Realigning with the Source Within by Intuitive Healer Tawnya Love

Day 76 of 365 days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love & the Angels

July 11th, 2017  

Recently my Higher Self guided me to take a day for deep inner reflection and balancing. During this deep inner journey of Stillness and Beingness I processed some valuable understanding. I’m always so deeply grateful for these days of Stillness and deep Listening as they always manifest great inner shift and awareness. I encourage each of you guided here to read this message to honor the Wisdom within, to pull away from the external noise often so that you may access valuable wisdom within. 

So often we’re unconsciously encouraged to run, run, run and do, do, do to our own demise. So many hurting, frustrated, fearful humans rushing here and there. So much unconscious creation. So much suffering. And yet there is another way! There is a powerful choice available for each of us moment by moment. We can continue to rush around unconsciously as slaves to our own egoic woundedness…or we can Stop! Right here, right now we can take a deep centering breath and slowwwww down.

The wise ones understand the value of slowing down, they have learned that great beauty, healing and Alignment are Always available when we allow this shift from within. So why do so many humans continue to rush? Continue to exhaust themselves? What are we searching for? Where are we racing towards? 

I can only speak as a Loving guide doing my best to express my own experience. You can choose to open yourself and receive this wisdom or choose to ignore the message, that will always be your choice. You must learn from Your own experience.

I can genuinely say that in choosing to slow down and focus within rather than racing around unconsciously will absolutely Change your life for the better…100%! I can share how quickly your body will be Supported to Realign and return to Wholeness. How Peaceful and Centered you will remember you are here. And how in choosing to Realign with the Source God within you will awaken as an Empowered co-creator once again. In the space of stillness you will receive Divine Solution, Divine Insight, and Healing. There’s truly nothing negative whatsoever in choosing to slow down and Be Still. 

So why aren’t more humans Choosing Stillness? Why aren’t those who are sick focusing inward with an intention to Realign and Balance? Why are so many humans chasing thrills, addiction, and distraction? Because so many haven’t yet awakened, so many are driven by Fear Not Love. So many humans still doing doing doing all they can to be good enough. 
The irony is that as we remember to slow down and realign, we also begin to remember that We Are Always Enough, We Are Good, We Are Worthy Now!!! It’s true I wouldn’t speak this if it weren’t true. And remembering that You are worthy is Incredibly Important to how you will choose to live out your existence. Incredibly Important.

I observe humans daily who race around, who tell themselves and others that they have to do this or that. That they don’t have a choice in this or that. They lie to themselves again and again at the cost of their own joy, and their own health. And I observe that they really believe they have no choice. They Believe!

So here’s where our inner work lies: In first discovering these limiting beliefs we run thru our minds like computer programs. And second, in being a conscious participant in dissolving, deleting and releasing these limiting beliefs that are Only Enslaving and Harming us!

You know that saying that many express to addicts, that you can only change something if you can admit you have a problem? Well it’s true for All Transformation. We cannot Heal while continuing to run unconscious scripts day in and day out about sickness, fear, worry, stress, anger, blame, guilt or shame. Healing IS available for All of us…Healing is Always within awaiting our return with its Alignment. And the same applies to Love, Freedom, Abundance and Joy. We can only Experience these Energies once we have Aligned with them from the inside out. If we refuse to Realign from within, then it will seem as if these Energies are lying “out there” beyond our grasp, and our Wounded Ego will continue to chase and seek.

As a healer, I’ve witnessed so many beautiful miraculous shifts within the beautiful open souls that we work with. These humans and animals allow themselves to realign within and often times instant shifts occur without. Their bodies heal, their minds center, their relationships find harmony, their bank accounts flourish. And not because they are continuing to rush around unconsciously and fearfully, it is because they finally have chosen to slow down, finally chosen to Realign from within and Miracles happen!

