Zen Living Custom Jewelry Creations by Tawnya Love

Beloved Soul Family,

I have a brand New batch of Zen Living Creations available immediately! All made with Love using authentic healing stones, infused with Angelic Reiki a perfect and thoughtful gift for yourself or someone special in Your life. You let me know the style you Love and or your healing goals, send me your measurements for either a bracelet, anklet or necklace and I will create your special custom piece! I will share healing qualities for each stone with your order.

$44 includes shipping in the Continental US

What Beautiful custom piece may I create for you today?

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Namaste πŸ’žπŸ™πŸ’ž Tawnya Love


The Key to Ascension with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 132 of 365 Days of Mindfulness Mastery with Tawnya Love

May 17th, 2018

Blessings Beloved Soul Family,

βœ¨πŸ—οΈβœ¨ This is an incredibly important key to evolution. We carry so much knowledge wisdom, pain, trauma, guilt, gifts, talents, and genius within our Akash, within our very DNA Cellular Structure. And so often our Akash plays those old painful fearful records from our past, which pinches us off in our present. This often unconsciously drives us towards the very things that we don’t want. Driving us to relive those horrific past experiences, causing us to expect the same outcome that we have experienced before.

As Free, Sovereign Beings, we have choices here in regards to OUR Evolution. We can remain caught up in this old familiar looping pattern, continuously re-enacting that old familiar pain, betrayal, and trauma unconsciously….Or we can communicate with our Akash, our DNA, and Cellular Structure–commanding a shift, a New expectation, and a New Conscious Creation in a Fresh & New energetic space. This requires our Faith and our Surrendered Trust as we move into the Unknown. Evolution means that we are going in a direction we’ve never gone before. For many, that feels too scary and so they remain attached to the past looping, because they know what to expect there even if it’s terrible and devastating. This is insanity to continue choosing unconscious and painful looping.

These are Incredibly valuable choices that You can either do on your own, or contact an Aligned and Conscious Wayshower like myself to support You energetically as a Mentor and Loving guide. I can promise You One thing, doing this inner work will completely transform Your life from the inside out. However, it won’t happen unless You Consciously clear out that clutter and heavy energy of the past. This Activation for Ascension requires Your Body, Mind, and Soul Awareness. And in truth, You have all the time in the Universe to make this decision. Once You make that choice and reclaim the controls of your vessel, well let’s just say some serious ✨ Magic & Miracles ✨ begin occuring within and without as You Realign with the Source within and create Consciously from a New Energy of Love, Freedom, Abundance and Bliss. πŸ’žπŸ’’πŸ’ž

How May I Support Your Evolution & Expansion?

Namaste, πŸ’žπŸ™πŸ’ž Tawnya Love & Source God Oneness

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The Wisdom to Honor What we FEEL with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 131 of 365 Days of Mindfulness Mastery

With Tawnya Love

May 12th, 2018

Greetings Beloved One’s,

Today, I felt a tornado of anger move through my energy field. It was interesting, because I rarely FEEL anger anymore. I knew to stay present with the energy and to remember it isn’t who I am. So I allowed it to be what it was: an energy of anger. I watched it and felt the pain dwelling below the surface. You see, I have been through a lot in this lifetime. Back in 2012, I finally conjured up the confidence and courage to leave a toxic, abusive marriage. That choice was a huge transformation, as many of my birth family were so hateful and hurtful towards me that not only did I release and shed a toxic marriage, I suddenly had my eyes wide open to SEE the toxic family I was born into.

I was born into this family. It’s important for me to remember this, because they are Not, nor have they ever, been my True Soul Family. I was born to them as a gift, and as an opportunity for change, Love, and Transformation. I then had to release myself from them in 2012, and at that time, I know I was re-birthed, and I evolved beyond that birth family.

