Remaining Truthful in All Relationships by Intuitive Healer Tawnya Love


Riding the wave of Oneness with Intuitive Healer Tawnya Love

Day 84 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love & the Angels

Sept 13th, 2017 


 What a Beautiful image full of Infinite Truth! 

We Are One, We Are Love & Infinite Light in a Divine process of remembering Wholeness. These are Incredible times we are experiencing in the vast timelessness. It is so easy to become distracted, to lose our Awareness of Center, to attach ourselves to illusion. And yet, simplicity is also a choice. We can simply open ourselves to receive…Love, Light, Miracles, Consciousness, Awareness, Healing, Forgiveness, Activation, Evolution… Everything we could ever imagine… Simply allow yourselves to Open & Receive!

Our entire Universe is Evolving, Opening & Experiencing itself Now. What an incredible journey to simply BE Here Fully, Authentically & Receptively Now.

We Are ONE 💞🙌💞

Namaste, Tawnya Love and the Angels

Right after posting this image and message I did a Reading for one of our clients…how truly synchronistic as an Aligned message for us all 💖 

Polarization, Stability through Challenge with Intuitive Healer Tawnya Love 

Day 83 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love & the Angels

Sept 11, 2017

I was recently sharing with one of my Soul Sisters my perspective of what is occurring in our external world at this time. I observe the North of our country with extreme fires (Masculine Energy) while the South is flooding with extreme water (Feminine Energy). As Within, as Without is truly showing itself. A great Battle is occurring within and without in regards to the power and importance of both of these creative energies. Balance is also a choice.

I just saw this Myan calendar this morning and it’s so accurate! Humanity is co-creating these Parallel extremes externally, as a great mirroring of the energies in need of balance within our human form.

Check-in with yourselves and ask, Am I feeling balanced and at peace within? Observe the state of your energy at this moment, Choose to become Conscious. Know that You Can consciously choose peace at any moment of awareness…Or You Can continue to create from a lower vibration of fear…All of us have Free Will to choose & baby you better believe our choices matter… Just take a look at the Powerful Collective Creations occurring in the Outer Reality.

I highly recommend and encourage You to choose Peace, Love & Surrendered Trust. If your able to get ahold of the film The Celestine Prophecy, I highly encourage you to watch this most Aligned and Timely message. Remember Love is the Vibration for Ascension 💖

Namaste, Tawnya Love and the Angels

Dream Symbolism & Interpretation with Intuitive Healer Tawnya Love

Day 82 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love & Source Oneness

Aug 22, 2017

Last night, I had a very vivid Psychedelic Disneyland-type dream. I was at this amazing place, like another dimension. I was walking through a shop like those huge stores at Disneyland with all kinds of fun stuff. I recall looking for these big furry hoods, like a giant furry hat that looked like a fun monster. I finally found some, and a little girl came up to me to ask me some questions. She wanted to hang out with me, but I felt pressured to keep moving with focus. Eventually I left her behind me. When I looked up, the hats were gone, so I moved on.

At one point, I received a bag with water and a Betta fish in it, a beautiful blue Betta. As I was walking, I was mindful not to shake the bag too much, as not to disturb the Betta. Suddenly, I felt something hitting my hand and the bag becoming turbulent. I looked down and saw that there were now two Bettas in the bag, my blue one and now a red one. I had no idea how this was possible.

I saw that the two Bettas were fighting inside, so I quickly searched for something else I could put them in so they wouldn’t harm each other. I found a used coffee cup and a water bottle that hadn’t been used.

So I placed one in the cup after I rinsed it out and the other in the water bottle. I felt like I was wandering around discovering this new place for hours and hours. I suddenly saw the exit, and I saw two ways to leave.

One way was a simple door that you can walk through and boom, you’re out. Easy. The other was a water pit you laid in as it moved you towards the exit then you had to propell yourself on to this nylon-like wall with straps and foot holds (think military boot camp). As I stood in the main line, I heard one of the guardians of the exit say after looking my way: “Ohh, she’ll take the easy way!”

This irritated me. How does she know which way I’ll go? So, to prove her wrong, I stepped into the challenging path and made my way into the water, and then propelled myself onto The wall. It was difficult, but I welcomed the challenge. I felt like I was in the circus, bending and twisting my body to align precisely with the very narrow exit.

The same woman said, “She’s taking too long.” When man in the line yelled, “Shut it, she’s doing awesome. I’m impressed. She’s going to do it.”

I held my focus, and finally I slipped through the opening and landed back in another Reality. As soon as I was back, I remembered that I was with companions when I went into this other dimension. I had left them here at the opening, and they were going to wait for my return.

