The Moment You Choose Consciousness with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 127 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love

April 11th, 2018

Blessings Beautiful Soul Family,

What exactly is consciousness anyway? I believe it is self-realization and awareness. And I know that the moment each of us chooses to BE in a state of Awareness we are allowing Consciousness to flow through our experience.

There is great power in choosing Consciousness, as this choice opens up higher awareness into our life situations. It opens the doors for solution, understanding and liberation.

So why do so many of us choose to remain in a shadow state of unconscious creation? I believe it is one simple reason…Fear. When we are afraid to SEE, afraid to KNOW, afraid to UNDERSTAND, WE hold ourselves prisoners in our unconscious creations.

Fear is the only underlying reason one would choose to remain unconscious. And once we choose to live with greater courage and allow Love to guide every one of our decisions, we invite the Beautiful Supporting flow of consciousness into our lives. We allow the doors of solution, resolution, and freedom to swing open again.

So many hurting humans are simply choosing over and over again from a state of fear, and as long as humans choose from fear they will create unconsciously that which they do Not want. Excessive Inner noise & chatter show up as turbulence in One’s external reality, if left running unconsciously.

So one could say that clearing fear is pretty freaking important if we choose to create that which we Love and Want, Yes? I Love observing hurting humans who have forgotten their power enter my healing space or connect with us on a remote Coaching Session in one frequency, only to step out of our healing space or get off the phone from a Soul Activating Session in a completely different frequency.

These souls walk away in a higher Vibrational Frequency and Vibrational Alignment and it shows up on every level of their Being. I know that We are Not solid nor are we stuck in any particular frequency. I see it with my own eyes daily during our life-shifting sessions. I watch a human shape-shift before my own eyes…When they choose to invite Consciousness into their experience, when they choose Love over Fear.

I Observe how it often takes a certain sense of linear time to get ourselves “Out” of our desired Vibrational Alignment. And therefore it often takes a certain amount of linear time to get back “Into” our highest Alignment. It is a process and one that requires Your commitment, Your Love and Care, and Your Choice to remain Conscious no matter what may arise.

I welcome You today to reach out to me and make that commitment to Enter The most important moment of your life with Complete Consciousness, This Moment Now!

You can change your life around, You can improve anything you’ve created, You can Choose to Live Consciously and it is my absolute honor to assist and support You in Your Transformational Process…How May I Serve & Support Your Growth & Expansion?

Infinite Love & Light, Tawnya Love

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Conscious Creation Activation with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 126 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love

April 6th, 2018

Blessings Beloved Soul Family,

I have a Fun and Powerful game to play with You All Today if you’re interested in joining in. I Observe that many human’s struggle with the concept of Shifting energetic channels/frequencies. So rather than choosing to remain focused upon that which you Love and Desire. Many don’t see instant results in there external reality and so they go back into that fearful, lackful space of unconscious creation.

The key to quantum leaping is a steady consistent held Vibration. So we must remember the empowering ways in which we can support our New Reality before it has shown up in our physical external world.

Let’s take for example that you want a particular kind of relationship. If you’ve had a traumatic, painful or negetive experience in your past creations you may not mean to, but you often focus unconsciously on the fear of recreating that situation again. If you remain unconsciously vibrating here you Will in fact manifest that which you do not want, even while Affirming all the things You want Now.

Our intelligent Universe FEELS what you are emitting/vibrating at all times. So if your emitting loss, or lack or fear, or doubt.. well that’s what your asking for unconsciously and the Universe is Always listening.

Therefore it may not be helpful for you to focus too hard, on manifesting this particular relationship. However you can choose to focus on things that do make you feel good. And once you get that energetic momentum going for even a few minutes you may then keep building that momentum with affirmations you Do Believe are True for You. And you can Allow the more Aligned relationship to simply show up as a result of your inner Alignment.

Once you’ve built up this High Vibrational Energy Shift within go ahead and visualize anything your now ready to create from this space of Expansion & Alignment and You will Powerfully draw towards you an external Manifestation that matches your inner vision and frequency.

