Alchemy of Manifestation with Intuitive Healer Tawnya Love

Day 73 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love & the Angels

June 19th, 2017 

Often I awaken from dreams where I Am teaching others in large groups. Last night, I Awakened from such a dream. I was teaching this group the simple and yet powerful alchemy for Manifestation. Here is what I was sharing in another realm, something that my heart would Love to help Everyone in this physical realm: The Recipe for Divine Manifestation through conscious Alchemy! 

Many humans feel as if life is randomly happening To them. It is Not. There really is nothing random about creation. One of the first steps in becoming a powerful, potent creator is to take one’s power back through Self Responsibility and Awareness=Consciousness. In order for us to create a life we Love and Enjoy, we must first bring Consciousness to that life. 

Therefore, we cannot remain in the shadow of victimization and expect to create an awesome, amazing life at the same time. It’s like oil and water- they do Not mix. We must choose to either BE Conscious as creators or continue to live as victims in our own world of illusion. A choice must be made. This is Our first step.

Once we’ve had enough of victimization and we decide to Choose a life of Conscious Creation, things really get fun and interesting, and they become a whole lot smoother. Randomness falls away. We take our power back. In truth, we never were separate from our power, we simply lived as if we were in the shadow of victimization. In the Sacred Spaces of Consciousness Magic is our Norm!

Now that we’ve become Conscious, it’s as if all the lights in our house are suddenly turned on. Our minds become illuminated containers for Conscious Creation. True Spiritual Alchemy resides here, in the illuminated Sacred Space of our mind. 

The simple recipe for Any Alchemy has 3 required ingredients: something we wish to transform, a container in which to activate this Alchemy, and something New we’re ready to Create. That’s it! It’s actually very simple, and paradoxically, it’s quite profound.

Now, what I’ve observed in our Multifaceted Universe is that All humans are Powerfully creating. The issue is that they just aren’t Conscious about what they are creating. So voila- the illusion of seperation and randomness! 

I’m going to tell you the difference between a human who’s experiencing chaos and randomness compared to a human who appears to attract All they need, want, and desire. 

I want to be crystal clear- All humans are worthy, deserving, and capable of Greatness. All of You!!! 

So, let’s take a look at an average human that just seems to have the worst luck ever, shall we? If we were to peer into this human’s mind, we’d instantly understand what’s going on. We’d instantly understand why their outer life is so chaotic, abusive, terrifying, painful, impoverished, and random. What we’d discover first would be a Feeling, a Vibration of deep fear and unworthiness. Instantly we’d sense something is a bit off, because we can FEEL the Vibration. The next thing we’d discover would be lots – and lots and lots and lots, did I mention lots? Ohh yeah, and lots – of mixed messages being shot out into the Universe through unconscious and some conscious thoughts. All kinds of thoughts- a thought about fear, some painful thoughts added, mixed with a lot of doubt, some suffering, a pinch of shame, all mixed up in the Cauldron of the mind. Powerfully Creating! 

If we hung out with this human for awhile, we’d start to observe just how powerful they really are. Suddenly, some drama would show up in their outer world, mixed with some chaos, and damnit​, some anger, and then something would manifest to offer heartache and pain. We’d observe them making choices to continue their uncomfortably comfortable cycle of Shame. And Boom add a little loss and experiences of lack and unworthiness. Boom the life of the unconscious victim is birthed. Ohh baby I used to create here to and it was awful! I made a different choice and I’m here Illuminating the way for each of You who are open, ready and receptive.

Let’s Observe that human a little longer as they passionately vent and lash out at their own external creations, as they argue, fight and complain out loud or within it’s all powerful. We’d Observe them commenting on how crazy they are, or how crazy others are. We’d Observe them powerfully igniting New waves of lower and lower Energy and Vibration into the Infinite Universe. We Observe their struggles intensify, the pain growing and expanding. More lack arises everywhere they turn. We’d Observe a Universe that Always, Always responds to Vibration!

