Conscious Creation with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 119 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love

March 19th, 2018

Greetings Beloved Powerful Creators,

As Free Will beings each of us have the power of choice. Choices are neither Right, nor Wrong. Choices are choices, however all choices Create. In every choice one creates a new experience, a new consequence and a new creation.

That being said, choosing consciously will support a soul in higher Vibrational Experiences and Consequences. Where Choosing unconsciously will create a very contrasting experience and consequence.

All souls have the Freedom to honor their own bodies, minds, and environments. One may set healthy boundaries/requests and yet the other also has the freedom of choice. They may choose to honor those boundaries or dishonor them. In all choice there are consequences. Some refer to this as The law of cause and effect, or the law of karma.

Souls may deliver themselves from any life situation via their choices. No choice is good or bad, again to be clear choice is choice. However if we desire a loving life experience and we torment ourselves via our chosen thoughts, and then we torment others via our chosen dishonoring actions one can quickly discern a karmic/cause and effect consequence in motion.

When we choose to consciously Love and Honor ourselves via loving expansive thoughts, and Loving Expansive action one will quickly Observe a shift in external reality. The same law of karma/cause and effect in motion yet creating a very different Reality.

Therefore in regards to joy, happiness and peace certain choices would appear to be better choices/higher choices than others. In this case we could call these choices Good or Aligned. They are Good and Aligned because they are supporting us in creating consciously that which we desire, as opposed to unconsciously creating that which we do Not desire. The Choice to lie cheat and steal will usher in very different life situations/realities than the choice to Love, support and heal for example.

When a soul plays the game of separation and unconsciousness through their unconscious thoughts and choices they create a very different external reality. They or others may call these choices Bad, where in truth they are simply unconscious choices creating unconscious realities that are Not desired.

Each of us hold the ultimate power in every Sacred Moment via our choices. That being said, it is wise to pause and invite consciousness into our Chosen thoughts and actions if we desire to create that which we truly Love and Desire.

We Are All Powerful Creators, some of us are Powerfully creating that which we Love and desire Consciously. While others may be Powerfully creating that which they do Not desire via unconscious thoughts/actions. We are all droplets from the same vast Cosmic Ocean choosing our next life experiences via our choices. The Ocean of Potentiality and Consciousness doesn’t really mind what WE choose to create. Yet our choices will very much effect our life experiences/realities.

Namaste 💞🙏💞

Tawnya Love Conscious Creator Igniting & Activating Great inner & outer Transformation 🔥🦋🔥 take a moment to like, comment and share your favorite posts ✌️💗


We Are One with The Great Cosmic Ocean with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 118 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love

March 18th, 2018

I Love how spirit and I work things out in dream time. Yesterday I shared my views in regards to the unnecessary gun violence happening in this country. I requested that people only choose to comment with honor or to move along if hate was their reaction.

So many of you contacted me with words of honor and appreciation, while a few disregarded my healthy boundary and came in spewing ignorance and hate. And as promised I cleared these energies from my social media.

I am a woman with great compassion and I will always give every human a chance to enter a conscious conversation. However, if I am shown that conscious conversation is not what the other wishes to participate in, well I do what anyone practicing Self Love would do. I move on. I choose to live in a high Love filled Vibration because it makes me feel so amazing and expansive. I choose to remain in my vortex of creation because I have learned that is the only wise and aligned choice. I choose to honor the haters of life by removing myself from their space in the healthiest ways possible.

I have learned in life that Lovers, Love Loving. While Haters, Love Hating. Therefore I honor every hater as any Lover would, I choose to Love them, I Love myself and I move along. In fact I move along singing my Soul song for All to hear. If another directs hate at me for singing my Soul song, I dance on singing my Soul song Infinitely.

It’s important to continue singing regardless of the response you receive. It’s important to continue Loving regardless of the Love that others “try” to deny you. Your Love lives within, No one can take that from you my beloved soul family. No one but you.

So last night in my sleeping dream spirit was helping me with the words to explain some important life tools and understanding that will serve each of us very well if we are open. I received the metaphor of a great and beautiful ocean. We each and every one of us humans, animals, and living beings are droplets of this great vast ocean of Consciousness and potential.