I realized I had been gone a lot longer than I had anticipated, and now they were gone. So I set off on my own and then I woke up.


I feel this is a symbolic dream: there are times we must leave our known, comfortable realities, and often we go them seemingly alone. This was the theme of the dream: the Sacred Journey into the unknown. Meeting the child was an aspect of reconnecting with our inner child and healing any lingering pain. We then move forward, returning to our quest “life mission.” In a sense, leaving her (the wounded part of ourselves) behind. Focusing on the Here & Now.

The two Bettas I feel are symbolic of the two energies within us, our Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine. It is important that these energies find balance, or they will destroy us from within. Finding inner Balance equals Aligning with inner peace.

The two paths are symbolic of those who take the “easy way out” and those who choose to rise to the occasion, regardless of how challenging it appears. This cultivates a deep trust of self and builds confidence.

The heckling woman is those humans in our lives who shame us, mock us, and, Big picture, who help us prove our power to “Ourselves.” They are a gift. The man in the line represents those humans in life that cheer us on and encourage us when we’re on the brink of giving up…they are also a gift.

The exit is easy, challenging equal choices that will mold us as human beings. Easy isn’t always better, for nothing is learned. The realization as she exits the portal into another dimension, as she sees her travel companions have left, is a very important aspect of Evolution. Often as we choose to explore, evolve, and grow, not all those who once walked by our side will be there as we move forward. This is a natural part of growth and Evolution.

In truth, we are not alone, however, there may be times it feels as if we are, as everyone or everything we connected and related to has shifted. Every soul is on their own personal journey. We are never alone, however, it is wise to remain unattached to those who will Journey forward with you moment by moment.

I Love when seemingly chaotic strangeness ends up being a powerful symbolic message from Spirit! Aren’t dreams Awesome?! 🦋 I intuively know this message is also for one of my Soul Coaching clients today… Magical 💖 Thank You Higher Self.

Namaste Tawnya Love & Source Oneness

Keep Dreaming 🦋 Keep Listening

The Highest Destiny of Humanity with Intuitive Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 81 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love & Source Oneness

Aug 20, 2017

As we are Mindful and Present with our own Vibration we become Conscious of what we give to the Quantum Field of Creation. Now Creation will give back to You from your CHOSEN Vibration, Everytime!

For example, one Moment You (The Divine Creator of Your Life story) are focusing upon the Vibration of lack. A moment later, the Source Energy You Are Always One with mirrors back to you Your creation…ta-da Lack!!!

Contrastly, we may choose (regardless of our life situation) to Focus wholly on our Oneness with Source as we CHOOSE our Vibration of Abundance. Then we Observe, ta-da Abundance!!!

All that is required for Quantum Leaps in Consciousness is Your Presence & Your Awareness as a Creator. Once you’ve chosen to become aware, you can stop playing the unconscious game of victimization.

You suddenly realize (Self-Realization) that You have Never been seperate from Source Consciousness. You have only “Created” consciously or unconsciously at any given moment in Creation. You have drawn-in the Abundance Through Your choice to Align with this frequency, or contrastly You have drawn-in suffering, pain, lack, etc….Again Through Your choice to Align with this frequency.

Celebrate Your chaos, for when chaos arises this is a beautiful opportunity to transcend and transform all you have held unconsciously in your field of awareness. Once we allow ourselves to receive “Whatever” is arising Without resistance, without judgment, When we can truly receive it as the gift of Liberation that it is…We are Free!!!

Eventually we begin to remain in a state of Presence and Consciousness, therefore it may appear as if those Shit-Storms and times of chaos have faded away from our life situation. When In truth we have merely become Conscious and therefore we notice our choice in Vibration. We catch it if our Frequency has dropped and we prioritize our Ascension by swiftly returning to our state of Oneness, again and again.

Life appears to become more Peaceful, less chaotic. When in truth this Peaceful Experience has Always been One with You and available for You. Now you are simply Consciously choosing to Align with it. Here we realize that We, and We alone Choose our Vibration every second. We realize that remaining aligned with Joy, Gratitude and Love is Available for us at All times in our life situation, regardless of what that life situation is.

We may discover unconscious programs we’ve identified with that we’ve had playing out in our life situation unconsciously. Beliefs that there is a lack of anything, beliefs of No pain-No gain, beliefs that you must work hard to receive…and so on and so on…All man made ideas creating the Illusion of lack and limitation.

