YOU Are THE One You’ve been waiting for With Wayshower Magician Tawnya Love

Day 112 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love Master Magician

March 6th, 2018

So many humans are still lost in their self-created Illusions of fear, so many wanting to die in order to go home. What I know: We Are Home–we either embody and allow the Infinite Unconditional Love that we are, in truth, to move throughout our life situation/experience–or WE block that flow.

We do Not need to die in order to access our Infinite Power, Love, Light, Gifts, Wholeness, or Intelligence/Wisdom….It is here Now…We Can choose to access All, Now!

I AM Living in the New Earth Frequency/Reality by choice, not by death circumstance. My heart has chosen to BE Here Now to playfully Dance & Guide those who are paying attention into a New Super-Hero Reality. You Can Shapeshift, Anything. You Can Magnetize to You Anything…You Are doing it everyday.

Many of You are simply unconsciously drawing in energy and life situations as a loop from your past experiences/expectations. Therefore it FEELS as if you are stuck in Hell….Hence you wish for death so that you may get back to a Bliss-filled Heaven.

I tell You, Your Blissful Heaven is Within…You must choose to access it and activate it. It IS who You Are! You are never seperate from Your Power.

You Are a Powerful Magician, in fact You Are THE Most Powerful Magician in Your Universe/Reality. The Only limitations you will ever experience are those you believe in and identify your sense of Self with. You Are Source God Oneness and Intelligence, You Are All of it!

Nothing can ever be denied You except that which YOU command. Ready for a Blissful Heaven?

Command a New Experience/Reality. Release Yourselves from the life-situation looping of problem and limitation. You have had the power to choose this the Whole Time!!! No one “out there” is holding you as prisoner, it is All Your Creation.

There is No waiting for our 5D Reality…WE Are One with that Possibility if We choose it. Now!

You Are The Master and Magician You’ve been waiting for…AWAKEN! Or Don’t, it’s not really a big deal either way. Unless of course you’re miserable in your own creation of looping. If that’s the case, consider this a cold bucket of water I just Lovingly tossed in your face. WAKE UP My Fellow Magicians βœ¨πŸ™βœ¨ Let’s co-create some Awesome Magic!

Namaste, Tawnya Love Master Magician Extraordinaire Choosing to BE of Service In Your Awakening & Remembering βœ¨πŸ¦‹βœ¨ Because I enjoy that Shit! πŸ˜†

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Today I received this message of truth from my/our Source of Wisdom:

Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will BE Done on Earth as it IS in Heaven πŸ’žπŸ™ŒπŸ’ž


How to Spot Psychological Manipulators

Something to be aware of!


By Dr. Perry, PhD

β€œYou learn a lot about people when they don’t get what they want.” ~Anonymous

Like the waves that forcefully crash on the shore and later gracefully retreat, there is an ebb and flow to life. The seasons change and the flowers bloom, only to later wilt. We all give and take in our daily lives. Our interactions with one another are overall based on a healthy exchange of emotions, ideas and positive social interactions. There are some individuals, that like crashing waves have a disruptive influence in our lives. They seem only interested in profiting from the relationship and will give little or nothing in exchange. They use psychological manipulation to disguise their true intent.

Psychological manipulation is a type of social influence that uses deception, underhanded tactics and abuse in order to achieve the interests of the manipulator. The manipulator may use these tactics for…

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When the Universe Winks with Mindfulness Master Tawnya Love

Day 111 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Mindfulness Master Tawnya Love

March 5th, 2018

Blessings Soul Family,

Well ever since My Birthday on March 3rd I’ve been seriously, joyously, electricly putting out some Incredible Rockets of Desire…I Thank This Abundant, Awesome Generous Universe for taking care of All of these Magical details….Moments later I open up this magazine and this is what the Universe had to say as a reply:

View image:

YESSSSS πŸ’– YESSSSS πŸ’– YESSSSS πŸ’– WE Are Magnificent, Powerful, Miraculous Miracle Makers!!!!

I AM Miraculous and life flows its Miracles through me and to me!

I AM A Powerful Magician and life flows its Magic through me and to me!

This is Truth for me and for You!

What Really counts? What is it that WE are responsible for?

Our chosen thoughts, our chosen emotions, our chosen responses, our chosen expectations, our chosen vibrations….You handle that part & This Awesome, Miraculous, Abundant Universe Will totally take care of the rest.

Divine Awesome Unshakable Truth βœŒοΈπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Š

What Magic Will We Co-create Today?


Ommming Your way into your Highest Alignment with Tawnya Love

Day 110 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love

March 1st, 2018

Blessings Beloved Soul Family,

Happy March everyone!!! It’s going to be my Birthday on Saturday March 3rd. I Love Celebrating my Birthday WHOOO HOOO it’s so close.