In our lives we “our water droplet of Source” flow and we often flow and mix with other water droplets of Source Oneness. At times a human may flow through your experience that is “mirroring” the potential of hatred. They are Not hatred, they are participating in an energy of hatred, they are trying on the hatred costume for awhile and mirroring to all the consequences and creations of that choice.

Now another human may be mirroring Love, they are the Infinite ocean of Oneness and they have chosen to try on the Love costume. They now mirror to all the water droplets they flow past what Love looks like, what the consequences and creations of Love look like.

In truth it’s like a big game where all living beings are trying on different costumes. At times a human may have “chosen” to wear the lack of integrity costume, they experienced the consequences and creations of wearing that particular outfit. One day perhaps they decide to drop that costume and try on the “Person with honor” costume. They then begin to mirror this costume to all other water droplets, they create and experience a new consequence.

You see WE are ONE with that Mighty, Vast, Beautiful and often Mysterious Ocean of Source Consciousness. We are never the costumes we choose to wear for a time. We are Not our emotions, we are Not our thoughts, we are Not our human bodies, we are Not our various chosen roles and titles.

You see the first and most Empowering step of Freedom & Liberation is in understanding this Ocean of Potentiality. We Are Free to choose from a mighty ocean, full of choices.

That being said worrying or fighting with other ocean droplets who’ve chosen to pretend to be unconscious, who’ve chosen to pretend to be hateful, who’ve chosen to pretend to be more or better than…well it’s a total waste of your precious time and energy.

The key to joy and happiness is to keep flowing, continue expanding and exploring and experiencing your chosen costume. The Key to Evolution is to Awaken and Remember your wearing a chosen costume. Until you remember this You believe You Are your chosen costume.

I Love to remind humans of the “chosen” part, because it’s Divine Truth. No one else “out there” chooses our costume. We choose. And no choice has to become permanent, any more than the clothes you wear each day are a permanent part of you. They can be, if you choose that.

So you see as long as many human’s continue pretending they are separate and unconscious the world will have a great contrast of life experiences and costumes. A great contrast of consequences and creations. Our Choices can and will create new realities. However every soul has the freedom of choice, always. That being said ALL of our power is in OUR choices.

The government does not control you, that is an unconscious part your playing in your chosen role. Your spouse doesn’t control you, your children or parents do not control you…All of this powerlessness is a consequence and a creation of our choice to play separate and unconscious parts where we’ve forgotten WE Choose Our Costume.

Nothing “out there” will Ever shift for the better as long as we are playing unconscious, separate roles within. Once we truly understand the game of Life, we can master that game and have so much fun in that game we’ve chosen to participate in.

However gun violence, rape, murder, incest, and violence of all the many creations we powerful humans can conjure up will never go away as long as Any of us are playing the unconscious separate roles.

Every human must Realign and Remember how powerful they truly are. Every human must consciously choose to put on their Conscious Costumes otherwise there will always be contrasting Creations on this planet.

Now the key to remaining Conscious is to focus 100% on YOUR choices, Your creations, Your consequences to Your choices. Focusing on making “them out there” change is a distraction to the only place you’ve ever truly held any power…within yourselves!

For myself I will continue mirroring to every passing droplet, everyone of my beloved soul family members of the Great Cosmic Infinite Vast Ocean the choice to Love, the choice and consequences of Freedom and Liberation and Empowerment. That is my choice and it IS Shifting my inner and outer World/Reality.

What costume will You choose? What experiences and consequences will you create? The possibilities are truly Infinite.