Once we identify these limiting thoughts and realize that we’ve been unconsciously playing them within our field of creation, magic happens. We now have Awareness, and with Awareness we can create Alchemy and change. Now this human begins to awaken from their slumber of separation. This human now remembers they are ONE with Source, they Are God/Creator manifest in human form.

And when this occurs, Everything shifts. For a Conscious being would not remain in the illusion of separation, a Conscious being would not remain in the illusion of enslavement. This is the life changing rebirthing Moment where We Realign with the Infinite Power,  Love, Joy, & Abundance…That We have always been, and shall Eternally BE ONE with.

From this moment All creations become Conscious, for this human no longer “plays small”….Rather, this human has chosen Through Consciousness to Reunite with Source God, as The Conscious Co-Creator, One with Source. Every thought, every emotion, every choice fuels your direction or focal point with Creation. Your Vibration Matters & affects All Matter or external Reality.

Therefore your belief that You are nothing…Boom you’re creating a Vibration and this Vibration is NOW drawing back to You confirmation of Your chosen belief!

However, any moment we choose to BE Conscious and catch that lower Vibrational thought, we choose to go higher…Magic occurs! Suddenly that hurting human temporarily lost in their own Illusion of smallness and separation becomes aware of themselves. Aware of their Infinite Power. And Now this God in human form begins to Create like a God Through Oneness with Source. Now this human is Conscious, Curious, Playful and Aware of everything that is arising for them in this Holographic Universe.

Now this God/Goddess has become aware of Infinite truth, Infinite possibilities and begins to Create Consciously, Courageously and Confidently.

This IS The Destiny of All Souls playing out various Vibrational patterns either through Consciousness or Unconsciousness. The out come is vastly different…The choice Always Yours!

Namaste, Tawnya Love Source/God Oneness

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I Am What I Am

Such a beautiful expression of Divine Truth! Namaste Beautiful Eternal Soul! Tawnya Love

Diary of an Aesthete

  – “Koan – Klaus Wiese”

People have called me many things, given me many titles, accolades, nicknames and honours. In fact I have called myself many things. An artist, an Aesthete, a pilgrim, a wanderer, a muse.

Truth is I am not any of those things – no Christopher Columbus, Byron, Dorian Gray; not an expert traveller, adventurer, ‘nomad’ or gypsy. Neither am I a Prince, a Lord, Earl or King – yet less than that am I a peasant, a workman, vagabond or slave.

I am neither an ‘ill man’ or a ‘well man’.

I do not belong to the land I was born, as much as that land doesn’t belong to me. The blood of the English, Welsh, Jewish, Romani have passed through my being – yet they do not possess me, as I do not possess them. Many other dna have surely passed through me…

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Parallel Realities with Intuitive Healer Tawnya Love

Day 80 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love & the Angels

August 18, 2017

I just Experienced something really mind blowing during my Meditation. First off, I just “came back” – and I do mean that I “came back.” I wasn’t here in this body during this very vivid experience.

I was helping “Another me.” My mind is still processing if it was the future I was Assisting in or if in fact I was in a Parallel Reality Assisting.

Every moment was Incredibly detailed and felt Important. I laid down to Meditate at 2:00 PM after completing a healing session with one of my clients. I was brought back at 4:57 PM when my Beloved William called me and the phone call pulled me back into my body.

What’s interesting is that in this parallel/future place, I was passing down all the details of the experience to my Beloved William. That’s when he physically called me on the phone.

I feel like I was away a very long time, as I’m super woozy and hungry, like I used A Lot of my soul light during this experience. I was helping this other/future me via Consciousness. This place wasn’t Peaceful or Beautiful at all, it felt like All life competed with each other and the Consciousness was a very low, survival Consciousness. I was helping her/me navigate this dark place so she could break free of it.

I vividly recall this holographic keypad that she was struggling to open. I projected my Consciousness into her, and she remembered the code. It was so detailed: very neon colors and advanced technology, yet a very unconscious society driven by Fear.

At one point I warned her to watch her back, as there was someone who wanted what she had. They shot a poison needle at her and it barely missed. Later, she didn’t Dodge another one fast enough, and it hit her in the neck. I knew it was poison as I observed her collapse to the ground.

I was helping her when my “Now cellphone” began ringing,which called me back into my current Body/Reality. I truly feel I was Assisting in a Parallel dimension, one that I broke out of just in time.

My current Body is Incredibly recharged and Hungry! I’m in need of hydration as well, and I feel like I was away for a very long time. Trusting all I need to retain has been stored in my Consciousness. Very interesting experience!

Namaste, Tawnya Love