Now imagine this human, in their struggle, becomes exhausted, we may Observe New shifts occur. Perhaps this human stops their fighting, stops their venting and ranting and they fall into Stillness. Perhaps they surrender and let go for a while. And imagine that we Observe that human suddenly awakening in this space of Stillness. In the Stillness, they FEEL One with Source God again. In this Stillness, they Hear New Higher Guidance from this State of Oneness and Alignment with Source God. And suddenly, they focus on the peace within. Suddenly they realize that peace was always within them. Imagine that! 

We Observe this human’s life transform and shift. They appear lighter, they FEEL lighter. They let go and choose to live in Surrendered Trust. They choose to become Conscious and Intentional in All of their creations. 

Now, let’s Observe this Conscious human for a while longer. We will instantly FEEL their Energy and Vibration. It will FEEL higher, lighter, and they will appear to be much more playful, much less serious and at ease. Stress and Dis-ease will have fallen away. Their body will have a glow of health. Next, we will Observe the state of their Sacred Container (the mind). We’ll notice a calm, quiet inner state, and we will Observe the Chambers of their mind illuminated and powered on! We will Observe the mind of a Master with laser beam focus and Intention Consciously Creating Magic & Miracles!

If we Observe this human longer (and what fun it is to observe these Masters), we will Observe their needs instantly being met. Nature will be in a state of honor and harmony with this soul. We will Observe how sleeping humans interact with these Masters, as well as how those who are ready to awaken respond to these Beautiful Souls.

We will Observe Order, Peace, Harmony,​ and Abundance when we are with these Conscious Creators. And just by being near these souls, we will FEEL ignited, inspired, and more present, if we allow ourselves to rest and receive in their sacred space. For some, these humans will challenge all those remaining in the shadows of victimization, just through their presence, no words needed. Their potent Light and Unconditional Love will be felt Powerfully.

These souls enjoy every Sacred Moment. These souls live life to the fullest, as they honor their own unique path, as they share their experiences and gifts with any and All who are Conscious enough to listen, who are Conscious enough to receive them, Conscious enough to Honor them, as our Higher Selves Mirroring back to us All. 

“Through Consciousness, All life is Supporting and Purposeful. Without Consciousness, All life appears Seperate, chaotic, and random. The life we desire is birthed Through our choice to remain unconscious or to Awaken in Oneness with Consciousness.” -Tawnya Love

Do you choose to remain an unconscious victim in a random and chaotic life? Or are You ready to Bring Consciousness into every Sacred Space of your Sacred Life? The choice is, has always been, and shall always be Yours!!! 

Namaste Tawnya Love & the Angels 💖

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Getting off the Crazy Train with Intuitive Healer Tawnya Love

Day 72 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love & the Angels

June 18th, 2017

So, I had this Intense dream last night where I was traveling. I saw this train and I was racing to get on it. As I got closer, I saw it wasn’t a typical train. It was like a crazy carnival ride. I chose to get on this small platform that shook and vibrated powerfully. The entire ride, I was clinging for dear life so as to not get shot off the train. The whole journey, people and things kept trying to knock me off my platform. I held on tighter, and got stronger and stronger. Finally, this man, who I immediately felt was a womanizer, came towards me, trying to hook my attention so I’d fall off. Nope. I ignored him and held on tighter, and continued to get stronger and stronger.

I reached my destination and got off that crazy-ass ride from Hell. As I walked away, I saw a store selling cool tennis shoes, so I went to check them out. I set my purse down and started looking at the shoes. Suddenly, I felt the Intuition to go get my purse, that it was in danger. I got up and started walking towards it as a man started walking towards it at the same time. I knew he wanted to take it. He got there seconds before me and grabbed my freaking purse. I chased him full on until I caught him, I jumped on him and took my purse back, all the while screaming at him: “What the Fuck were you thinking man? You can’t have my Fucking purse! You chose the wrong Fucking Woman to mess with!!!” 

I then peacefully walked away with my purse, haha! 