Namaste, Tawnya Love Just One droplet in the Great Cosmic Ocean choosing to Live & Thrive as Love


Taking a Stand for Conscious Evolution with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 117 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love

March 17th, 2018

Beloved Soul Family,

After observing, listening and feeling my own wisdom in regards to these brave teenagers who are choosing to take a stand for what they know is wise and aligned. I have chosen to make my own statement, I am expressing from Love and wisdom and I will not tolerate any ignorant ranting on my posts. Your ignorant unloving statements will be deleted and blocked, everytime so if your driven by anger and hate thank you for scrolling along. I write this because it’s time for Me to take my stand for Love and Wisdom. Seeing hateful comments on my posts celebrating humans who are choosing to live with courage is not necessary. Reading comments like “all teenagers are ignorant and uniformed” is a total myth… anytime a human writes an all encompassing statement like this I can quickly call bullshit. I have 3 Amazing teenagers who are informed and intelligent. Reading statements from adults saying “these teens are all Tide Pod eating idiots” is absolutely untrue. Again I have 3 teenagers who’ve never even thought to eat a fucking Tide Pod!? These statements are thrown around by insensitive adults who Are clearly uniformed, ignorant and nasty.

I encourage You the insensitive hateful ones to take a good look in the mirror and heal the only thing you have power over, your own unstable insane minds. I encourage You to drop into your hearts and feel and listen from your heart and soul rather than your fearful frantic egoic minds that have been programmed to hate. Hating other humans is not natural, it’s a learned phenomenon. You and You alone must make the decision to unlearn the hateful distorted ideas you’ve been fed.

You know what I’ve heard enough of, statements by ignorant humans stating that “guns don’t kill people, crazy people kill people”

Here’s the truth, guns (AR-15) assist hurting unstable humans in killing lots of innocent people very quickly. A basic handgun can also kill innocent people but not nearly as quickly. There is no reason whatsoever for anyone on the streets to have these types of semi-automatic weapons. These innocent humans don’t stand a chance when a disturbed human busts into their sacred spaces with an AR-15 weapon. In this case these types of semi-automatic weapons are absolutely Killing innocent humans. And yes an unstable human is holding that gun, a gun they purchased from a store or stole from their dad…they don’t need to be on the streets or in family homes.

The second amendment was created at a time when there was no such thing as an AR-15, or AK-47 weapon. This amendment was written in a time when humans wanted to have a right to have a single loading rifle. This was in place for basic protection from wildlife or home/property invasions. Our society has lost their freaking minds and these events are a reflection of the deeper disturbance within many human minds. Human minds invented these destructive weapons and destructive human minds do not care nor have any compassion for the destruction these creations cause. This issue as all issues must be addressed from within each of our minds. Each of us must make the choice to heal our minds, to clear distortion and realign within if we hope to heal any external life situations.

Namaste Tawnya
💗🙏💗 Take a listen FEEL it in your heart ✨💗✨


The Choice to Realign & Rise w Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 116 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love

March 16th, 2018

Greetings Soul Family,

I had a dream this morning where I was guiding a huge group of people to safety. As I went higher and higher up the mountain I glanced back and saw great flood waters moving into the lower places sweeping through very quickly. At first this dream kinda freaked me out. But as I type this I’m feeling it is a symbolic dream in which spirit is helping me understand just how important it is to raise our own Vibrations. This time around the Ark that must be built is within yourselves. You Are the Ark in this Ascension Dance!

When we remain out of our inner Alignment we are flooded with low thoughts, heavy emotions and our Vibration drops. We start to fear life and one another, we drown, we start suffering. We distort Reality and we begin to compete and compare and we struggle in the very illusion of separation that WE create from our fearful focus.

We are One I speak Divine Truth. And I know that as each of you refuse to participate in that old familiar game and Illusion of separation you will rise higher up this metaphorical mountain. You will remember your inner Alignment and Oneness with the Source within. You will awaken and Realign with the only true power in your human life situation.

You are All worthy and deserving of this Realignment, this return to Oneness and Wholeness. The only one keeping you from this Realignment is You. Your choices of thought, your spoken words (spells) you cast daily and Your Choices you make either from that old familiar Illusion of fear and separation or from Your choice to Align in Love and Unity.

This choice will not only Save and lift your Divine life it will be the first true breath you’ve ever taken from your Source Oneness. You’ve got this beloved soul family. You’ve got the power, you always have. Now what will You do with it?