Here are a few examples of what You can choose to think and state out loud now (if they feel true for you) speak for as long as you can keep this energy flowing 5 min-1 hour you choose. Just keep the momentum going as long as feels fun and Know that You Are in the process of Manifesting Your chosen Reality Now, and Now and Now….it never ends so Relax & Enjoy the process of Manifesting Your Wildest Dreams as Physical Reality πŸ’žπŸ™πŸ’ž

Okay Ready, Go! Have fun stating these New truths aloud with fun and excitement, Creation is Fun!!!

I Have the Potential to Create Everything that I Love πŸ’— & Desire!

I Am getting clearer and clearer in that which I am creating consciously right Now!

Already I am feeling and seeing improvement in my life!

I know that I AM One with this Universe & that it is Abundant!

I know that Every Billionaire once stood where I am standing before receiving their Billions!

I am SEEING Miracles and Abundance Everywhere and I know I am receiving my Share!

I know that my personal Manifestation practice works, I Am seeing results everyday in the most Magical ways!

I Love Abundance πŸ¦‹ I Love Receiving & Manifesting Abundance it’s fun!

I have fun looking for Abundance in my own life it’s a fun game I choose to play!

I’m looking forward to All the gifts this Abundant Universe is delivering to me!

I Love receiving my steady stream of Abundance✨!

I enjoy looking for everything I am thankful for and I see more of it showing up!

I Love knowing that I Am the most powerful creator in my reality!

I Love my freedom to create whatever I desire🧚!

I Love the FEELING of Expansion!

I Love Experiencing Change and Transformation it is so fun!

I Love sharing my gifts, Love and Abundance from the wisdom of my heart!

I Love the✨ FEELING ✨I have when I Celebrate everything in my life!

My life just keeps getting better and better and this Abundant Universe Love’s giving to me!

That should be good to get some nice momentum going for you all, enjoy speaking and thinking and FEELING these New choices everyday & observe with fun and ease All the magic you start to manifest!

It’s fun to create, it’s a process so relax, let go, look for things you Love, Celebrate everything You Love and enjoy your process and flow βœ¨πŸ’—βœ¨

Blessings Tawnya Love

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Lucid Dreaming with Wayshower Tawnya Love

April 6th, 2018

Blessings Beloved Soul Family,

I woke up this morning after going through a very vivid lucid dream experience. I shared this with my Beloved William & felt Guided to share with any of you whom feel this may be important. I recall before falling asleep last night that I felt lots of energy moving through my body particularly my heart, the left side of my brain and my left arm.

Namaste πŸ’žπŸ™πŸ’ž Tawnya Love

“Apparently in another dimension/reality we have a child. My experience was so vivid and full of detail. I saw large loading areaas where all these vehicles came up and just went through cities in this place doing genetic testing on everyone. I saw all the military looking crew and got a sick feeling from it and pushed back. I refused to let them test me but they came in and took me against my will. I saw a sheet with all these different races on it. They had timelines of when different races would get to lead/rule at any given time in our history. There were mostly white looking in their appearance races being chosen to lead on this sheet/map laying out. And I saw all these tribal races and aboriginal races on the sheet that we’re supposed to get their leadership power back after the 1900 era. Yet I observed them the misaligned military looking beings manipulating things bumping this timeline out. I could FEEL their concern they didn’t want those who had displayed great spiritual alignment and awareness in positions of power. They knew they could manipulate these other races so they assisted in holding them in this position of power on the timeline.

I wouldn’t allow them to test me at first because I knew I was a mix of native and several white races. I knew they would see that and I’d be separated from my people. I knew they had also been watching me observing my strengths and gifts.

(I searched the internet this morning for an image that looks like the place, it was sort of like this image)

It was so vivid! There was a point where they came back, after the time I first remembered where they genetically tested all of us against our free will. This time they came in and we’re taking the babies they had created artificially with our DNA. I had been Tuning In on them ever since they showed me they were out of alignment. I had been tracking them and I found them. They didn’t like having someone tuning in and observing them.