About a week ago, my grandma, who I adored as a child, passed away. She was one of the humans I trusted so much, who in 2012 let me down by showing me her true colors. After she betrayed my trust, I felt shocked and hurt. I could hardly believe “my grandma” could do such a thing, but she did, and I was in a place where SEEING was The Most Important Thing for me.

I recall confronting her, and the tears flowed as I told her how much her betrayal hurt me, especially at such a vulnerable time in my life. My holding a mirror up to her set off a rage she held within. She began yelling at me, inches from my face, pointing her finger at me, shaming and threatening me. I was literally shaking and immediately walked away from her and into the room I was staying in.

Right then I knew our relationship would never be the same. I knew that I could not and would not tolerate that kind of abuse. So, I wrote her a heartfelt letter offering her my own perspective, sharing my compassion and wisdom. After that day, I returned home and left my marriage on my own. Not one family member supported me or showed any care. This grandma totally cut me out of her life and gossiped, lied and led the rest of my family with her. No more birthday cards, no more calls it was like I didn’t exist in there eye’s. This was the day my grandma died for me way back in 2012. Recently she left her human form.

This was a HUGE and important time in my Soul’s evolution and expansion. Was I afraid? Fuck YESSSSS, I was terrified! However, I knew I had to move forward and not allow fear to stop me. And you know what? Source God took care of me. Many different Souls have come in and out of my life since then, and I’ve learned to release attachment and to remember that Source God and I are Always One. That is Unshakable!

Do I allow what these humans, whom I was born to, chose, to shut me down or harden my heart? Never! I keep Loving, I keep evolving, I keep FEELING, and I keep growing. I mention this journey to make sense of the anger I felt today. When I spoke to one of my other grandmas and she told me about all the different people that were at my grandma’s funeral, I felt anger and pain that not One person that I was born to even bothered to call me and let me know when her funeral was. Zero kindness, zero honor, zero respect from these miserable humans. I didn’t judge the anger, I allowed it to move through my field like a cleansing swirling vortex. I also felt within myself an acceptance for this and the wisdom that there is always a reason supporting what is best for me. And to be honest I doubt I would have attended anyway.

My daughter Catherine was with me in the car as we were driving to go on our hike, and I told her all I was processing and spoke my anger out loud to fully release it. I spoke directly to my grandmother’s spirit and told her that her choices were her choices, but that those choices created and caused pain, and that, though I have absolutely chosen to forgive her choices, they were Fucked Up just the same. I spoke to her with clarity and truth; I did not say what I think I’m supposed to say. I spoke my truth, forgave her actions, and Let her go.

I share this because, as any of you who know me realize, I am often (to some) annoyingly positive and happy. Why? Because it’s what I authentically feel. And when I FEEL happy, I sing it to the world. And on the rare occasions that I FEEL sadness or anger, I also give myself the freedom and permission to share the truth of how I’m feeling with those I Love. There is Nothing wrong about Feeling anger. What fucks us up is when we pretend we’re Not feeling something, and we stuff those raw, authentic emotions deep down inside. That is like a Mount St. Helens moment waiting to erupt; not a great idea for you or anyone else.

Stuffing our emotions down inside us is self abuse, and it will make us sick if we do this habitually. One thing I Love about being a human being is allowing myself permission to FEEL what I authentically feel. One thing that keeps me in my highest Angelic alignment is the wisdom to know I AM Not my emotions. Therefore, I don’t have to be ashamed or afraid of them. I can give them honor as they present themselves, and then assist them in moving through.

I share this vulnerable, heartfelt post as a light for any of you who have had Love or honor withheld at any moment in your lives. I share this truth as permission to any of you who feel ashamed of how you feel. I encourage You to allow your Feelings, to honor them, to FEEL them, to Love them, and at the same time… Remember they are Not who You Are. So, have the wisdom to release them, and let them go!