Today’s Mindfulness tool is Simple, Fun & Powerful. Today I invite You to join me in Chanting the Powerful Vibration of Om.

According to many Eastern Spiritual practices Om is the universal sound of creation. Om has always and will always be. I personally enjoy chanting Om often, I’ve chanted in my bubble bath. Chanted in my car while driving. You can chant just about anywhere and it’s a quick Vibrational Revamp that you will instantly feel within your body and mind.

I Love chanting in the bath tub, I lay with my ears in the water and chant. It’s so calming to my mind, I joke with my Yoga and Mindfulness clients saying, “it’s the Etch a Sketch for the mind.” (Visualize shaking that Etch a Sketch) my mind instantly is cleared and calmed.

I highly recommend giving this a try every few days in your tub. The reason it’s so great to do under water is that the vibration is intensified. You really hear it and feel it in every cell of your being.

Think about it. You’re creating this high Vibrational energy that is being held within this container of your bathtub and amplified as it’s carried through the water. A beautiful and enjoyable self healing practice.

As we chant Om we Align with the great cosmic eternal life energy. I feel a vibration of peace, ease and calm move through me that is Divine.

Chanting Om can be fun to do alone, as well as in a group. I enjoy chanting with my Yoga students in a group as it unites our voices and our energies in a beautiful intentional way. A wonderful reminder of our Oneness & Connection.

When we chant Om we move into that Universal Energy of Unity. This simple practice will begin to create inner shifts within your Consciousness. It will positively affect your energy centers, aka chakras. And it will send out a positive ripple of healing, aligning vibrations within the cells of your physical body. I also mentioned the positive calming affects it has on our minds.

So what do you say, will you join me in reuniting in our Vibrational Bliss?

Take a deep centering breath and simply chant out loud…Ommmmmm allow the sound to travel out from your heart for as long as feels good. Repeat this exercise as often as you feel guided. A great practice to do anytime you’re feeling anxious or stressed. Also a great practice to do before any creative endeavors as a centering/opening exercise.

I enjoy chanting several Om’s in a row with a pause between each one. Then just sit with presence for awhile in the Powerful Stillness. Just BE. Just Listen. Ahhhh Yeahhh, so invigorating and activating!

Enjoy your Ommmming! βœ¨πŸ™βœ¨

Namaste, Tawnya Love



Practical steps to create a New Reality with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 109 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love

March 1st, 2018

Anytime you notice a feeling of frustration or dis-ease arising Within, see it as another opportunity to clear an old lingering energy.

Simply notice it, go to your heart and physically tap on your heart as you say aloud tap, tap “I accept this energy” tap tap “I accept this is what is here right now” tap tap ” I forgive myself for holding this within for so long” tap tap “I Am the most powerful being in my life story” tap tap “I AM Worthy of positive shifts and Transformation” tap tap ” I lovingly release this energy now” tap tap ” I AM Love, I AM Worthy, I AM Powerful”

After doing this energetic exercise fully release its lingering energy and make a New Choice. You are Never Stuck, you are Never lost, You only play those parts because you have lingering old victimization energy within. Keep your eyes, mind and heart open to these transformational opportunities and make the best of them.

Never waste your precious energy complaining or participating in others’ drama, Observe it, Love and Accept it, Release it and Move forward as an Awakened, Empowered, Infinitely Powerful Creator. You Never have to settle, You never need to focus on problems, You Always have the power to transcend and transform your life with your Conscious Awareness βœ¨πŸ¦‹βœ¨

Drop the victim costume, put on a higher Vibrational Bad-Ass Conscious costume you Love. Release humans, life situations and environments that refuse to honor your Love Light Awareness…You do Not need anything heavy in your life.

Be present, Release the old Energies, Love Yourself, Accept every moment, and Make Empowered choices that often will set you in a New direction. To Be The Empowered Creator, we must retire the victim unconscious Creator. We must change costumes and dare to Boldly live in New Aligned ways that honor OUR own Soul and Expansion βœ¨πŸ¦‹βœ¨

You Got This! βœŒοΈπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Š

Tawnya Love


Taking Ownership of OUR Creations with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 108 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love

February 28th, 2018

Addiction, Addiction, Addiction ahhhh how so many humans struggle with this Illusion of powerlessness. The truth is and will always be that You hold the greatest power in Your Universe. You call the shots in the roles you act out in this life movie. And when you become attached, needy, and addicted to Anything “out there” you become identified with the Illusion. You give all your power and energy over “by choice” mind you, to your addictions.

Suddenly it’s as if that addiction has the power, you begin to view your life from a distorted lens and the Addiction is your Master.