In an incredible book called The Gene Keys Richard Rudd states that the 27th Siddhi knows how to distinguish between that which is Alive and that which is decaying, and it gives unremittingly to that which is Alive. At the Siddhic level the 27th Gene Key becomes capable of Miraculous Healing. As long as there is an ounce of life force within something, the vast Love coming thru the 27th Siddhi can revive it. Because this Siddhi draws upon the entire bio-energetic field of Gaia, it has the capacity to heal any dis-ease or sickness, so long as the indwelling Awareness/Consciousness is Aligned more strongly with Life rather than with Death. 

This statement sums up the Miraculous Power of Healing and Transformation. Pay attention to what you’re giving your attention to, as this focus will deeply affect you on every level. A focus upon Life creates New Life, a focus upon death and decay invites more of the same. It is Universal Law and it is Powerful. 

Namaste, Tawnya Love & the Angels 🦋 

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Conscious Celebration w/Intuitive Healer Tawnya Love

Day 75 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love & the Angels

July 5th, 2017

There are moments when one Sees so clearly. Moments when one’s consciousness is fully open and aware. Moments when it seems that something so horrific is being completely ignored by the majority of humanity. It is in these moments that expressing Divine Truth is so important.

I’ve had some time to process and observe the insanity of humanity, and I have some important messages to share in regards to these observations, in hopes that we are ready to open our hearts, minds, and eyes. That we are ready to move in more Loving and Conscious directions. That we are ready to truly honor All life, rather than ignore how our chosen actions affect others. That we are ready to truly move in the direction of Unity Consciousness, as we Choose to Harm None!

As many realize, yesterday was July 4th, a holiday celebrated as a statement of Independence for America. A holiday that is celebrated in complete unconsciousness, disregarding the hundreds of thousands of Native Americans who were slaughtered so that these drifters from Europe could leave their own countries and “Own” their own land. The very beginning of how Europeans violently took this country is completely forgotten. How convenient!

From the place in Consciousness where I reside, I do not see any Independence here. I Observe unconsciousness, lies, illusion- humans pretending they are free and independent in a country that strips many others of their Independence daily. I cannot Celebrate such a misaligned holiday, one based on pure illusion. My question is: How can You? And why are you? Are you truly Conscious about this Choice? Or are you unconsciously part of a program via your traditions?

I write these words of truth for one reason alone: To help us each remember the truth and awaken. To Support our people in awakening for once to the Fact that All life matters, not just white Europeans, not just Americans, not just certain religions or political groups. All life is valuable, precious, and Important!

(Fireworks factory blows up killing over 300)

That being said, I have a question for everyone reading this. How can we continue to violently blow shit up while traumatizing thousands and thousands of animals and humans, while polluting our environment, while continuing to risk injury to any form of life, all in an attempt to celebrate a holiday rooted in violence and Unconsciousness? What exactly is celebratory about any of this, truly?

I can only speak from my own life and perspective. From my own life situation, last night I spent hours in my bedroom closet doing everything I could to comfort our sweet Honey Girl, our family dog. Our neighborhood sounded like a war zone, with loud explosives going off every couple seconds for nearly six hours! We were in our home with music playing, tucked into our quietest spaces to claim any sense of peace.

(Loud explosives traumatize hundreds of thousands of animals every year. This is Not neccasary)

Year after year I have observed humans, many who struggle to pay their own bills, purchasing hundred and thousands of dollars worth of explosives in an attempt to celebrate our Independence, humans who continue to live unconsciously in their own enslavement. It’s truly INSANE!

Every year we Experience, Observe and hear about how many innocent animals, veterans, elders, and children are traumatized by our society’s choice of celebration. We KNOW that these loud explosives are harming innocent lives. We KNOW that often destructive fires occur because of this form of celebration. We KNOW that many people are seriously injured or killed from these explosives…And yet, I observe humans unconsciously recreating this violence year after year, with little Awareness or Compassion.