They had our child she is a beautiful mixture of our DNA and they wanted these children because they needed hosts for their own hybrid DNA experiments/creations. They had been observing us and watching our gifts so they could take from us for their own gain.

So bizzare and yet so clear in my mind I heard the name of the misaligned ones they were called the “Galactic Federation” at least that is what some of the military looking ones called those that appeared to be in charge.

I remember grabbing our daughter to take her back and they showed up swiftly and took her from me. When I went to get her back they dissolved her and transfered her to another dimension. They then dissolved as well and I lost them.

When that happened I was so upset I woke up instantly. So freaking Real, so much detail. I feel I just stuck my Head/Consciousness into another Reality and saw a lot of what’s going on in a bigger way than many of us understand here. Perhaps there have been soul contracts and agreements for this to occur. However the FEELING I had was that for me personally I was Not into it and didn’t approve or desire to participate.

All the abductions have been Real and this is what they’ve been doing with all the DNA samples of all of the many races for their own manipulative projects/creations. WOW! Still processing all of this. I went to bed in a very calm meditative state by the way.

Contemplating the higher meaning of this. βœ¨πŸ’—βœ¨

Blessings to All

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It’s Time to Create Your Dream with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 125 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love

April 5th, 2018

Greetings Beloved Soul Family,

Today I was contemplating how grateful I am that a job I had previously thought was where I was belonging at the time didn’t work out. At the time, it was a bit shocking in how hurtful the other human/actor involved chose to treat me. However, today as I stood getting dressed in the morning I had a huge smile of Gratitude. I even feel gratitude in how nasty this human chose to be. Because it made it super easy for me to discern that this was Not where I belonged.

I left, and since making that choice to Love myself and Never tolerate less than what I know is best for me, I have been Thriving in Every way! I am happier, healthier, more at ease, wealthier, and more excited for the important things in My Own Life that I am consciously Creating. Had that nasty moment Not occurred, I might still be hanging out passively in someone else’s dream.

How often are we doing that? Passively Hanging out inside someone else’s dream? Procrastinating yet another day on actually manifesting our Own Dream? I definitely have done this, and more than once. But I’m not choosing that any longer and I focus on that. I focus on All that I can find to observe in my life that I Love and Appreciate and All those things I Love and Appreciate keep on Expanding baby! It’s Amazing this opportunity we have chosen to BE here and to choose to focus on Creating what We Love.

I Love Sharing my own transparent, vulnerable truth and story first because I Love it & feels good, and second because if I even Inspire one other human to wake-up and take their life back as a conscious creator, Well then I have Hit the Jackpot Baby!!!

Since leaving that smaller life I had outgrown, I’ve almost completed an incredible book I’ve felt wanting to flow out of me for years. I’ve almost completed this amazing Ascension Manual that I know is going to change the world of anyone who reads it and embodies the wisdom. I started writing it 3 weeks ago, I feel I will have it completed within a month. So incredible that I took charge and I have created this gift that will be shared with Billions of humans throughout time. Now that’s what you create when you stop hanging out passively in other people’s dreams baby!

I truly, truly encourage You All to take a good honest look at your lives, observe what you’ve created, co-created and make sure you’re not just hanging out passively in someone else’s dream tolerating. Go Manifest Your dream, my heart Knows that what this world Really needs is More humans who are consciously living Their Authentic Life…More courageous humans who are Consciously Creating the Life of their Highest Dreams. βœ¨πŸ¦‹βœ¨

Think of All the Magic that is ready to Be created by happy excited humans doing what they were born to do!!! I left and I Now completely Live and Thrive in a state of Complete Surrendered Trust πŸ’— Life keeps giving to me, Supporting me, clients keep choosing to work with me. Life is even better than it was when I used to play small and hang out procrastinating my own Expansion. I didn’t die. You won’t die if you let go of what is not truly yours. So let it go already & start enjoying your own Conscious Flow. βœ¨πŸ¦‹βœ¨

Namaste & Thanks for participating in this moment of my dreaming πŸ’— Tawnya Love

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The Truth about Manifestation with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 124 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love

April 2nd, 2018

Happy Spring Beloved Soul Family,

Today I am feeling Inspired to speak on aligned Manifestation. I’ve been diligently and joyously laying down beautiful words of wisdom and support in my Ascension Manual. Please allow yourself to receive a little nugget of what Source Consciousness and I have processed so far. Know that You may Enjoy your own process & journey Always regardless of circumstance! βœ¨πŸ¦‹βœ¨

First of all let us get clear on what Manifestation is Not. Manifestation isn’t attracting something from “out there” towards us that isn’t Already “in here” within us.

