Time for our LOVE REVOLUTION with Intuitive Shamanic Healer Tawnya Love & the Angels

Sooooo apparently I downloaded our show too soon yesterday so it only saved 15 min….Please forgive my excitement and watch this link as this is the entire show yay!!!! This is a very important Awesome Show please claim some time to kick back and chill out & Ignite Your own LOVE REVOLUTION ❤ Infinite Blessings for All Tawnya Love and the Angels ❤

heart 2

Are You ready to join the LOVE REVOLUTION? Ready to thrive in a state of bliss and high vibrational alignment? Ready to show up to every moment with Love and awareness? Ready to release the training and conditioning to self loath and self hate, judge and shame? Ready to fully align and accept yourself and others? Then Step on in and join us in the Blissful reality as WE activate and anchor in the LOVE frequencies and ignite our LOVE REVOLUTION!!!

Blessings Tawnya Love and the Angels and Ascended Masters

TheTawnyaLoveShow.com (join us live every Sacred Soul Sunday at 5 PM Pacific)

Tawnya Love Advertising photo


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