(Fireworks factory explodes killing many)

What will it take, Humanity? What do you need in order to wake up, to truly care about others more than you care about your program, your routines, your unconscious traditions? What is needed for you to truly care about the innocent animals and humans that these unconscious traditions are harming? What is needed to care about Honoring OUR Environment, OUR planet, OUR Home?

(NFL Football player injury from exploding fireworks)

I’m truly interested. I want to understand. I’m ready for positive honoring change, so please, help me understand. Join me if your heart recognizes the Wisdom in my Heart-Expressed words. How can WE re-create New Honoring celebrations? How can WE honor the whole? How can we have fun, play, and Celebrate without harming one another, or Nature?

We can shift this. I know we can. But we must first Choose to Awaken. We must choose to live with Consciousness and Compassion for All life. I’m ready! Are You?

Thank You for listening. Thank You for every Conscious choice you make daily. It matters. Thank You for joining me in the space of Love, Honor, and Compassion for All life…It’s so beautiful here!

Sometimes we just need someone to sit with us and remind us to breathe, to remind us that All is well, and that we are Loved. To be reminded that We have the power to choose New choices with every Sacred Moment. 💖
Namaste Tawnya Love 💞🙏💞

Recommitting to You with Intuitive Transformational Healer/Soul Coach Tawnya Love

Day 74 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Soul Coach/Healer Tawnya Love & the Angels

June 23rd, 2017

What is power to You? For myself, I know that power isn’t about anything external, but rather an internal Alignment. From the perspective of Spiritual Alignment & True Abundance, powerful humans are those with the strongest Connection with their Internal Source/Resources. True power is cultivated from the Inside Out, rather than a focus upon external factors. 

True power isn’t something we get “Out There,” we cannot buy it, earn it, seduce for it, steal it, or people please for it. We must be open and willing to SEE that we have been searching for Love, Abundance, Strength and Appoval in all the wrong places. Once we relax and calm down, once we choose to realign and center we discover that our True Power has been Within all along!

Reclaiming our power is simply remembering, like Dorothy that we’ve had the power all along. We quickly awaken and realize that we’ve been trained to look “Out There”, we’ve been conditioned to believe that in some way we were not enough. What a Lie! 

Reclaiming our power is all about recommitting to ourselves, our True Awesome Authentic Selves. Supporting the many, beautiful souls who Mentor with me is such a fulfilling life path for me. However, I wouldn’t be the Bad Ass, Honest, Sincere, Compassionate, Aligned Mentor I AM if I didn’t walk my talk. Like each of You, I must challenge myself and stay awake, aware and present. Like each of you, I must move with life’s current accepting and adapting to life’s transforming change. This is the mystery of life. We can always count on change and we benefit and thrive when we accept that change is a very important part of our Ascension & Evolution. 

As a Soul Coach, Yoga/Meditation Teacher, Energy Healer and Spiritual Alchemist I Love Supporting my Amazing Clients as they navigate and move with life rather than remaining in the illusion that they are in any way powerless or victims of their circumstance. Life has tested me to my core, life will test you to your core simply as a means of guiding you home to Yourself.

“Out There,” the collective societal illusion will continue to try its best to convince you that your Not enough, Not Smart enough, Not pretty enough, Not talented enough, Not young enough…You and only You have the Power to awaken from the societal illusion. Only You can choose to remain in an illusion of victimization and powerlessness. Only You can choose to Take Your Fucking Power back! 

We all have times when we could greatly benefit from working with a Mentor, a Master, a Teacher and guide. There is nothing weak about asking for help. There is nothing weak in slowing down. There is nothing weak in asking questions. There is nothing weak in walking your authentic path, regardless of what others are choosing. 

This is your Soul’s Heartfelt Invitation to Attune to True Power and to Make a commitment to BE True to You. How May I Serve & Support Your Growth, Expansion & Evolution? 