In truth there is only the Experience of an “out there” in regards to all of our chosen creations. Manifestation is when WE shift our Inner frequency to the point where what is Already “inside” of us Here and Now appears in our “outer” experience/reality.

Now we suddenly see it mirroring back to us in a physical experience/reality “out there” and it’s as if we are suddenly moving with a New Reality. In truth the manifestation has been “in here” available all along, we just weren’t able to perceive it from our Old chosen frequency or channel.

Imagine for a moment that your sitting in front of your television. You have hundreds of potential channels available for you to watch and experience. All of these possible realities are happening Now simultaneously. However you must choose one channel, one frequency that you’d like to experience Now. So You choose a channel, you may sit for hours just scanning and flipping through possibilities. You may never actually commit to deeply connecting with any one show, that is your choice.

Imagine however that you do choose a channel, let’s choose channel 34. For fun we’ll say this channel is broadcasting Grey’s Anatomy, and now imagine that every day You actually choose to watch Grey’s Anatomy. Soon, you will begin to perceive that show as YOUR Reality because You’re the one watching it so often, you are deeply committed to this reality. So you keep tuning in, and observing it. It can start to feel like your familiar place, and if you’re not aware you can begin to believe it’s your reality and get stuck on this channel.

Now anytime we FEEL ready to observe/watch and experience a different Reality we can simply choose to Switch channels/frequencies. Suddenly we’ve changed the channel from 34, the one we used to watch so much that it felt like us. Now we are choosing to watch and experience channel 72.

Imagine this channel shows us all of the potential experiences available for us in this great cosmic ocean of consciousness. On this channel we can create and become connected with anything. Some humans may feel uncomfortable at first in observing this channel or reality because it FEELS so different than the one they were used to watching. Some humans will quickly change the channel and go back to what they know on channel 34, because ahhh it’s so familiar & we know what to expect on this channel.

In life, WE are all free to choose that which we wish to observe, experience, and connect with. Nobody chooses the channel for us; we may have other humans attempting to force us to watch their chosen channels/realities, however it is Always our choice if we choose to watch or choose to switch the channel.

Why would a human choose to experience a painful channel/reality? There may be many reasons this soul has chosen this particular channel. First of all, this soul may simply wish to understand this frequency more and so they have stopped here to watch, learn, and experience something. Sometimes souls who choose a channel to learn from may forget that they chose it and start to distort their reality by pretending and Feeling that this channel is who they are. They may temporarily feel stuck here with their eyes glued to the virtual screen of their choosen reality. However, no one “out there” is forcing them to watch it, forcing their eyes to be glued in this reality, rather they are choosing it.

So we can see that as free souls we have the freedom and power to choose. Let’s see if we can understand another reason why a human would choose to feel stuck in a chosen reality/channel. Let’s imagine for a moment this soul becomes attached to the various characters co-creating/co-starring on this particular channel. We can call these other souls/characters by any name or title we like. We may call one character mom and one dad, we may create siblings or extended family. We may experience Love or its polar opposite on this channel. The choices are truly Infinite.

For some of us that once chose a painful & abusive channel, in a moment we may arrive to the point where we’ve had enough. We are Done watching this channel, we have experienced enough of this pain. We perhaps have even become bored watching the same old drama day in and day out, we know what is coming because we’ve watched this show for so long. So we first must realize that we desire to watch something else. Then we can choose to switch channels. And there’s no need for guilt, no need for blame, pain or shame–leave all that energy on the initial channel where it belongs.

