We must continue his Dream!

Greetings beautiful awakening souls and Happy Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Life has an interesting way of showing us where we as a species have room for greater healing and awareness. Today as I was giving honor on the power and purpose of our soul’s missions, I contemplated the great courage of leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It is sad to me that so many of the wise courageous ones that committed their very lives to awakening humanity and assisting in empowering other souls have been murdered for simply standing in their alignment. As a dedicated and highly evolved soul I see how often Source has assisted humanity through the gift of conscious loving beings sent to a planet filled with hate, manipulation, anger, fear, control, and enslavement. As I sat in contemplation on this Great man’s life and Soul’s mission, I felt a deep heartfelt connection with his strength, his power, his frustration, his Love, his Passion, and his Dreams.

I have such honor for souls like Dr. Martin Luther Kings and so much reverence for how courageous these souls truly are, and I know there are many on planet earth now. Those who stand up to injustice each day, be it for the right to love who you choose or the right to be treated equally in regards to race, sex or social status. As much evolution I observe has taken place on planet earth, I see how much is still to be shifted. I know in my heart each of our missions are important and necessary for growth, healing and evolution. I see how much is still out of alignment in regards to a simple alignment of the honoring of ALL life. We see how animals are tortured and enslaved and many turn away and do nothing. We see how humans are mistreated and many of us turn and do nothing. Perhaps some of us are ourselves attempting to enslave and control other humans from our own egoic need for control and power and we make excuse after excuse for why it’s ok for us to choose this.

martin Luther King

Recently I myself have been the target of a couple different peoples misalignment. I must say as these experiences ignited I took a step back and observed them. Ohh I felt it, yet I knew this was not about me and to not take this personally and to speak truth and Shine the Light. I am being guided to speak powerfully and transparently about this and my desire is that these words will arrive to each of your open minds and hearts for transformation and alignment. These two humans are from our local healing community and though they call themselves healers I know with complete certainty that they were both out of alignment as well as integrity in their actions. It may serve us to understand that any human can lose their alignment. Your occupation has nothing to do with your choosing alignment consistently. Here is what I have discovered that I hope to assist others in SEEING clearly. I have discovered some belief systems that were expressed to me. One is this: “If you are a healer you cannot speak truth about another healer’s misalignment, it is rude and disrespectful.” Now keep in mind this is a belief system and you know how much the Angels encourage those. The second Belief system: If you are a healer you must allow other healers who tell you they have the right to control your freedom of expression the right to take that power. If you do not submit to their projections of power and control they will secretly contact your clients, friends and speak lies within the community to shame you and cause you to submit and bow down to their NEED for control.

Now let’s really look into this shall we, because I am all about evolution and alignment. So if these two belief systems feel Off they are Off, if they feel in alignment then they are in alignment. I ask you to explore this for yourselves and come to your own conclusions. What I have learned in the last 48 hours is that when I, Tawnya Love, choose to express myself with joy freely and refuse to submit to another humans need to control my freedom of expression there is a huge consequence. There is slandering, gossip and illusions of caring, and straight up disrespectful behavior all for my saying “NO I will not give you my power.” Now I ask you, have we as a people really evolved much since the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was taken? Do we see why so many light workers feel fear in regards to “Coming out with their gifts and speaking with power”? Do we see that this same hypocrisy that many healers shun and same and express hatred for in regards to their government, education systems and religious leaders is happening right here SMACK DAMN in the middle of our healing community? Now I ask you what is the difference if a white person believes a black person shouldn’t be allowed to eat in the same restaurant as them and shames them, shuns them and intimidates them through bullying and gang mentality in order to control their freedom…Or if a “Healer” shames, shuns and bully’s another healer because she will not give up her freedom of expression and she politely and confidently rejects this misaligned humans need for control? I tell you there is NO difference!

I have been called a “fake healer” by those who I refuse to give my power. I have been told I need to seek counseling from a misaligned healers community elders so I can see why I should have given my power and freedom over. Do you see where I am going with this? It is Bullshit and it is OUT OF ALIGNMENT!!!! Yes I am a Healer and I am in my power and I said BULLSHIT!


Brothers and sisters, it is TIME to awaken! It is TIME to show Honor, Love and Respect for ALL LIFE! Not just those who dress like you, or think like you, or bow to you….ALL LIFE! I am very connected with the angelic realms and not once have they ever said…”Tawnya, show Love and honor speak truth and allow others their freedom of choice, except for (blank)” The message has always been…”All Life is worthy and deserving of Love, Honor, Freedom and Respect.” Not just the cult followers, not just the religious groups, not just the whites, not just the Hispanics, not just the married people, not just the straight people, not just the humans, ALL LIFE!!!!

My hope is that we may truly honor the lives of so many who have lived purposefully & passionately with Love as they blazed the trial for humanity’s awakening. My hope is that we may all truly take a moment to honor and reflect on this AMAZING man’s mission as well as why his life was taken. We must stop bullying and lashing out and beating and shaming and abusing each other. It is INSANE!!! The collective consciousness of humanity is INSANE!!! It is time for us to WAKE UP!!! Our very joy and wellbeing is at stake if we continue to live with such abusive and hateful belief systems. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you live, or where you were born…YOU ARE WORTHY OF LOVE, HONOR, FREEDOM AND RESPECT PERIOD!!! The angels and many earth angels are here to assist souls in healing this misalignment and glitch in your very consciousness that is perpetuating your very suffering.

Universal Love

I AM ONE with the LIGHT! I give all, do all, and serve in all moments of my existence for the Light in awakening consciousness and in the liberation of all life. I AM A Powerful Angelic Warrior of Light and I AM here to SHINE that Light Brightly upon humanity’s darkness regardless if this light brings you discomfort. We must each clear ourselves of egoic need for control and blame. We must look deeply into our own souls to release lifetimes of woundedness and enslavement. We must feel these energies completely and learn from them. We must each clear and release them fully if we desire to co create a NEW UNIFIED Collective consciousness where All life thrives and is honored and free!

So I ask each of you, What do YOU Choose? Are You ready to clear your own pain and fear? Are you ready to reclaim your own power and stand strong in your freedom even when it seems as if you stand alone? Are you ready to assist in shining light upon others misalignment? Or will You continue to enable, continue to enslave, continue to lash out, bully, hate and seek to control others? Are you ready to face YOU and See the truth of what YOU must heal and release? Or will you continue to create little gangs, cliques, clubs, cults and continue to tell yourselves that if you gather many close to your misalignment it will make it safer or more truthful? For I assure you Truth is Truth, Misalignment is Misalignment. Ones misalignment does not suddenly become truth because you have gathered many and convinced them to believe in the misalignment with you. Truth will always be True regardless if you isolate it, shame it, and abuse it for simply being so!

The Angels and I offer this powerful and important message where each of you have the right and freedom to choose. Every one of you are Powerful beyond measure, Capable of Greatness and Deserving beyond Comprehension, not for what you do, or what clubs you belong to, not for your color of skin, or who you choose to Love….Just for BEING You!

Please contemplate this message and allow it to process deeply…please choose Love ❤

Infinite Blessings, Tawnya Love and the Angels



Thank you for Your support in sharing our messages ❤





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