Namaste, Tawnya Love & the Angels

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Alchemy of Manifestation with Intuitive Healer Tawnya Love

Day 73 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love & the Angels

June 19th, 2017 

Often I awaken from dreams where I Am teaching others in large groups. Last night, I Awakened from such a dream. I was teaching this group the simple and yet powerful alchemy for Manifestation. Here is what I was sharing in another realm, something that my heart would Love to help Everyone in this physical realm: The Recipe for Divine Manifestation, through conscious Alchemy! 

Many humans feel as if life is randomly happening To them. It is Not. There really is nothing random about creation. One of the first steps in becoming a powerful, potent creator is to take one’s power back through Self Responsibility and Awareness (Awareness=Consciousness). In order for us to create a life we Love and Enjoy, we must first bring Consciousness to that life. 

Therefore, we cannot remain in the shadow of victimization and expect to create an awesome, amazing life at the same time. It is like oil and water–they don’t mix. We must choose to either BE Conscious as creators or continue to live as victims in our own world of illusion. A choice must be made. This is Our first step.

Once we’ve had enough of victimization and we decide to Choose a life of Conscious Creation, things really get fun and interesting and they become a whole lot smoother. Randomness falls away and transforms into synchronicity. We take our power back. In truth, we never were separate from our power, we simply lived as if we were in the shadow of victimization. In the Sacred Spaces of Consciousness Magic is our Norm!

Now that we’ve become Conscious, it is as if all the lights in our house are suddenly turned on. Our minds become illuminated containers for Conscious Creation. True Spiritual Alchemy resides here, in the illuminated Sacred Space of our mind. 

The simple recipe for Any Alchemy has 3 required ingredients: Something we wish to transform, a container in which to activate this Alchemy, and something New we’re ready to Create. That’s it! It’s actually very simple, and paradoxically, it’s quite profound.

Now, what I’ve observed in our Multifaceted Universe is that All humans are Powerfully creating. The issue is that they just aren’t Conscious about what they are creating. So voila- the illusion of separation and randomness! 

I’m going to tell you the difference between a human who’s experiencing chaos and randomness compared with a human who appears to attract All they need, want, and desire. 

I want to be crystal clear–All humans are worthy, deserving, and capable of Greatness. All of You!!! 

So, let’s take a look at an average human that just seems to have the worst luck ever, shall we? If we were to peer into this human’s mind, we’d instantly understand what is going on. We’d instantly understand why their outer life is so chaotic, abusive, terrifying, painful, impoverished, and random. What we’d discover first would be a Feeling, a Vibration of deep fear and unworthiness. Instantly, we’d sense something is a bit off because we can FEEL the Vibration. The next thing we’d discover would be lots – and lots and lots and lots, did I mention lots? Ohh yeah, and lots – of mixed messages being shot out into the Universe through unconscious and some conscious thoughts. All kinds of thoughts–a thought about fear, some painful thoughts added, mixed in with a lot of doubt, some suffering, a pinch of shame, and all mixed up in the Cauldron of the mind. Powerfully Creating! 

If we hung out with this human for awhile, we’d start to observe just how powerful they really are. Suddenly, some drama would show up in their outer world, mixed with some chaos, and damnit​, some anger, and then something would manifest to offer heartache and pain. We’d observe them making choices to continue their uncomfortably-comfortable cycle of Shame. And Boom, add a little loss and experiences of lack and unworthiness. Boom, the life of the unconscious victim is birthed. Ohh baby, I used to create here too and it was awful! I made a different choice, and I am here Illuminating the way for each of You who are open, ready and receptive.

Let’s Observe that human a little longer as they passionately vent and lash out at their own external creations, as they argue, fight and complain out loud or within, it’s all powerful. We’d Observe them commenting on how crazy they are, or how crazy others are. We’d Observe them powerfully igniting New waves of lower and lower Energy and Vibration into the Infinite Universe. We Observe their struggles intensify, the pain growing and expanding. More lack arises everywhere they turn. We’d Observe a Universe that Always, Always responds to Vibration!