The first step in switching channels is to first realize and remember that you are watching a channel; that what you are watching is Not who You Are and is Not Your Reality. It is one possible reality on one chosen channel. Remember, there are Infinitely more channels available for you to connect with as you desire.

Once this soul has remembered Who they are (the observer/watcher) they can now choose a New channel to observe. It’s so simple, it’s Not hard or difficult at all to change the channel on your television right? Well, it’s that simple to change the channel/frequency in your life. It’s simply a choice!

What do we think makes it hard to change? Well first of all if WE believe something is Hard, or Challenging, or Difficult, well then it has to show up for you in that way. We are the ones Creating the next experience from our Chosen thoughts and expectations. If we expect/believe something is Hard, then Hard it will be for us.

However, if we catch these distorted thoughts, if we realize they are Not who we are, that they are Not the ultimate truth, then we can change them, we can release those old thoughts that caused us to continue creating suffering and limitation.

So now that we realize that switching frequencies is as simple as switching the channel on our television, what will we each choose to watch/experience? Anything WE desire, anything WE choose. That is what we will connect deeply with and that is what we will begin to perceive as our New Reality. Do be mindful in what you “Tune-Into” for if you lose your higher awareness, you will believe it is Who You have “Turned into!”

So back to why we might refuse to change our channel. Attachment, Attachment, Attachment. Many of us become attached to the drama, the pain, and the suffering it FEELS so damn familiar. So we hold on to it and call it ours, it’s just an old familiar feeling. As long as we cling to it we cannot let go of it. We cannot change the channel if we have our thumb held down on that one channel. Some of us are attached to the other characters and so no matter how much we desire to watch a different channel we hold onto those characters and we stay stuck on their channel. They are characters that have chosen this channel, you may choose to interact with other characters on other channels any time you choose.

In truth you are Not attached to anyone outside of you, you are all droplets of the same vast cosmic ocean of consciousness. However, you are all free individual droplets who have the power of choice–Divine Free Will. You can Not lose anyone, in truth. You can change channels and interact with new characters and switch back every now and then to connect with old characters on other channels if you desire. Any of you who only choose to visit the characters you were born to a couple times a year or maybe less, understand this. And you don’t need to ever feel guilty about switching channels, guilt is an energy that keeps you stuck on that old familiar channel, so let it go!

You can watch anything you Like, or you can watch anything you Don’t like. The choice is Always, Always yours. Focusing on what you Don’t like keeps you on that channel. So if you’ve had enough of that stuff you don’t like, stop focusing on that channel. Switch the channel and search for channels playing what you Love. There’s a genius idea βœ¨πŸ˜†βœ¨

For those of you who know it’s time to change channels, relax and flip that switch with excitement of the new experiences that you’ll now have, FEEL Excited for the New characters you’ll co-create/co-star with in your New chosen Reality. Just remember, it’s only one potential Reality so choose to remain Awake and Aware that you are Not the channels you choose to watch…You are and will Always BE the observer/creator choosing what you’d like to observe/create next! So be mindful of that Divine Truth.

Enjoy this Experience of flipping channels & experiencing different frequencies. It can truly be fun, joyous, and even exciting if You allow it!


✨ that character many call Tawnya Love aka Source Consciousness Observing & Co-creating it All with Joy Freedom & Gratitude ✨

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Our New York Times Best Selling Ascension Manual is Manifesting!!! With Wayshower Tawnya Love

Beloved Soul Family,

I have Consciously laid down 35,414 words and have now completed 6 full life shifting, soul activating chapters in our Divinely Inspired & Channeled Ascension Manual!!!

This Book is filled with rich, simple and often entertaining wisdom that if accessed and embodied Will absolutely change our many created world’s for the better!

I had to include this great soul and his wisdom as a powerful quote in our book. Ohhh I’m so excited for You All to have this book and to receive hundreds of thousands of letters about all of the Awesomeness you’ve all consciously chosen to focus on and expand in your choosen realities as a result of focusing on and embodiyng the wisdom from our book.

Namaste, βœ¨πŸ™βœ¨ Tawnya Love Conscious Creation Jedi Master ✨