Conscious Loving Relationships with Wayshower Tawnya Love

February 19th, 2020

Day 190 of 365 Days of Mindfulness Mastery

Blessings Soul Family,

Spirit spoke to me during my dreamtime and a very clear message came through in regards to what Love is, and what it isn’t. Perhaps this message is one you are now ready to open to & receive, or perhaps it is not. As always I am simply the messenger, so do with this wisdom as you will.

So often, we regard co-dependency as loyalty and we refer to that co-dependency as Love. This is an example of what Love is not. Love honors the freewill & therefore freedom of all, including ourselves. Love is not driven by fear, rather fear is the temporary forgetfulness of Love.

When we attempt for example to protect the ones we Love. This is more likely an energy to control, and therefore flowing from fear and Not Love. When we honor each individual as a powerful and capable Soul that is moving through their necessary experiences, Love is flowing. It is all very simple, and yet how often do we muddle things up in our lives simply by confusing fear with Love?

As always, it is wise to begin with ourselves: To know thyself is the most important part of Love. If we do not consider ourselves or know ourselves, how can we truly Love ourselves? Therefore, Love truly begins with the self and flows outward.

If we expect Love and Honor from another, it would be incredibly wise to observe the alignment within that individual. If you observe an individual who puts themselves last, who mistreats their body, who lives in co-dependence, you can clearly see this individual is Not (yet) Loving themselves. Why then do we expect this individual to Love & Honor us? How can they if they cannot yet offer this gift to themselves?

Mindfulness is essential in regards to living a Love filled & honoring life. Without mindfulness, we simply continue to unconsiously co-create dysfunctional experiences with co-dependent players. This is and always will be a lose/lose game. You might co-dependently choose to play for awhile but in time the truth will always become clear to the one ready to SEE.

Begin by truly Loving yourself by fully accepting yourself as you are. Practice Love with yourself and practice freedom with yourself. If we cannot FEEL inner peace now within ourselves, attaching ourself to another fearful human will not bring about that result. Our inner Peace is and always will be an inside job, and the Love we give will always flow from the inner alignment of Self Love or it will flow from the lack of that alignment as fear masked as Love. There is a HUGE difference my friends.

For this moment choose to BE Fully Present. Choose to let go of controlling anything that is outside of self. Choose to align within, Choose Love Now.

✨ Namaste, Tawnya Love & Source Oneness ✨


Just BE You with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 189 of 365 Days of Mindfulness Mastery by Tawnya Love

Jan 22, 2020

Yesterday, Spirit & I supported a beautiful young woman with Soul Coaching. This message was the overall message of her session: So many humans spend most of their lives “trying to be” or attempting to be someone or something other than who they authentically are. Many of these hurting humans learned this behavior very young.

As Souls, we are born into our Perfect “Chosen” human form. And for so many of us, we are immediately told that there is something wrong with who we are. We immediately begin to feel this energetically as we enter into these, again, “Chosen” environments. And so many of us carry this deep pain around for most of our lives.

This feeling of a void, or of that little something that’s missing, can haunt us for as long as we buy into the insanity that we are meant to be something other than who we are. This feeling and belief of “I’m Not Enough” can show up in a multitude of dysfunctional ways. Many very driven and competitive humans are actually in deep pain with this distorted belief, and so they work harder and harder. They compete, they slay, they conquer. And for what? For the sake of feeding the distorted ego.

So many of these hurting humans then project their dysfunction out into the world in order to control something outside of themselves. Distortions from religious cults, abusive relationships, corrupt corporations, athletic programs–you name it. If it’s being controlled by competition and comparison, it is a dysfunctional system, and it is further engraining more insanity into lost humans.

During our session, I asked my client if she realized that she was born Divine & Perfect. She immediately said, “no I’m not perfect, no one is perfect.” I then asked her to look at her dog and to tell me if she thought her dog was Divine & Perfect. She immediately agreed that yes, her dog was the best, so sweet, and absolutely perfect.