Now imagine this human, in their struggle, becomes exhausted, and we may Observe New shifts occur. Perhaps this human stops their fighting, stops their venting and ranting and they fall into Stillness. Perhaps they surrender and let go for a while. And imagine that we Observe that human suddenly awakening in this space of Stillness. In the Stillness, they FEEL One with Source God again. In this Stillness, they Hear New Higher Guidance from this State of Oneness and Alignment with Source God. And suddenly, they focus on the peace within. Suddenly they realize that peace was always within them. Imagine that! 

We Observe this human’s life transform and shift. They appear lighter, they FEEL lighter. They let go and choose to live in Surrendered Trust. They choose to become Conscious and Intentional in All of their creations. 

Now, let’s Observe this Conscious human for a while longer. We will instantly FEEL their Energy and Vibration. It will FEEL higher, lighter, and they will appear to be much more playful, much less serious and more at ease. Stress and Dis-ease will have fallen away. Their body will have a glow of health. Next, we will Observe the state of their Sacred Container (the mind). We will notice a calm, quiet inner state, and we will Observe the Chambers of their mind illuminated and powered on! We will Observe the mind of a Master with laser beam focus and Intention, Consciously Creating Magic & Miracles!

If we Observe this human longer (and what fun it is to observe these Masters), we will Observe their needs instantly being met. Nature will be in a state of honor and harmony with this soul. We will Observe how sleeping humans interact with these Masters, as well as how those who are ready to awaken respond to these Beautiful Souls.

We will Observe Order, Peace, Harmony,​ and Abundance when we are with these Conscious Creators. And just by being near these souls, we will FEEL ignited, inspired, and more present, if we allow ourselves to rest and receive in their sacred space. For some, these humans will challenge all those remaining in the shadows of victimization, just through their presence, no words needed. Their potent Light and Unconditional Love will be felt Powerfully.

These souls enjoy every Sacred Moment. These souls live life to the fullest, as they honor their own unique path, as they share their experiences and gifts with any and All who are Conscious enough to listen, who are Conscious enough to receive them, Conscious enough to Honor them, as our Higher Selves, Mirroring back to us All. 

“Through Consciousness, All life is Supporting and Purposeful. Without Consciousness, All life appears Seperate, chaotic, and random. The life we desire is birthed Through our choice to remain unconscious or to Awaken in Oneness with Consciousness.” -Tawnya Love

Do you choose to remain an unconscious victim in a random and chaotic life? Or are You ready to Bring Consciousness into every Sacred Space of your Sacred Life? The choice is, has always been, and shall always be Yours!!! 

Namaste Tawnya Love & the Angels 💖

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Getting off the Crazy Train with Intuitive Healer Tawnya Love

Day 72 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love & the Angels

June 18th, 2017

So, I had this Intense dream last night where I was traveling. I saw this train and I was racing to get on it. As I got closer, I saw it wasn’t a typical train. It was like a crazy carnival ride. I chose to get on this small platform that shook and vibrated powerfully. The entire ride, I was clinging for dear life so as to not get shot off the train. The whole journey, people and things kept trying to knock me off my platform. I held on tighter, and got stronger and stronger. Finally, this man, who I immediately felt was a womanizer, came towards me, trying to hook my attention so I’d fall off. Nope. I ignored him and held on tighter, and continued to get stronger and stronger.

I reached my destination and got off that crazy-ass ride from Hell. As I walked away, I saw a store selling cool tennis shoes, so I went to check them out. I set my purse down and started looking at the shoes. Suddenly, I felt the Intuition to go get my purse, that it was in danger. I got up and started walking towards it as a man started walking towards it at the same time. I knew he wanted to take it. He got there seconds before me and grabbed my freaking purse. I chased him full on until I caught him, I jumped on him and took my purse back, all the while screaming at him: “What the Fuck were you thinking man? You can’t have my Fucking purse! You chose the wrong Fucking Woman to mess with!!!” 

