You can lead a horse to water…butttt? w/Tawnya Love

Day 38 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love & the Angels

February 7th, 2017

Throughout my life I have discovered just how true this statement is, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.” Or the new spin, “You can lead a human to knowledge but you can’t make him think.” Completely and utterly true! So what does a caring, compassionate, wise and aware empathic human do? I am so happy to share this wisdom with you. Now are You ready to listen?

You focus on Loving You. You focus upon how You FEEL, what triggers You, what You Love and appreciate. You STOP focusing on Making that horse drink, or making that other human think. You see, nothing knocks an aligned Human out of their alignment faster than trying to change others. I will speak only truth to you…You ready for it? You cannot change another human, nope you just can’t. So why waste precious valuable Vibrational Alignment trying to do what cannot, nor should not be done?

What you do have the power to change is how you react to misaligned humans, how you allow yourself to lose your center and get all freaked out! How you allow yourself to worry about pleasing anyone outside of yourself. You Can choose differently. Trust me when I say you can, because if I could change this lifelong habit then so can you. Granted I will not lose any sleep worrying about if you’ll listen to my wisdom or if you’ll start honoring yourself more. Nope, I share from the wisdom in my heart for the joy and pleasure of sharing. What you do with this wisdom, completely up to you!
I can’t even count the times in my past where I lost precious sleep, energy and joy because I felt I had to make people understand me, I had to defend myself to the haters of the world, I had to make sure others respected me. What a complete waste of my joy! And all it did was trigger me more and create more drama, more pain and more suffering. This path of trying to change others was freaking exhausting, I tell you! So I stopped, and You can too.

And like every wise empathic being, one day enough is enough. We open our eyes to finally SEE, we open our minds to finally understand, and we open our hearts to only Love whatever arises. This is a beautiful and empowering moment for a soul. The moment the soul chooses ease, acceptance, and empowerment. The moment this soul stops fighting and resisting life in any way. Everything shifts first on the inside, then shifts begin to occur on the outside. And life becomes joyous again! Hallelujah!!!
I’m serious here, you haven’t truly Lived, Loved and Thrived until you’ve chosen peace within. Until Nothing is more important than your inner peace. And what’s Amazing is you’ll soon realize your joy, happiness and peace were always yours to have. No one “out there” could ever take this gift from you. You realize that You kept your own joy, peace and happiness away, by choosing resistance, defensiveness and fighting.

Give yourself a Huge hug of forgiveness and acceptance because you needed to experience all that pain and suffering to assist you in your own awakening. So no need for judgment, just give yourself a big hug, look in the mirror and smile while telling yourself just how Bad-Ass you really are. You’ve Awakened!!! Now that’s something to truly celebrate. Go You!

This is a daily practice, one you can begin right here, right Now. For today, set the intention to stay Present with how You FEEL within. Stay Present with What thoughts You are choosing, are they limiting or liberating? Stay Present with the words You’re choosing to express. Are they helpful, beautiful, joyous? Or are You spitting out venom with your words. Be mindful that you shift your concern away from “what THEY” are doing, saying, creating. That is a distraction away from the only place you hold any power. Today You focus upon You!
That’s it, simple enough yeah? You got this, You were Born for this BABY!

Namaste, Tawnya Love & the Angels

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United we Stand w Tawnya Love

Day 21 of 365 Days of Mindfulness
By Tawnya Love & the Angels

January 21, 2017

Millions of women, children and men are marching today all across our great nation for the Women’s March. So many beautiful humans coming together not to fight anything or hate on anyone. They Unite for Love, they Unite for the pleasure of Uniting, they Unite to express their sacred hearts. So many humans are choosing to focus on Love, Peace, Harmony and Unification and it’s beautiful.

Regardless of whether you chose to literally take a stand and march with others, or if you vibrationally are choosing this alignment within yourself, the choice to focus upon Unity, Harmony, Peace and Love is POWERFUL!

For myself I AM Free Now, I make my choices Now, I honor my body Now, I choose my employment Now, My partnerships, My choices! I hold Only Love and Compassion for the many humans that are still awakening to reclaim their own power. The many humans who are opening themselves to choose from a space of Self-Love, Freedom and Empowerment. The many that are still activating Love, Peace and Unity within themselves. I celebrate every single soul that is choosing LOVE, for Your choice is so powerful beyond measure and as you return to Love and Heal yourself You assist in Healing the whole.
I observe so many shifts occurring at this time, positive shifts, healing shifts, so much beautiful transformation taking place within and outside for each of us. We are forever moving, shifting, growing, and evolving to allow ourselves permission to fully embody our Divinity…And it’s truly beautiful.

