The gift of InSight by Intuitive Healer Tawnya Love

Day 90 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

November 30, 2017

Tonight my beloved starts talking to Catherine Love and I about a suprise he has for us tomorrow. He only speaks those words maybe for 20 seconds. I instantly saw a vision flash through my mind’s eye of all of us in the car driving around looking at Beautiful Christmas lights. So I told him I feel I know what it is and I reminded him why he should never talk about suprises near me. I don’t mean to, I don’t even try to see…but I see!

So tonight as we’re getting into bed he asks me what I saw. So I told him and he smiles and says “Wow baby, that’s what I’m going to do with you!”

This kind of thing happens to me All the time. I feel it’s one of the reasons I can support and help people so deeply as an Intuitive Healer. Because I do SEE even when others won’t let themselves. And often I SEE what others try to withhold from me or others.

I’m grateful for this openness and I’m glad my Beloved wasn’t upset that I now know his suprise. It is Safe to SEE Truth!

Namaste Tawnya Love 💗


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Namaste, Tawnya Love

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(Hematite, lava, shungite, onyx, black labradorite)

(Lava, red tigers eye, shungite, bronzite, golden tigers eye) 

(Picture Jasper, goldstone, ocean Jasper, chocolate Jasper, Hematite, lava)

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(Onyx, lava, shungite, hematite, black labradorite)

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                 (Lava, red tigers eye, goldstone)

Time for a New Dream with Intuitive Healer Tawnya Love

Day 89 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

November 23rd, 2017 

Happy Thanksgiving to All 💖

I had an interesting and what I feel to be a past life memory-dream last night. I was with a couple of my current Soul Sisters and we had this map of our Pacific Northwest area. All the names were in Native American words and I knew that map; I felt I had participated in creating it.

What’s magical is that I felt intuively guided to share the dream experience with both of these Soul Sisters, so I did. One wrote me back that she felt goosebumps reading it. Here is the other’s response:

“Happy Thanksgiving to you too ❤️ that dream sounds very, very interesting especially considering the argument that I got into last night with a very egotistical friend about the history of this day & how in schools we’re not taught what actually happened to the native Americans & I got extremely upset that we celebrate this day without recognizing the lives of Native American ancestors that were taken for “American land,” magical timing of that dream!!! I’m forever thankful for your existence! Thanks for the text, seeing your name light up on my phone made me smile so much :’) love you Tawnya!!! Hope you have a wonderful day & evening!”

Super Confirmation. My response:

That is Awesome and Synchronistic indeed Love. My Heart Intuition on the Dream was that You and I knew each other long ago. That we lived here, we lost here and the map was so familiar as if we had created it. I feel this is soul confirmation for You to trust your heart and your inner knowing and continue speaking your Soul’s truth always. Many humans conveniently trying to erase history and pretend it was something else. I have had the same conversation so many times with humans. I AM for Gratitude and Thankfulness, that is what I choose to focus on on this holiday. However I also know what this time in history truly represents as you do and I forgive those who created and continue to create so much pain and destruction. Namaste Sweet Soul Sister 💞🙏💞 You are so Loved 🌼 Have a Blessed Day of Gratitude

I dedicate this day of Thanksgiving to All of the many innocent and brave Soul’s that have been forgotten or attempted to be erased by our society. I remember You, I remember You All. I Love You, I Forgive, I AM Love, WE are Love!

Blessings Tawnya Love & the Angels 💖

Awareness, Mindfulness, Educate, Enlighten with Intuitive Healer Tawnya Love

November 19th, 2017 

Day 88 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

Greetings my Beloved Soul Family, I hope on this new day you are enjoying your various creations. This is exactly what spirit has inspired me to communicate on today, Creation. I woke up this morning at 9:27 AM with this beautiful download from spirit, it is my intention to share this Awareness & Inspiration with All who are open and receptive to receiving it. Thank You for your presence & attention.

Creation 💖

We are All creators, each and every one of us are in a constant state of creation whether we are aware of that or not is an entirely different thing. Every child, woman & man, every animal with consciousness is participating in the ever expanding universal creation process.

Let me ask you a question, have you ever thought negative thoughts about yourself? Maybe you didn’t do as well as you hoped on that last test and internally you spent a good couple hours criticizing yourself and shaming yourself for not being perfect? Ever experienced anything like that? Or maybe someone you know, or heck even a stranger, upset you in some way? I’m talking about those moments when you’re so angry at that person. Maybe you even thought hurtful thoughts about them, sent them wishes of harm? 