To all of the hurting unconscious humans that have crossed my path or another’s path: I forgive you for the unconscious pain you create for yourselves and others. I Love You unconditionally, as I Love myself unconditionally, and though I Love You, & Yes I do forgive You, I also know when you’re making Fucked Up, Misaligned choices, and I will always give myself permission to honor those feelings and move the hell outta your energetic space.

Namaste my Beloved Soul Family πŸ’—πŸ™πŸ’— Thank You to All of You who have the Wisdom and Compassion to Show Love and Honor to yourselves and everyone outside of you!!! Always Always Have the courage to Evolve and Grow No matter what may leave You…it’s worth it trust me! βœŒοΈπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Š

I AM a Loving, Fearless Soul with eyes, heart and soul wide awake and aware. Do I SEE YOU? Do I FEEL Your intentions? Do I SEE Your authenticity? You better believe it! Therefore do I understand why some of you run into the shadows? Do I understand why so many of you continue these misaligned games? Absolutely and I Love You as the Source You are One with Loves You and I SEE All!

And so it goes, we SEE, we FEEL, we Process, we Forgive & Release…The Journey of Transformation & Evolution is an eternal One βœ¨πŸ¦‹βœ¨

Blessings Tawnya Love

πŸ”₯ MindfulnessMastery888.Com πŸ”₯

The Amazing Confirming card I drew from spirit immediately after posting this. And instantly receiving feedback from those who needed to hear this Empowering Message. Believe in yourselves You Are Worthy, You have Always been Worthy & Shall Eternally remain Worthy…drop the Illusion of your fears & Rise my Beloved One’s…Rise!!!


Moving into The New Energy with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 130 of 365 Days of Mindfulness Mastery

With Tawnya Love

May 8th, 2018

Greetings Beloved Soul Family,

For those of you who desire change & transformation, you’ve got to start thinking in new ways. You must drop your past (experiences, expectations, limitations) in order to allow the New Energy in. Allow yourself to be comfortable with Not knowing everything, you’re moving into a New Energy you’ve never been in before.

It is vital that you speak to your cells, your DNA with New Affirmations. Your Consciousness Rules All! Therefore, you must speak clearly to your mind, body, and Higher Self in regards to The Newness you are ready to move into. Be Incredibly Mindful with everything you think and everything you are expecting. If you are still expecting from that old energy place of what you used to get, or how they used to be, or what used to happen, then you will remain stuck in the karmic loop of past experiences. Why? Because you are commanding it as so through your thoughts, feelings and expectations.

Again I repeat, allow yourself to be comfortable with Not knowing. While at the same time Consciously choosing to emit a frequency of Gratitude, Joy and an openness to walk into the New with Surrendered Trust.

Let us Remember this is an eternal journey, there is no rush and nothing to fear. Your Consciousness holds all of your creative power. Therefore focus on, talk about, think about, affirm and command All those New things you now desire to experience. Remain centered within, your balance is your highest priority. Your balance supports yourself as well as those around you. Your Suffering, your sacrifice adds to the heaviness of the misaligned collective. It is Not helping anyone outside of you if it is causing you to suffer.

Expect the best, expect to live longer, expect that you hold Incredible magic and creative power within yourself, expect Miracles. Remember that You Are One with Source God. You are never separate, All is available for your creative pleasure if you command it as so. Ask your higher self…What do I wish to Create/Experience Now? Allow space for solution, ingenuity and creativity. Give yourself permission to Create what has never been created before.

Your full Realignment with All that is will Take as long as you believe it will take. Relax and enjoy the creative journey, choose what you Love Consciously. Create Consciously and you will never again have to struggle or fear change.

Practice daily looking into your mirror and telling yourself how worthy and deserving you are. Look deeply into your own eyes and feel the greatest compassion for all your Eternal Soul has seen and Experienced, and then drop the past. Drop the karma, tell your cells, your DNA, “Alright everyone we are dropping our past karma right Now! Things are going to change from now on.”