I told her that her solution was so simple, and that if she could simply view herself as lovingly as she so naturally viewed her dog, then she could find her authentic alignment once again. I then explained that animals, in a way, are more naturally at ease with themselves because they don’t project upon one another a need to be anything other than who they are. A dog is perfectly at ease with being a dog. It has no need to try to be a giraffe.

A dog doesn’t sit around all day comparing itself to other animals and wishing it could be more like a tree. Heck, a tree doesn’t sit around all day competing with other trees “trying to be” a dog. So in a way, animals and trees are living more simply, and more authentically than many humans.

Something I know for sure is that we are incredible and intelligent. Humans have the capacity to be incredibly healthy, happy, and authentic. And that requires going back, way back, to the time of our births, in order to remember the Divine Truth: That We were born Divine & Perfect. We must unlearn the insane conditioning and projection that so many of us unconsiously took inside of our minds as children and have held onto for years.

It is true that the only way out of our pain and suffering is to go inward. We must have the courage & awareness to go within, release that which is false, and reclaim our Divine Truth. This is a skill I am masterful at in supporting courageous Souls with. Contact me when you are ready for an empowering transformation.

Namaste ✨ Tawnya Love & Source Oneness ✨


Mindfulness Mastery Package Specials for 2020

January 8th 2020

Happy New Year New You Soul Family,

It takes Awareness to Master One’s Reality. Mastery is an incredible game changer. Until we can understand and embody stillness our emotions will rule over us again and again.

I am a masterful and compassionate mentor with incredible intuition and wisdom. It is my greatest honor and pleasure to assist and support Soul Family in aligning and activating their own Divine Mastery. Spirit works miracles through us during our Soul Coaching and Angelic Auric Clearing Sessions. Together we assist souls in cleansing, clearing, purifying, activating and uplifting that is felt on all layers and levels of your being.

To support those who are ready to make a commitment to Mindfulness Mastery I am offering a New Year’s Package Special on all of my Divinely Aligned Sessions. As a mentor I have witnessed great transformation in those who choose to make a commited and consistent effort in regards to their own empowerment and mastery.

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Angelic Auric Clearings with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 188 of 365 Days of Mindfulness Mastery by Tawnya Love

Oct. 25th, 2019

Greetings Beloved Soul Family,

Many of you are aware of the Angelic Auric Clearing Assistance I offer to many who have come to upgrade their cellular structure, cleanse, clear and purify their body, mind and auric field. I often consciously call forth my Angels and Source God Oneness to support my own cellular structure and Auric Field with a deep clearing and upgrade as I Intuitively see fit.

Cleansing the many layers of our being is an empowering and wise choice. We can often unconsciously take on and allow others’ energies into our field as well as dissipate our own energy through our negative reactions to life. This accumulation of heavy, low energy takes its toll after awhile and our light vessel can feel very bogged down. We may notice we are feeling more anxious, depressed, or just run down and unnaturally tired. These are signs our highly intelligent body offers us as a way to nudge us back into our highest alignment. Dis-ease does Not need to be a permanent feeling we cling to, but rather an inner nudge guiding us to realign.

When we Consciously choose to realign with Source God and this vast and unlimited universe through these Auric Clearings, We FEEL the inner clearing, we FEEL and are aware of the inner shifts and upgrades taking place within and around us. We FEEL lighter, Free, and Connected.

I could go on and on about the incredible benefits of gifting yourself regular Angelic Auric Clearings. However, I know that it is always those who are open, ready, and receptive that find us. I share my own experience as a mirror for those who are ready to realign and come back home once again within this vast and connected universe.

I was aware of my purging and upgrading last night during dreamtime. I had several symbolic dreams showing things that once were intense triggers for me in my past. I also saw my higher self mirroring to me graceful ways in which I can respond if these triggers ever surface again.

At another point in my dreams I saw myself walking through new doors into new and yet familiar dimensions, exploring them and learning about many creatures that dwell there. It was a beautiful night of evolving and upgrading and I know I am changed this morning after this journey.

I felt inspired to share this with you all for I know those who are ready to hear this will be the ones who will respond and connect. Ahhh life is so Magical ✨🙌✨Enjoy this beautiful dream.

