comforting to you. My heart is filled with gratitude! May you be incredibly blessed this and every day…I look forward to connecting with you at the Divinely Aligned Time. Blessings and Namaste, Tawnya Love & those Awesome Angels 😉💖

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