Talk to yourself daily (I enjoy this very much, talk to your cells calling forth Wholeness and Alignment, talk to your mind calling forth clarity and awareness, talk to your higher self calling forth guidance and direction, talk to the Universe you are One with calling forth All that You Now desire! Speak it out loud, speak it silently and Remember Consciousness Rules All of Creation!!!

Let me remind you that yes you have fought and battled for lifetimes, yes you used to struggle. But that is the Old Energy, you must Now drop it if you desire change. You must release that thing you have carried with you…A lack of self worth. You Are Worthy, You Are Deserving…It is time to remember your Divinity and Show the World Your Mastery! βœ¨πŸ™βœ¨

Your Alignment supports this New Energy occurring on this planet, Your Light is Supporting this New Energy occurring on this planet. ✨ SHINE, RELAX & BE ✨

Namaste πŸ’žπŸ™πŸ’ž Tawnya Love and This Abundant Intelligent Universe

πŸ”₯ MindfulnessMastery888.Com πŸ”₯

Conscious Creation Reminder for All Jedi Masters w Wayshower Magician Tawnya Love

Day 129 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

With Tawnya Love

May 7th, 2018

Greetings Soul Family,

Today’s message is short sweet & Incredibly Powerful. Taken from my awesome empowering book I am currently writing, enjoy!

“No one, I repeat No one outside of yourself holds your power of creation. You and you alone have Absolute control over what You can create. Your thoughts, Your chosen emotions, Your Beliefs & Expectations ARE Powerfully Creating Your Coming Reality!

There are No limitations (unless you say so) there are No rules (unless you create them) There is No ending (You are Eternal) and what you created in your past, or what your ancestors created in their past has NOTHING to do with what You’re FREE to create Now Consciously βœ¨πŸ’—βœ¨ Fucking Awesome right?

βœŒοΈπŸ˜†πŸ‘Š YESSSSS it really is!!!” -Blessings Tawnya Love

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You have the power to BE a Powerful Conscious Creator & Jedi Master βœ¨πŸ¦‹βœ¨ That Choice has Always been Yours

Evolving with Purpose with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 128 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

With Tawnya Love

May 5th, 2018

Greetings Beloved Soul Family,

I recently was informed that one of my grandmothers just passed on into the light. I hadn’t heard from her in several years. I adored this woman as a child and most of my adult life. When I was going through my divorce of 20 years in 2012, I had gone to visit her and many of my family. I knew I was going for support during a difficult time. However, when I was there I was shamed, not seen, and gossiped about. It was Incredibly painful for me during that time, however I knew it was happening for a reason (I always trust all is occurring for a Divine reason).

So I confronted my grandmother, someone I had observed gossiping about just about everyone in our family. However, I had never witnessed her doing that towards me. When I confronted her she got incredibly angry and pointed her finger right in front of my face, scolding me and shaming me. I was a grown woman she was a grown woman, and here she was scolding and shaming me like I was a little helpless child.

This was not our most joyous day but I stayed present with its purpose. I went into my room and wrote her a heartfelt letter explaining the pain that her gossip causes so many of the family members that loved her… How it was not a Loving choice to behave that way and that it had popped my sacred grandma-bubble of safety.

I shared another perspective in which she could help those family members, rather than shaming them. That she could show authentic Love rather than simply controlling family. Let’s just say she didn’t like that mirror that I was offering her to look into.

After that day I returned home and left my ex-husband on my own. Not one family member reached out to offer Love or support. In fact, I would hear from my children that my grandma was calling my ex, wishing him a happy birthday while cutting me out of her life altogether. No more birthday cards for me the truth teller, no more Loving calls.

I share this backstory only so that you can fully understand the Miracles that have occurred in my own life since making those choices to drop the ancestral karma and attachments in 2012. You see, I now clearly understand that these choices were made for a higher purpose. My soul is destined for Expansion, Alignment and Union with Source Oneness. My soul was no longer able to remain in a survival mode while attaching to ancestral karma and drama. The time had been presented for my choice of Liberation & Expansion and I claimed it.