So this morning, as I spoke my dream out loud to my beloved, I was instantly able to process its meaning. I, like each of us, chose my Journey in this lifetime. I chose to get on a wild Fucking ride that constantly tried to kill me, that gave me constant trials and tests, until I decided I was ready to get off the Crazy Train. Choosing this Crazy Train assisted in cultivating great Strength, Courage, Discernment, and Intuition. So, as I got off the Crazy Train of Tests and Trials, I was a Fierce Soul to reckon with. 

I see this as a powerful symbol in our lives. Some of us chose an easy, gentle path, while others chose a horrific path…All of these paths are Beautiful Perfect and Divine! 

Here’s to having the courage to ride the Crazy Ass Trains of life, and here’s to having the wisdom to know when it’s time to exit them with great Strength, Courage, and Confidence!!!  

Here’s to the Sacred Rebels, the Warriors of Love & Light!!! I Love You 💖 I SEE YOU 💖 I AM One with You 💖

I wouldn’t change a thing from my Magical Life- though it was Not at all easy in the first 40 years, it is Incredibly Beautiful where I AM Now!!! What a Ride 🦋 I AM Grateful for All of it, and Grateful for the Incredibly Powerful Soul I AM 🦋

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Quantum Entanglement with Intuitive Healer Tawnya Love 

Day 71 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love and the Angels

June 11, 2017 

I believe that Everything happens for a reason.

Just last night, my beloved and I attended a discussion with Professor Amit Goswami at New Renaissance Spiritual bookstore. We deeply discussed quantum physics, non-locality, and quantum entanglement. I find quantum science fasinating because in the quantum field, ANYTHING is truly possible. It is the field of Infinite possibilities and potential. 

Right after this discussion, I came home, went to bed, and instantly Experienced Intense Energies moving through my entire being. Here is my theory: as many of you know, I’m an Energy Healer/Light Worker. I practice daily Meditation, and have for the past 20 years. I often Experience Mystical Meditation Experiences. I have had images of Egypt flash Through my mind’s eye. I often work with RA Energy, or when I was in Egypt, the Sun God. I’ve been practicing Incredible Energy practices and Working with this RA Energy for awhile now. 

So here’s the Science in regards to quantum entanglement… Quantum Entanglement is a physical phenomenon that occurs when pairs or groups of particles are generated or interact in ways, such that the quantum state of each particle cannot be described independently of the others, even when the particles are separated by a large distance- instead a quantum state must be described. 

Now, going with this theory of quantum entanglement, we as humans are made of Light/Sun Energy/Source/God, correct? Now, imagine humans that are consciously practicing energetic states of connection with RA Energy. In fact, even humans who are unconscious to this Connection​ can be affected.

Every time the Sun has a flare, I FEEL it, Instantly!

 Now it takes around 1-5 days or so for the Flared Solar energy particles to reach our planet physically, to reach the machines that measure it. However, when we remember We Are One with Source Energy, its effects can be experienced instantly within our human form. Does this make sense to You All? Because it’s totally making sense to me. 
We as humans are entangled with this Solar Energy, therefore we FEEL it Instantly. Just like two siblings living half way around the planet can FEEL when the other is hurting, just like a parent can FEEL their child in danger several states away, just like an Empathic being such as myself can FEEL exactly what’s going on Within Another humans Auric Field and Body whom I’ve never physically met in this lifetime. 

I share this post because last night, I felt Intense Solar Energies that were only recorded this morning. I always feel them, and now I’m beginning to understand why! May this information be helpful to All who are open to receiving it 💖
Welcome to the Embodiment of the Great Mystery my friends life is Fucking Amazing!!!! 

Namaste Tawnya Love 🦋 Multidimensional Being of Love and Light 💖 view my thriving services here 💖 Thanks for Following and Sharing 💖

Ego/Unconditional Love w Light Assistant Tawnya Love

Day 70 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love and the Angels

June 10th, 2017 

Blessings Beautiful Soul Family,

Today I felt Inspired to share my heartfelt perspective on the Power of Choosing to remain in a Sacred Space of Unconditional Love as opposed to losing ourselves in Ego’s game. I share this wisdom with Love and Joy in hopes that it may Serve as a Gentle and Powerful Reminder. Namaste 🦋 

Ego cares about being Right while making another feel Wrong. Ego love’s to hook us with its tension, it’s NEED for resistance, arguing, fighting, resisting Ego Love’s the fight! It dwells in a lower Vibration of projection as it’s means of protection. It is rooted in Fear and it Loves to create dis-ease and destruction.