My Beloved and I recently watched an incredible film called Lion, a true story, an amazing story, a beautiful life long story of the power of our human connection, unity and the return to Love. Each one of us is living this story out in our own unique way. Each one of us forever Feeling the inner call to return to Love. In this story this young boy is lost, seeking, and struggling to find home…For him it’s a literal home. Yet I also observe the universal metaphor being mirrored to each of us, if we choose the eyes to see for we are All on our individual journeys returning home to Love are we not?
So often we fight, conceal and supress our feelings, numb or deny our pain all in an exhausting effort to avoid the unavoidable. That sooner or later we all will choose to stop fighting and return home to Love. What if we each made that choice right here, right now? Just let go of the anger, the fear, the need for control or the need to be understood. What if we chose to Love, to listen, to give, to forgive, and to open ourselves to understand? I can give you a hint, and it’s spelled MIRACLES!

Take a moment and feel within yourself, connect with your heart. Take a few relaxing centering breaths and just BE with yourself. Quiet that mind chatter for just a bit, give your mind permission to slow down and BE Still.

Now feel Your heart listen to your own needs. Give yourself the time and space You need to find ease, to return to Love. Let go of needing anyone to see you, hear you or understand you just for Now. Give yourself the Love You need, listen to your own needs and honor them, SEE yourself clearly and without judgment. Take the pressure off of needing anything externally just for Now. Allow yourself permission to relax, rest and return to Love. BE Love, FEEL Love, SEE with eyes of Love, LISTEN with Compassionate ears of Love. LOVE is Your home, it’s safe to come back home!
💖 Love Whisper’s…”Interesting journey you’ve been on, welcome home I’ve been waiting for You”.

You are So Loved 💖 Blessings, Tawnya Love & Source Wisdom.
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When Opportunity Knocks

When Opportunity Knocks

Recently I had an opportunity to travel to Peru for a women’s sacred spiritual retreat. I was reading on FB and saw the event and so I inquired to gather more information. The woman leading the retreat called me and told me the plan and that their group would be leaving in 6 days for Peru. I was excited at the idea of going and Peru was on my vision board as a place I wanted to go to and it’s been a dream of mine to work with a Shaman in the rain forest. So all of this was put in my face! I felt anxiety and a feeling of being rushed and so I told the woman I would research a lil more, meditate and get back to her with my decision in the next two days.
Later that afternoon I researched more about Peru to see what I might be getting myself into. I was concerned about my passport because I recently divorced and changed my name so I wasn’t sure if I could use my old name to travel under. So after sharing publicly on FB my opportunity to go to Peru and having so many say Go for it Tawnya! You should do it Tawnya! Wish I could go with you…I felt too much external pressure and distraction. So I went into a deep stillness meditation to feel my own aligned direction. During my meditation I released the energy completely and asked Source to bring me higher awareness on my most aligned direction. After meditation I felt calm and clear and a sense that if I went I may feel a disappointment in some way. So I asked for further understanding and clarity.
That night I asked Source and my angels to bring me a dream with messages with my aligned direction and I let go. During the night I dreamt about my beloved, our daughter and my son. When I woke up I felt I was needed here close to home at this time. So I trusted and I asked Source for guidance, all day I had things coming up that it was important for me to be there to handle. I had the awareness from Source flow in, that though at one time when I was seeking connection I may have been seduced by such a trip to find connection to Source, I knew better now. I am always connected to Source sitting here at my computer typing to you, walking in the forest, or connecting with wonderful soul sisters. It is not a destination that is needed for connection it is available right here, right now within.
There were a few things about this retreat that didn’t feel aligned with my soul as well. The use of medicinal herbs to connect on a vision quest also just didn’t feel aligned for me. So as I gathered all this valuable awareness, I felt in my heart that though I wanted to go to Peru at some point. I realized that this was not the best aligned time. I felt inspired by this opportunity as I truly am ready to travel and offer Sacred Healing Retreats; however I desire to go with my beloved and or my amazing soul sisters. And I also love to allow tings to flow with ease and grace and not feel rushed. A couple days later an urgent matter came up concerning my son, and I was so glad I was here to assist him and be here for him. Sometimes we can’t see everything in the future but we can feel a sense of illumination for our higher direction if we tune in.
The reason I felt led to share this is this, how often are you given opportunities that need your quick decision? How often do you pause and check in with your higher self for guidance and then trust it? How often do you feel external pressure to make a choice to please others? I felt this experience was powerful and that the sharing of it could be very empowering for others. I have found the wisdom in pausing and feeling my own direction from within, rather than making quick decisions from outer distraction. Think of all the wonderful gifts that await you as you remember to pause and reflect inward for your aligned answers and direction. No one else has your answers and often others will pressure you to make choices from their own needs and desires. So perhaps the wisdom that we can take with us is to always promise ourselves that we will pause and go within for our answers and then make our aligned decisions. Just imagine a world filled with aware human beings that all loved themselves enough to pause, reflect and then choose from their own alignment rather than from fear or external pressure. What a beautiful world this will be. Enjoy Feeling your own way sweet souls. Feel free to write in with your experiences and share how you were protected, or assisted in some way because of your wisdom to pause and tune in.

Namaste, Tawnya Love and the Angels

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