Lucid Dreaming with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 159 of 365 Days of Mindfulness Mastery by Tawnya Love

Sept 23rd, 2018

This morning I woke up at 5:55 from the most incredible dream experience. If you’ve seen the movie Lucy, I was like Lucy. I saw a large portal of bright orange and golden light open in the sky.

Then I would think of somewhere I’d want to be and I would dematerialize at will and then rematerialize at will. I observed so many humans who were terrified at the portal in the sky, I had no fear of it at all. I understood the magic it offered those who were open and receptive.

Later (and past couple evenings) I saw myself teaching a group of humans. Several times I’ve seen myself teaching misaligned systems a higher truth and understanding, like the education system for example.

These humans were yelling and tense with fear. I stepped forward and began to speak a higher truth of solution to support them. I observed how many of them got very fidgety and had their backs turned away from me as I spoke. Suddenly, I spoke in a very loud and powerful voice which got all of their attention. I told them to all stop what they were busy doing and to turn their bodies towards me as I spoke. I told them it was time to listen and stop with the distraction as it was not serving them.

They turned and stopped all their busy-ness and I could feel them still present and receptive. Then I woke up. I’m feeling my animal spirit Owl (who I heard outside my bedroom window before falling to sleep as well as coyote) and coyote were speaking to my soul. Reminding me to be bold as a Spiritual Messenger.

I feel a big shift is on its way for those who are present, open and receptive. BE Still and know that You are One with Source God Oneness.

Blessings, Tawnya Love āœØšŸ’—āœØ


šŸ’— How may I support your Evolution and Ascension? šŸ’—

PS right after I shared this blog I was contacted by another human and welcomed to The Event. Please check out this most timely and synchronistic link.

Namaste my bothers and sisters


Aligning with the power of Unconditional Love with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 158 of 365 Days of Mindfulness Mastery

By Tawnya Love

September 16th, 2018

Happy Self-Love Sunday, Beloved Soul Family…

I just had a beautiful conversation with a passer-by on our hike. We were talking about the power and choice of any soul to heal and realign. She said that she hopes bad things happen to those that do bad things to others.

I heard her and I understood where she was coming from and then I spoke higher truth. That it is so important that we see clearly, that we understand that those who lash out need our Love, our prayers and our hope for alignment rather than our hope for suffering. These souls are already suffering greatly or they wouldn’t lash out or harm another.

I’m not saying what they are choosing to do is okay, I’m simply stating that these destructive patterns will only change with Love and Awareness. She smiled and said she understood and agreed. She just didn’t understand why some souls choose to be so hateful.

Those who are lashing out at anyone are suffering within. They are already hating themselves and that hate is spilling over onto others. Love is the powerful elixir that shifts all unconscious patterns and it occurs in the Divinely Aligned Time, not our ego’s need for the shift. There may be times where our wisdom will guide us away from certain energies and it is important to honor that wisdom. But there is never an aligned reason to wish harm upon another. Wish them Love, wish them Awareness, wish them freedom, wish them joy!

Be present with the Divine Mystery that is life and know that all shall be revealed and understood in time. All great manifestations occur at the Divinely Aligned Time. šŸ¦‹

Many Blessings āœØšŸ™āœØ Tawnya Love

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Autumn Healing Specials for Powerful Transformation with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Sept 15th 2018

Greetings and Happy Autumn Beloved Soul Family,

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Conscious Creation Alignment with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 157 of 365 Days of Mindfulness Mastery

By Tawnya Love

August 28th, 2018

Greetings Beloved Soul Family today I was Inspired to share this wisdom with one of my Soul Sisters/clients during her Soul Coaching Session. I’m Inspired to keep this magical energy moving by sharing it with you.

We create that which we believe & expect. This powerful shape shifting mantra/affirmation is my alignment focus. It is also included at the end of chapter 5 of our Divinely Channeled Ascension Manual, which is currently being completed.

This alignment focus has and is supporting me in my own Divine and Abundant life. I am feeling Inspired to share it’s magical frequency and focus with You. Will you allow yourself to fully receive it?