Unconditional Love offers space for each individual to find Their own Highest Alignment. Unconditional Love creates from a center point of ease, peace and playfulness. Unconditional Love has no NEEDINESS it is whole and Holy within itself rooted in unwavering Love and Presence. Unconditional Love has No need for resistance, arguing, tension, competition or comparing… Unconditional Love Love’s fully, freely and Eternally. 🦋 

Unconditional Love honors healthy boundaries, moves through and around tension. It is like the great river eternally flowing Without attachment or any need to control. 

Our daily practice is simple yet profound, watch for Ego in yourself. When you notice Ego has hooked You, Love yourself and the other as you choose to Center in Unconditional Love once again. No need for shame, pain or blame. Just eternal Awareness Illuminating the Way!!! 💖

Namaste Tawnya Love 💖 XOXO 💋

Mastery of BEING with Light Giver Tawnya Love

Day 69 of 365 Days of Mindfulness with

Tawnya Love and the Angels

June 9th, 2017 

Blessings My Beloved Soul Family! May this Divinely Inspired Message find You at the Divinely Aligned Time 😘

Today spirit touched my heart 💖 I will now share this gift with you that I shared on Facebook earlier this morning. Enjoy!

Mwwwaaa 😘💋 Infinite Love Tawnya Love and the Angels 💖

Ancient Wisdom on Manifestation with Intuitive Healer Tawnya Love

Day 68 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love & the Angels

May 21, 2017

Many Ancients understood an important aspect of Creation/Manifestation that each and every one of us can benefit from if we are open and receptive. The Ancients understood the Power of our chosen Emotions. You see, Science is just now giving itself permission to SEE clearly. Just now opening up to understand what I like to call “The Field of Potentiality,” or field of Infinite possibilities. It’s the quantum field, free from limitations, and ripe with possibility. And You and I are creating within this field right now, in fact we are constantly creating within this field. What I’m feeling guided to express upon is our ability and privilege to create Consciously.

As I mentioned before we are Always in a state of creation, Always. However, many humans on our Beautiful planet are creating unconsciously. When we create unconsciously we often experience things we Don’t enjoy, don’t want and often we suffer in this state of creation. We begin to identify with lack and fear and the FEELING of suffering. Let’s shift this shall we!?

Now what excities my soul, is inspiring others to open themselves to begin to create in this magical Field of Potentiality Consciously. To create purposefully with focus and mastery. I can speak from personal experience that this form of creation is Fun! Exciting! Magical! And the Universe is truly your Infinite playground here. Anything is possible!

So let’s get started! Now back to the ancients and their understanding of Human Emotions. You see, many cultures have practiced their own form of prayer, healing and creation with a powerful connection with their human emotions. I recently heard a quote by quantum physics Scientist Greg Braden saying, “We must FEEL the Feeling, as if the prayer has already been answered.” When I heard him express this I felt a Big YESSSSS!!! He was understanding the power of emotion.

What I myself have learned to master as a creatress is just that, the art of FEELING my emotions into Physical Reality. For those of you who’ve watched my Tawnya Love Shows on YouTube you’ve more than likely heard me share hundreds of personal stories on manifesting. But for my new friends let me share just a few to prove a valuable point.

The first situation that springs to mind was a family trip to Disneyland. Our family had flown down to Sunny Southern California for someuch needed Vitamin D, only to arrive during a Big rainstorm. I’m talking multi-million dollar homes sliding into the ocean kinda rainstorm. That’s a lot of rain my friends!