I then peacefully walked away with my purse, haha! 

So this morning, as I spoke my dream out loud to my beloved, I was instantly able to process its meaning. I, like each of us, chose my Journey in this lifetime. I chose to get on a wild Fucking ride that constantly tried to kill me, that gave me constant trials and tests, until I decided I was ready to get off the Crazy Train. Choosing this Crazy Train assisted in cultivating great Strength, Courage, Discernment, and Intuition. So, as I got off the Crazy Train of Tests and Trials, I was a Fierce Soul to reckon with. 

I see this as a powerful symbol in our lives. Some of us chose an easy, gentle path, while others chose a horrific path…All of these paths are Beautiful Perfect and Divine! 

Here’s to having the courage to ride the Crazy Ass Trains of life, and here’s to having the wisdom to know when it’s time to exit them with great Strength, Courage, and Confidence!!!  

Here’s to the Sacred Rebels, the Warriors of Love & Light!!! I Love You 💖 I SEE YOU 💖 I AM One with You 💖

I wouldn’t change a thing from my Magical Life- though it was Not at all easy in the first 40 years, it is Incredibly Beautiful where I AM Now!!! What a Ride 🦋 I AM Grateful for All of it, and Grateful for the Incredibly Powerful Soul I AM 🦋

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Quantum Entanglement with Intuitive Healer Tawnya Love 

Day 71 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love and the Angels

June 11, 2017 

I believe that Everything happens for a reason.

Just last night, my beloved and I attended a discussion with Professor Amit Goswami at New Renaissance Spiritual bookstore. We deeply discussed quantum physics, non-locality, and quantum entanglement. I find quantum science fasinating because in the quantum field, ANYTHING is truly possible. It is the field of Infinite possibilities and potential. 

Right after this discussion, I came home, went to bed, and instantly Experienced Intense Energies moving through my entire being. Here is my theory: as many of you know, I’m an Energy Healer/Light Worker. I practice daily Meditation, and have for the past 20 years. I often Experience Mystical Meditation Experiences. I have had images of Egypt flash Through my mind’s eye. I often work with RA Energy, or when I was in Egypt, the Sun God. I’ve been practicing Incredible Energy practices and Working with this RA Energy for awhile now. 

So here’s the Science in regards to quantum entanglement… Quantum Entanglement is a physical phenomenon that occurs when pairs or groups of particles are generated or interact in ways, such that the quantum state of each particle cannot be described independently of the others, even when the particles are separated by a large distance- instead a quantum state must be described. 

Now, going with this theory of quantum entanglement, we as humans are made of Light/Sun Energy/Source/God, correct? Now, imagine humans that are consciously practicing energetic states of connection with RA Energy. In fact, even humans who are unconscious to this Connection​ can be affected.

Every time the Sun has a flare, I FEEL it, Instantly!

 Now it takes around 1-5 days or so for the Flared Solar energy particles to reach our planet physically, to reach the machines that measure it. However, when we remember We Are One with Source Energy, its effects can be experienced instantly within our human form. Does this make sense to You All? Because it’s totally making sense to me. 
We as humans are entangled with this Solar Energy, therefore we FEEL it Instantly. Just like two siblings living half way around the planet can FEEL when the other is hurting, just like a parent can FEEL their child in danger several states away, just like an Empathic being such as myself can FEEL exactly what’s going on Within Another humans Auric Field and Body whom I’ve never physically met in this lifetime. 

I share this post because last night, I felt Intense Solar Energies that were only recorded this morning. I always feel them, and now I’m beginning to understand why! May this information be helpful to All who are open to receiving it 💖
Welcome to the Embodiment of the Great Mystery my friends life is Fucking Amazing!!!! 

Namaste Tawnya Love 🦋 Multidimensional Being of Love and Light 💖 view my thriving services here 💖 Thanks for Following and Sharing 💖