Was I afraid back then…? Absolutely! Am I afraid now? Not at all. You see, we must have the courage to set off into the unknown if True Union is our desire; If we desire a life of thriving rather than painful surviving. I believe that I have come here to Transform & Thrive. I have also come here to share this wisdom transparently and truthfully with all who are open and receptive. I did Not come here to be attached, to be controlled, to be abused or shamed for being me.

Important choices were offered to me in 2012 (and they continue to arrive every day) And I chose to move boldly into the unknown, filled with Hope, Love, and Faith that this Source Oneness which I was aware of within myself would handle it all Beautifully…And I have and continue to. You see I Know, I Remembered, my Sacred Divinity and I activated my Inner Genetics to begin offering Angelic Auric Clearing Sessions. I didn’t attend any workshop or read anyone’s book. I remembered and I chose to Activate, I chose to clear and release the karma, I chose to BE All I knew I was. It was a choice I activated within myself.

So many of us are still operating with out-dated software while hoping for new experiences. I tell you, you cannot create New Brilliance and Magic while clinging to your old software and programs. This is why I am here on Planet Earth. To Support each of you who are ready to answer the call. To help you remember who you truly are, to support you in becoming who you are Destined to BE.

Can you accomplish everything that I have on your own? Absolutely, because I did and continue to. I directly connect with the Source I AM One with at all times. However, are you doing that? Are you going beyond your old-held programs on your own? If not, that is why souls like mine have Chosen to be here to support and inspire inner shifts. To Support with karmic clearings, to support with inner DNA Activation’s & Connections, to Realign, Rewire, and Light You up from within. If you see life from a higher vantage point this work is THE Most Important Work of your existence.

We can stay on that old familiar karmic wheel, spinning and repeating for as long as WE Choose to remain there. However, souls like mine are here to usher in a New way! Souls like mine have remembered that we are Infinite, Powerful, and Capable of Anything we choose to Align with. We are fearless global/universal Shift Leaders and Conscious Creators. We are changing within ourselves, and we are assisting with great changes within the matrix of All DNA.

Do you remember when you lived for thousands of years? Do you remember when you could realign and heal yourself and others instantly? Do you remember being able to shift from matter to light and back again instantaneously with just our thoughts? Do you remember your ability to hear everyone’s’ thoughts and communicate with them telepathically? Do you remember levitating and relocating at will? Do you remember what it’s costing you to stay attached, and stuck, and limited by your karmic attachments? Are you ready for Rewiring, Realignment, and Full Remembering?

We are changing, that’s a fact. For some, those changes simply take them back around on that karmic merry-go-round, again and again they remain stuck in their misaligned, distorted perceptions. For others, we choose to leap off the karmic merry-go-round and choose to evolve without limitation or attachment.

In regards to my grandmother passing, I wish her soul complete and utter joy and freedom. I completely forgive her fearful choices while she was alive. My inner-child (the granddaughter, she even had some tears of release) releases and forgives all of my ancestors and all living beings who choose fearful choices while they are alive. I honor their choices as I choose to evolve.

However, I want to remind all of you that you do Not have to die (release your form) in order to live freely, powerfully, or with Complete Love and Consciousness. πŸ’— You can do that Now, and if you’re reading this it is a Divine and purposeful moment. Your Soul called you here to connect with us. So what do you choose Now? How May we support Your Evolution & Joyous Expansion?

Namaste πŸ’žπŸ™πŸ’ž Tawnya Love

Conscious Creator & Global Shift Leader at Your Service. How may I support you?

πŸ”₯ MindfulnessMastery888.Com πŸ”₯

Listen: https://youtu.be/Tg97JiBn1kE

Making Self Love & Self Care Our Highest Priority with Wayshower Tawnya Love

April 12th, 2018

Blessings Beloved Soul Family,

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