So first day our family takes on the rain with thousands of other Disneyland fans. And I noticed so many stressed out humans all around us. Our family enjoyed ourselves but I’ll be honest it was one soggy cold wet day. So we decide to head back to the hotel for dinner and a nap before our return to the flooded magical kingdom. So as my family naps I decided to go into Meditation. Now what I’m about to share is Incredibly Important so really pay attention or you’ll miss the magic okay!

Now I want to be crystal clear about something regarding powerful, miracle making prayer. Not once did I pray for something I felt I didn’t have. Now really let that sink in…I Do Not pray for something I feel is missing or lacking from the Now. Because per laws of Attraction I cannot open myself to receive something I feel is missing.

What I did do was close my eyes and I visualized and Felt (Emotion) what it would FEEL like to be at Disneyland with sun shining, people smiling, fairies leaping kinda day. I saw it clearly in my mind’s eye, I Felt the Powerful emotions of Joy, Happiness, and Love. I spoke this prayer, this request into The Field of Potentiality via my emotions from my heart center. In my Now it Was sunny, it Was joyous, it Was Love filled and it Was magical. That’s it, then I imagined that request sprinkled w pixie dust (it is Disneyland after all) and I let go. I had placed my order to the Universe for the next day, my request was received.

That evening we were headed back to Disneyland via hotel shuttle when a local man/driver started a conversation with me regarding the weather. I confidently told him that it would be sunny tomorrow. He laughed at me and said, “clearly you’re not from around here, this rain is supposed to last until late next week.” I smiled at him and said, “well I don’t really focus on “what’s supposed to be” but tomorrow when it’s sunny you’ll remember me.” He asked my name (which I shared with him) and then laughed as I walked away.

Fast forward to the next morning…Shades drawn shut in our hotel room. Mystery soon to be revealed upon opening. I got up and told my family, “okay let’s see what Momma created!” I opened those hotel shades and Hallelujah it was the most gloriously beautiful sunny California day Ever!!!!

I had the biggest smile on my face all day as I observed all the gloriously happy humans all around me. Perhaps others also joined me in my prayer of FEELING the day before, perhaps not…All I knew is I had assisted in creating this beautiful magical reality. I felt it in every fiber of my BEING.

Now to focus again on the true magic, it’s not in our words, or desperate chants, or our fearful rituals and repetition that births the Magic…It is through our emotions, our FEELING from our hearts, what IS Here Now. “We must FEEL the Feeling, as if the prayer has already been answered.” Then the quantum field aka Consciousness responds accordingly per Physical Manifestation.

We must remember that We live, dwell and co-create in a participatory Universe. And our thoughts, feelings and emotions effect the physical aspect of creation. Our chosen (yes No one but You chooses Your thoughts, feelings and emotions) thoughts, feelings and emotions become our prayers of creation.

It is the very FEELING we hold in our heart that is the language we speak into The Field.

So let’s for a brief second think about the creation of Suffering. Not my choice of Vibration any longer, however from observation I see many are still creating in this Vibrational Space. So let’s imagine the humans that are constantly talking about their pain, their lack, their limitations. Now Observe the way these humans show the world how they FEEL. Are they joyous? Are they smiling? Are they emitting a positive Vibration? Really Observe and if you are one of these humans know that this time taken to really Observe your chosen thoughts, FEELINGS and expressions may very well powerfully shift your entire life. So pay attention with detached curiosity and non judgment.

What I’ve observed is when humans tell me about their lack, and their limitations I observe them creating more lack, more limitation. When I observe humans who constantly talk about their pain, their sickness, I observe humans who are constantly sick, constantly in pain. Coincidence?

You see what humans say out loud is a reflection of what records or scripts are running (often unconsciously) within their mind program. There is nothing New able to play or get in to a closed looping mind. These minds become repetitive and robotic. These humans are not in charge of their lives or their creations. They have unconsciously become victims of their own looping minds. That is Hell my friends, no need to die to get to Hell these humans live there each moment, in their own self created Hell.

So how does one take the road trip outta Hell and enter the Divine Paradise of Heaven on Earth? Through Consciousness. By bringing our awareness into each Sacred moment of creation. And I mean Sacred! Every New Now Moment is a New Sacred opportunity for positive shifts. Or it becomes just another unconscious moment lost in Hell….All Our Choice!

