Shadow/Light Ascension Guidance with Wayshower Tawnya Love

April 1, 2023  Day 216 of 365 Days of Mindfulness Mastery

Blessings Soul Family,

I am feeling guided to share a channeled message with you all that came through me today upon waking, enjoy!

It is vital in regards to healthy honoring relationships that both beings choose to enter into a Holy Union with consciousness. If one being is choosing to BE conscious and aware while the other chooses resistance to conscious awareness and conscious co-creation the relationship will be less than Love because one is not choosing to connect fully in Love.

We are very, very creative and powerful beings. We have the opportunity and ability to Co-Create Heaven on Earth. Or we can unconsciously Co-Create Hell on Earth. It is Always Our choice & creation.


As we evolve to such aware states we will feel the importance of BEING Love in motion. We will also become aware of timelines in which we or others were choosing to BE less than Love. We must open ourselves up to fully receive, integrate, transmute and release ALL past pain, guilt, shame and trauma. This is absolutely vital to our ability to ascend into higher vibrational realities, frequencies abilities.

This openness requires our watchfulness and full awareness as All lower energies must be fully integrated and released. It takes great Self Love to open ourselves up to fully SEE our Multidimensional creations with Love rather than judgment. Whatever we judge within ourselves or others will remain attached within our energy field and Will hold us lower in frequency, Period.

Therefore our full awareness is being called for in order to drop All heavy baggage from All timelines and dimensions. You have what it takes to do this work, we all do. And consciously choosing a conscious partnership (be it an aware best friend, a life partner and Lover, a Soul Coach or Mentor) with someone you trust will be very empowering and helpful in regards to truly seeing that which our woundedness so cleverly wishes to hold in the shadow and keep active within us.

Be aware of your own thoughts and messages arising within your dreams. Set the intention before meditation or sleeping to receive these important memories with the intention of remembering them and immediately integrating, transmuting and releasing them upon waking. (without judgment this is vital)

Be open and receptive to whatever may arise as some of the images, memories and knowings may be very shocking to your limited wounded egoic perspective of who you are and who you’ve been. Love and Honor whatever arises welcome back the parts of your infinite vast Soul for full acceptance and integration. And immediately set your intention to fully transmute and release the rest. No Judgement No Shoving it back into the shadows. RELEASE.

Again we are Multidimensional Beings Co-Creating here on this planet for as long as we so choose. We have the power to Co-Create Heaven on Earth or Hell on Earth. We are Not limited in any way other than the ways in which we continue to tell ourselves.

Many of us are feeling the inner calling to return to Our own chosen metaphorical garden of Eden. This is why we must do our shadow,/light integration work. Because once we successfully do the work we are purified to ascend to that energetic Garden of Eden. It is WE that Cast ourselves out and it is WE who will allow ourselves back into this vibrational paradise of alignment.

If you have dark thoughts arise and you keep shoving them down. If you are silently or loudly struggling with addiction of any kind. If you are hating yourself or others at Any level. These are signs of shadow work calling for your Love, Acceptance and Integration.

If you’ve done the best you can on your own or with others and you know that you are in need of help, guidance and support. Please view my website at:

✨ MindfulnessMastery888.Com ✨

Contact me Tawnya Love to schedule your remote sessions. (I have packages available for those committed to their healing process) You are Never Alone and it is a sign of great mastery and strength to open ourselves to such vulnerable help and support. This message came through me like a flash of electric ⚡ lightning because Spirit & I are hearing the calling for healing from so many at this time.

Are You ready to Heal? Are you ready to Ascend into Heaven on Earth Vibration? If so take this as the sign you have been calling for from this Infinitely Loving & Intelligent Universe that You are One with and Step In for your Healing & Integration Now.

We are awaiting your response and Conscious Choice in the Vortex of Alignment.

✨🙏 ✨ Namaste Beloved Soul Family Tawnya Love Josh J. Griffith & Source Oneness

✨ MindfulnessMastery888.Com ✨

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