(Image of an imaginary inner dark master)

Again to be crystal clear…You Are THE Most Powerful being in your Creative Experience. That’s the clear truth minus Your distortion practices.

You Are the Master of Your Creations. And by distorting that truth you must play the victim.

It is Not possible to be both the Awakened Aware Conscious Creator and play any type of victim role. Not possible! You and only You Always choose the roles in which you play.

You choose to BE Present and Aware or You choose to slip into that familiar pattern of unconscious creation. Then you try to convince others that it wasn’t your fault…I can’t help it…they made me do it…and on and on with the distorted egoic creations of powerlessness.

You my friends have the potential to BE Aligned, Aware, Conscious Bad Ass Creators every moment of your lives. The problem is, many of you keep playing small. You keep lying to yourself and to others and you keep Manifesting drama, suffering and all kinds of bullshit chaos. Why? It has Nothing to do with anyone in your life situation…it has Everything to do with You and Your Choices.

You like playing the victim. If you didn’t you wouldn’t keep playing it. And you Love your Addiction to the drama, the pain and the suffering… otherwise you’d stop bitching and complaining about it. You’d stop participating in it.

I do Not agree with any human that distorts higher truth. I will not tolerate Addiction, nor will I participate in celebrating or feeding it. I will not make excuses for myself or another in any way that creates in the Illusion of powerlessness. I will see the games humans play with eyes, heart and mind wide open. I will speak of Divine Truth as a loving reminder for those who are ready to put on their Bad Ass Conscious Costumes and start Creating consciously with purpose.

Again I repeat You Are THE Most Powerful Creator in Your Life story. Nothing has more power than You. If you are Suffering and are experiencing the energy of Addiction, Stay Awake to that pattern. Love yourself completely with Conscious Awareness and Reclaim Your Infinite Power.

Chaos is created through unconscious thinking, speaking and action. Suffering is a result of that unconscious pattern. Clear the pattern. Return to your natural Empowered state as a Conscious Connected Creator. It’s truly that simple!

Love is the bridge that will take you away from unconscious creation into a higher Vibrational Experience of Empowered Creation.

You’ve Got This!!! Reclaim Your Power, Take back Ownership of the most important creation you’ll ever Create.. YOUR OWN LIFE!!!

Namaste Tawnya Love

P.S. for anyone who uses the…it’s a Disease card to maintain their game of unconscious creation. Let me remind you that any Feeling of Dis-ease is an opportunity to awaken. An opportunity to Realign with the Source Wholeness that is always available Within. All Dis-ease is simply a continued pattern of unconscious creation. βœŒοΈπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Š

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The Courage to BE True to You with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 107 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love

February 16th, 2018

Greetings Beloved Soul Family,

So I’ve spoken many times before on the Importance of Self-Love, and I’m being guided to dive a bit deeper into the understanding of what Self-Love really is. Recently, I experienced a personal epiphany that has deeply shifted my very way of living. It amazes me every time I discover ways in which I am responding to life from an unconscious program. Living with awareness is all that is necessary if one desires to transform one’s ever shifting reality. It is my hope that in each heartfelt sharing here on this Mindfulness Blog that my awareness will spread out, touch, and illuminate each reader in the most inspiring and transformational way.

So what does it mean to practice Self-Love? This is an important question for each of us to ask to contemplate, Moment by Moment. I am grateful to share my own understanding on this most important topic. However, what I hope to Inspire in each of you reading this is the courage to ask this question for yourself and to be still and really listen to the wisdom of your own Sacred Heart.

What I am realizing is that Self-Love is THE Most Important Thing. It is the solid foundation that each of us must patiently lay down brick-by-brick if we are to truly create a Joyous, Conscious Life of Creation. For those of us that continue to put ourselves last and ignore our own need, we shall continue to co-create pain and suffering through our unconscious programs.

I Choose Consciousness: I state this because it truly does come down to Choice. You have the power to Choose & I have the power to Choose. And what we Choose will be a HUGE factor in regards to the lives we each create.

Let me be very clear about what I mean when I say “living from unconscious program.” When we are young we are taught things, taught how the humans who are raising us feel about life. So, if let’s say our parent or parents are very strict about their religious beliefs and their political views, they will “teach us” what “they” like and dislike. That being said, they start working on our very open, receptive, pure minds and this is where ‘The Programing’ begins. Now, this programming is not limited to our parents–our neighbors, peers, teachers, elders, or anyone we spend any amount of time with will share “Their” influence on “Our” choices. If we accept “Their” opinions as truth we take them into ourselves and we become smaller and smaller, and we distort our wide open vision to a very narrow limited vision.