First Step in Enlightened Creation=Awareness 💖 

I ask you to be very honest with yourself in regards to your chosen thoughts because this is the foundation of Conscious Creation. Awareness, Awareness, Awareness. We must allow ourselves permission to really be honest with ourselves. Permission to clearly SEE our habits and patterns if we are to ever shift them. Everyone of us are Powerful Creators, Everyone! However we each have much room for progress when it comes to Awareness/Mindfulness. 

Like I shared earlier, the foundation of our creation is built upon our Awareness. Once we have become Aware of the thoughts we are choosing to hold, choosing to focus on, choosing to believe with great power, we can start to SEE where WE are blocking ourselves. Where WE are sabatoging ourselves and creating unnecessary suffering…Yes I said it, unnecessary suffering.

When we are reactive, meaning something “out there” happens around us, and suddenly we are completely focused on “that thing out there.” For example, you’re driving to work and suddenly someone cuts you off in traffic. You start yelling and honking your horn. And Without being aware, you hold that tension and anger within your mind for the next couple of hours. You’re at work and your mind isn’t Present on your task before you, it’s imagining different scenarios in which you could have taught that person a lesson. Your mind is dwelling on a past event that occurred externally. And now that past moment seems to be holding you as its prisoner. And yet is that true? Is your mind ever in charge of what You the creator chooses to focus upon? 

We can lose ourselves in our own minds, we’ve all experienced this at some point. And yet there is an Empowered path we can choose. We can choose to become Conscious and Aware. The moment we choose to be a watcher/witness of life is the moment we become Conscious Creators of our experience. For example, let’s use the same driving to work and someone cuts us off metaphor. Same situation has occurred, yet this human chooses to observe the person zooming in front of their car. They observe that person not even noticing them or acknowledging them. They may have to shake this energy off and take a deep centering breath. However, they do not take this experience into their mind and hold it. This human takes the centering breath and becomes even more aware and present of their surroundings, this human uses this experience as a way of awakening more consciousness and presence. They are focused on their driving, focused on the beautiful sunrise, focused on the beautiful clouds moving by. They are One with this moment and flowing with it, Without resistance.

Our first human example was to get caught up in an external event, to then react to it and take that experience into our minds and dwell on it. This choice creates the unnecessary suffering. This choice takes us out of the Now, as we can only hold our focus in one space. So we’re either focusing on Past, Present or Future. When we hold our focus on the past events, they distract us from this Sacred Now Moment. When we focus forward on our worries or even anticipated excitement of a future moment, we lose our power in the Here and Now as Creators.

If we are ready to be Conscious Creators then we must, must, must allow ourselves to be Present, Aware, Mindful, Conscious. As soon as we choose to tell ourselves or another that we are powerless we’ve lost ourselves Within our minds again. And we swiftly begin to create unnecessary suffering through the Illusion of victimization. 
In this state we tell ourselves we’re powerless, there’s no use, nothing will ever change, this is our reality…And so many other limiting, fearful thoughts that support our chosen state of creation. When we hold thoughts like this within our minds and then we add our energetic emotional response to those thoughts we have activated our Creation. As we hold these thoughts/feelings for awhile we will begin to notice New evidence of our limiting, fearful world. Why? Because WE are creating in this Vibrational Space and we are receiving the boomerang effect of our focus. 

The key to shifting higher is simple, and yet requires All of who you are. The shifting point arrives as You the Creator (own this part or you stay in a victim state) Choose…Let me repeat…As You Choose to be Aware & Non-reactive. And we will have to choose this again and again throughout our day. We will become Masters of Our chosen thoughts and emotions. And as we become Masters of ourselves we become Masterful, Mindful Creators of Our New Reality.

There is no doom and gloom on this path, no limitations, no need for fear. This is the Masters path of Creation and what a beautiful, peaceful and empowering space this is. The trick is as a teacher of this I can experience for myself. I can share this experience through my words and actions and I thrive in this space. But only You can choose to join other Masters in your life of creation, no other can bring You Here. You and only You will shift your life out of the state of unnecessary suffering through Your Awareness/Mindfulness and choice to BE Conscious Here and Now. 

Thank You for joining me in a Blissful State of Conscious Creation, You Are Worthy, You Always have been. Thank To All of my fellow Masters in Motion keep SHINING!

Namaste, Tawnya Love & the Angels 💜 

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