“Source God’s perfect health and wealth is powerfully circulating in my Awesome Abundant life. Divine health and wealth is flowing to me and through me now in avalanches of Abundance. All of my needs, and desires are met instantaneously by Divine Infinite Intelligence. I AM One with Source God and Source God Love’s blessing my life Abundantly. I AM Source Gods Beloved, Adored, & Abundantly Blessed Universal Trust Fund Baby!”


Infinite Blessings Are Our Divine Right!!!

Posted at exactly 4:44 āœØšŸ’—āœØ

Namaste, āœØ Tawnya Love Source Oneness āœØ


The Power of our Beliefs with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 155 of 365 Days of Mindfulness Mastery by Tawnya Love

August 24th, 2018

An interesting thing about human’s and our Beliefs, is that the stronger we believe in an idea, the more that idea shows up as a projection and mirror in our chosen realities.

These beliefs may be beneficial and helpful or they may be incredibly limiting and frustrating. The universal energy doesn’t favor some beliefs over others. All deeply held beliefs will SEEM Real only because the mirroring of those expectations keeps showing up in our life movie again, and again.

Some humans expect miracles, support and abundance, and they get it . While others expect lack, abuse and limitation and experience lots of these manifestations. All of these powerful, creative humans will continue to manifest that which they expect and believe to be possible again, and again for as long as they keep expecting it!

Therefore it is wise to be aware of what our deeply held beliefs and expectations are in life yes?

If You’re ready for something new to show up, expect the new, believe it is your new reality. There are truly no limitations to what can or cannot show up for us in our lives…it’s all created first with our expectation and beliefs.

What you are expecting and believing in Now, is being magnetically drawn into your life…Mindfulness my Beloved Soul Family…Mindfulness. āœØšŸ’—āœØ

Namaste, Tawnya Love šŸ’—šŸ™šŸ’—


You matter & your dreams matter with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 156 of 365 Days of Mindfulness Mastery

By Tawnya Love

August 23rd, 2018

You, Yes You matter. Your dreams & desires, they matter. However, You must first align with the Source within via your choice of Self-Love if you are ever to manifest that which is beyond the Illusion of pain, fear and limitation.

You Are Absolutely Worthy, that is a Divine Fact!

You have Always been Worthy & shall Always BE Worthy…Do You Remember? WE Are So Loved & Divinely Supported, Always.

Namaste Sweet Soul Family šŸ’ž šŸ™ šŸ’ž Tawnya Love

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Honoring our Meditation Process with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 154 of 365 Days of Mindfulness Mastery

By Tawnya Love

August 13th, 2018

Greetings Beloved Soul Family,

Our minds, our memories, and our imagination are beautiful gifts. However, when our minds are left constantly running, this creates a stress or dis-ease for us as humans. When we become too attached to our minds or too intellectual we begin to suffer.

The path out of suffering is through our choice to realign with our divine intelligence rather than remain attached to our intellect.

When we truly understand meditation, we understand the gifts we tap into as we consciously create space between our thinking (intellect), space between our memories and imagination. As we allow a state of “no mind” we can then perceive ourselves from a space of clarity. When we remain “in” our problems, or “in” our fantasies, we can only remain the same. Many of us try our best to find solutions while attached to our intellect, and we as a species are suffering.

If you doubt this, begin to observe your innermost state. Notice if you are at ease. Observe the humans around you, are they at ease? Are they fully Conscious and present in this Sacred Now moment? It is very easy to observe that many, many humans are in pain.

What I have observed is that most humans want solution. Most want an outcome, however I observe very few who are dedicated to the process.

Meditation, true meditation is a process that offers us greater clarity and perspective. It offers us freedom from the intellect so that we may access the mystery of the Divine that is beyond the intellect. Here we can forget the limitation that is our mind or our body. Here we can detach from our environment, our surroundings, our cyclical world. Here we release time and space. We move beyond all that is physical and reunite with the Source of aliveness.

This commitment, this practice will lead us to Samadhi, which is ultimately the highest goal with meditation. We will touch Samadhi through this process, or rather it will touch us.

Humans cannot force this state of presence, it is a Divine process. A process that will support everyone of us in beautiful, Divine ways. If we allow it.

To access such a state of awareness we must be open to letting go, to moving beyond all that is limited and physical.

This takes our commitment and our devotion.

Namaste, Tawnya Love šŸ’—šŸ™šŸ’—

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