Blessings, Tawnya Love ✨🙏✨

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Reclaiming Our Divinity with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 115 of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love

March 13th, 2018

Source God & I have some Life Shifting Divine Truth to share with You All…Enjoy Activating, Aligning & Co-creating this New Possible Reality 💞🙏💞 Enjoy!

“God’s wealth is powerfully circulating in my Awesome Life! Wealth is Flowing to me in avalanches of Abundance! All of my needs, goals and desires are met instantaneously by Infinite Intelligence! I AM One with Source God and Source God Fucking Love’s Blessing my life Abundantly! I AM Source Gods Loved Adored Abundantly Blessed Trust fund Baby!!!” -Tawnya Love/Source God Oneness

✨💗✨😆✨💗✨ Divine Truth

Namaste Tawnya Love


Beautiful Client Testimonials

March 13th, 2018

I Absolutely LOVE when I receive Honoring High Vibrational Client testimonials. Thought I’d share the Love with all of you beautiful Soul Family 💞🙏💞

“So I have this awesome soul coach & friend (Tawnya Love). She’s helping me remember so much. The times I felt stuck under a glass ceiling was because I was focused on that glass ceiling. How could I get around a barrier I kept envisioning? I had to see myself on the other side of it to find myself on the other side of it (Quantum Tunneling). The more I focused on that barrier the more real it became. It got my attention & energy. Whatever your “glass ceiling” is, see yourself on the other side. In your mind go to the place where that barrier doesn’t exist, FEEL what that feels like 😊 speak what that feels like. Keep doing it. Don’t give the barrier your focus. It only exists because you believe it does. ” -Shannon 🦄🌠🌈🌟💃🤸

#WeAreCreators #ItsAllUpToYou


Love This Thank You for Sharing this Sweet Shannon. It is my honor & pleasure Assisting & Supporting Your Conscious Expansion ✨🦋✨

Namaste, Tawnya Love


To thine own self be true with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 114 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love

March 11, 2018

Blessings Beloved Soul Family,

Such a true Aligned statement. How many of you feel you were conditioned very young to be nice, polite, go hug that stranger that gives you the creeps, go play with that child who is nasty to you when nobody’s watching. You see, we have all been conditioned to go against OUR true selves to please others. Many of us have become Amazingly Talented people-pleasers. We’re so great at this game we were conditioned to play that we’ve forgotten we’re even playing it. If you are Suffering in anyway in your relationships, then you’re playing the game.

What I had to do was Awaken to the realization that I was participating in this misaligned, harmful game. That was a choice, the next choice was to release all of those conditioned programs and finally honor my own Inner Wisdom. I Love Supporting my Amazing Clients in waking up and realizing these games they’ve been manipulated into playing. I Love guiding them as they release and clear the old misaligned programs; this is a process. And that Incredible feeling to observe them begin to finally know, Love, and honor themselves for the first time is AMAZING!

We can Love and honor ourselves as well as be kind to others. However, it is not ever neccasary to play nice with anyone while ignoring your own health, happiness and boundaries. We must reclaim our power and our inner-alignment if we wish to live a joyous existence with other co-creators. We are Not here to suffer and pinch ourselves off from our Inner Source alignment and wisdom. And we can truly only thrive when we stop playing that victim game that others taught us to play.

What if today you set the intention to be authentic, to slow down and pause and listen to how You feel about certain situations. What if you chose today to be completely honest with yourself and others? What if you chose today to Love Yourself fully and then to Love others from that Alignment rather than ignoring your own needs and pleasing others in order to “get” Love?

I know what Miraculous shifts would occur. You will only know the moment you decide to choose You. To listen to your needs and boundaries and honor those. You will only know this bliss the moment you choose to Stop playing these hurtful, soul-pinching off games. That choice has always been and will always be yours to make.

Go ahead and be kind Always Beginning with yourself and All your kindness will blossom from Love rather than fear.

Healing Affirmation:

“Today I choose to Love Honor & Value Myself in Every Sacred Moment”

Namaste, My Beautiful Awesome Empowered Soul Family 💞🙏💞

Tawnya Love


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