Each day remain playfully detached as you Observe and as You consciously create. When you notice Yourself looping, catch it! In that moment consciously go to your heart center and choose to emit the frequency of Gratitude. Anything you can vibe gratitude towards will support your Ascension. So if you can only find the Love you feel for your pet turtle. Focus on your Love for your turtle baby!

Each day claim more time for BEING, less time for spinning, looping, racing, doing. Fearful frantic Doing is not beneficial in creating a New Reality. This behavior keeps us stuck in our unconscious programs. So we must give ourselves permission to BE, to rest, to slow down and powerfully activate our Divine Feminine Energy via Magnetism. In our state of BEING we become magnetic as we draw into our field all we desire. We must heal any aspect of our conditioning that resists receiving. All guilt, pain, lack and shame must be Seen so it may be fully released.

Let’s practice. Find a nice quiet place where you can sit up right and close your eyes. Begin to place your awareness upon This inbreath, and This exhale. Begin to calm your mind consciously and become the Observer. Observe your state of emotion at this moment, just notice Without judgement. “Wow I FEEL anxious, isn’t that interesting. Then deep breaths as you release the energy of anxiety. With each exhale we clear and release anxiety ahhhh. With each new inhale we breathe in All we need. Ahhhhh. Continue with Simply remaining conscious as you breathe.

Once you FEEL centered and calm, at ease. Begin to focus upon the FEELING of joy, Love, gratitude. Just FEEL Love emitting from your heart center. Allow that FEELING to eminate throughout your entire being. Let go of seeing anything as lacking in your inner self. Activate this Powerful Vibration of Completion and Oneness.

Now focus upon something you’re​ ready to experience in your physical reality. Perhaps it’s eating at your favorite restaurant, or it’s walking in nature on a sunny day. Your creation opportunities are Infinite so just trust you can order anything from The Field of Potentially. So let’s for a moment imagine we’re Calling Forth a beautiful sunny day. If we open our eyes and look outside it might currently be raining. Don’t let that distract you, Nature is genius in showing us constantly how ever shifting life is. Change is the one constant we can be assured of.

As you close your eyes imagine what it FEELS like to FEEL that sun on your face, shades on, tank top and shorts. Beads of sweat dripping along your neck. Really FEEL it. Imagine that scent of sweat mixed with sun and Earth as you walk through the forest. The FEELING of your ice cold water bottle as it rests on your outer thigh. Imagine the joy you feel to BE in nature experiencing this beautiful sunny day. Imagine every human or animal you connect with on your journey smiling at you and saying hello. Notice how everyone is so happy to share this sunny day with you. Imagine the sounds of birds chirping in the forest, the trickling water flowing in the stream.

Now in your mind imagine releasing this request into The Field of Potentially. One might imagine placing this vision into the hands of God, or mailing a letter, or simply releasing this holographic image out to the Universe. Go with what your heart loves and let go!

That’s it! That’s the work. Your choice to think about, FEEL about and consciously create your next physical reality. Now it’s just about holding that FEELING of Love and Joy and Peace within…no matter what shifts “Out There” We Choose what we FEEL “In Here”. And Love is Always the most Aligned and Empowered Space to BE.

Remember this is a life practice, no rush, not a race, no winners or losers just a world of living beings actively co-creating in this participatory Field of Potentially every Sacred Moment. Now what Shall We Consciously Create?

Thank You for your contribution, your Love, your patience. Thank You for your light and your honor, your friendship. Thank You for Choosing to consciously co-create our New Holographic Reality/New Earth 🦋

Infinite Abundant Blessings and Options, Tawnya Love and the Angels 💖

It is my Divine Joy, Love and Passion to support and assist Humanity in co-creating a Love centered reality. How may I Powerfully assist and support You today?

Please take a moment to view my thriving services and unique gifts I Am joyously sharing with Humanity 💖 I AM ready when You are!