I want to be crystal clear on this programming piece because releasing “The Program” is a vital aspect on the Journey of Self-Love, aka the Journey of Authenticity. We must first make it a priority to practice constant awareness. Awareness of our thoughts, our opinions, our judgments, and our choices. Awareness is Becoming “The Watcher or Witness,” and it is through awareness that we transform that which is unconscious into Love and Consciousness. Our awareness is like the sun Illuminating the shadowy places in our lives. And where the light shines, beauty blossoms.

If you are reading this, You have the awareness to transform your life! And your awareness will be like a Magical superpower in transforming your world…If You allow it.

Again, we all have the power of choice so if you decide to remain unconscious then you will continue to live out the same unconscious programs–and cycles of drama, pain, and suffering will be your chosen reality. In choosing to create in unconscious programming we shall create suffering for ourselves as well as others who choose to participate in unconsciousness with us. So, I want to again be Super clear…We All have the freedom to choose. The moment a human becomes aware of the game, Conscious choices can be made.

Now, let’s go back to the part about “unconscious programs,” where others “out there” projected their thoughts, feelings, opinions, and emotions at us like lighting-speed shooting bullets. Many of us didn’t even realize what was hitting us, and many as children didn’t know what to do with all that ammunition coming at us day in and day out. To give it to you straight, We all did the best we could at the time (including your parents and influencers). Many of us “learned” early that in order to survive, in order to get stuff, we had to play “Their game,” we had to push our opinions down inside of us. We had to accept “Their” limitations, “Their” fears and worries…The list goes on and on. Well, that game can end when you’re ready for it to!

The interesting thing that happens when you start “playing” other peoples games is you can get lost in them really quickly. Before you know it you’ve completely convinced Yourself that You are these people’s opinions, limitations, fears, preferences…You lose You, when you choose to play “The Unconscious Game.”

The Beautiful thing I’m here to share with You however, is that it’s Never too late to wake up. Even if you’re literally laying on your death bed reading this, it’s Not too late for you. You can choose to BE Aware and Conscious Now!

A magical thing happens when we become aware, it’s like a baby opening their eyes for the first time. At first that light feels blinding and we may flutter our eyes a bit as we adjust to the intensity. But once we Open our eyes and choose to SEE we want to keep them open, we want to see. Closing them again becomes painful.

I Observe so many humans that struggle in regards to living a “Spiritual Life,” as if they have to become super serious in order to be worthy of Nirvana. It’s so ironic because in truth, it’s when we are at play that we are the most authentic versions of ourselves. When we let go of the control and the intense grip many have on life, life can flow through us. Magic happens!

When life flows through us Magic Happens! We start to enjoy life, we stop living in our limited minds and start Thriving from our expansive hearts. This is a necessary piece in the Self-Love puzzle.

As we begin living from our open hearts we begin to ask our hearts what they Love, what they feel? What they choose? And here is where WE Become One with Love and with Life. It is in our simple Conscious Connection with our own Heart’s Wisdom that we Activate the power of Self-Love.

Suddenly, we are Not pulled into others Drama or Suffering like we once were. Suddenly we SEE so clearly that which is Best for US. We no longer FEEL needy for Love “out there” because we have Remembered We Are Love Now “Within.”

This is a Sacred Rebirthing Moment for a Soul. The moment we become truly Conscious of our own Sacred Hearts and the game of pain and limitation that we used to participate in. Suddenly, there is no interest in that pain and we release the limiting story. Suddenly, Love is the only thing that makes any sense and it is our bright shining beacon of light Illuminating the path forward through the darkness.

Self-Love listens to its own Sacred Heart. Self-Love Cares about its own Sacred Truth. Self-Love Knows that it is Love, therefore it is never needy for Love. Self-Love Knows and Honors its Knowing. Self-Love Leads from its own authentic Wisdom, it has no need to follow, or “try” to fit in. Self-Love is Courageous…Limitless…Fearless & Free!

Self-Love is the Only path to Freedom, Unity & Liberation.

Those choosing to live in the illusion of separation and pain cannot simultaneously live from a place of Self-Love. One must choose either Illusion/Suffering or Self-Love/Freedom. That choice has always been and shall always BE Your choice to make. I encourage You to choose wisely my Beloved Soul Family, for this ONE choice will ignite a great Transformation for your own life and every life you connect with. That Reality will appear very different from those co-creating via Self-Love and Consciousness and those co-creating from the illusion of separation and fear.

I make my choice every Moment, I pause, I Listen to my own Wise & Sacred Heart, and I choose to Honor my Knowing with Courage & Confidence this & Every Sacred Moment!

Namaste, Tawnya Love and Source Oneness

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Today Right as I was contemplating the wisdom you just received in this Mindfulness Blog, I saw two cars pull in front of me with 999 on the license plates thought I would share this fun and synchronistic Message from the Universe.

βœ¨πŸ¦‹βœ¨ Enjoy reading the link below!