Namaste ✨ 🙏✨ Tawnya Love and Source Oneness


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Divine Alchemy with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Blessings Beloved Soul Family ✨🙏✨

I AM a Divine & Conscious Alchemist I Know that Anything is possible when Higher Consciousness meets the Physical Realm…I AM Here Repairing the damage that fear-based thinking has generated in our World!

Who’s With Me? 💗

Whatever you desire to change and transform in your physical reality CAN change. What is needed is a commitment to remaining Conscious, as well as Growth and Unconditional Trust in the process. Don’t give up until your creation is as you wish it to BE. You must believe in yourself and in the power of the unlimited Divine.

The Art of Divine Alchemy Will express itself through you; and you, and the world around you, shall be blessed by it’s healing transformational power. BELIEVE ✨🙌✨

Say this aloud with passion and intent: I Now call upon the Crystal Angel of Aqua Aura and Ascended Master Mary Magdalene who Love me unconditionally. Thank you for the healing blessing of Divine Alchemy. May I be gifted with unassailable faith and trust in the complete healing transformation possible with higher Consciousness. May that which has become damaged, be fully repaired and aligned. May the Consciousness that has become diminished be revived into unconditional Love. May All Divine Alchemists that serve unconditional Love BE Fully Empowered, Supported, Sustained, Inspired, and Motivated in their Divine Work and Creations until they Manifest the Divine potential seeking to be liberated through their service. Through Divine Will and My Own Free Will, So BE it! ✨🙌✨

✨🙌✨ MindfulnessMastery888.Com ✨ Where Anything is Possible ✨👌✨

Fall Healing Specials with Intuitive Healer Tawnya Love

Yes I do ✨🙌✨ grateful to be given the opportunity to support a couple of my local clients this week with in person healing. I am available to support anyone near or far.

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Transforming the energy of Anxiety with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 187 of 365 Days of Mindfulness Mastery by Tawnya Love

August 23rd, 2019

Greetings Beloved Soul Family,

I felt inspired to share some awareness in regards to dealing with the energy of anxiety. May it help you transform your reality in beautiful ways!

Creative Ways to Powerfully Transform Anxiety:

✨Know that anxiety is simply a negative perspective of the excitement of one’s own future. When we fear the unknown rather than remain open to the present moment, we begin to create an energy experience of anxiety. Anxiety is not who we are, but rather an internal nudge showing us that we are currently not Present. When we choose to leave this present moment in our minds by worrying about possible future outcomes, we create an anxious experience. This of course also applies to when we are focusing on the past with anger, pain, shame, regret, or blame. Let it go, it’s over…Be Here Now. We can shift these experiences with a mindful, aware focus. This is my specialty: Supporting clients with Mindfulness Mastery. It WILL Change your world in magnificent ways ✨👌✨

✨ Recognize that Magic and Miracles occur in the great Mystery of Life. It would be wise to let go (in your mind) of trying to understand everything and how it will occur. Relax, Let Go, and Enjoy Life’s Flow. The magic of life flows to us from the Unknown…Stay Open, Receptive & Present to Life and you will observe Miracles in Motion.

✨BE aware of your breathing. The moment you realize that you have been worrying and are now feeling the energy of anxiety, take several deep, centering breaths. Our breathing greatly affects our state of well-being and the many incredible functions of our bodies. So remember, if you’re feeling anxious, you need to realign with life’s flow and breathe deeply. Notice how shallow your breath is the next time you experience anxiety, and then consciously choose to deepen your breath. 😘💗💨

✨Be aware of your focus, as where your attention goes energy flows. If you are concerned about what others are thinking about you, you will struggle. Let go of worrying about the Impression you make on others. Focus instead on your own Divine and Unique Expression. Share from your heart and express without concern about whether or not you Impress others. This is true freedom and living in such a way feels wonderful. Try it, you just might like it. ✌️😎👊✨

✨BE Mindful of what you Tune-in on. If you’re constantly looking at pictures of what you feel are beautiful humans that you don’t look like, before you know it you feel anxious in your own skin. If you’re constantly reading or watching terrible, dark misaligned news or movies or real life situations, before you know it you’ll start feeling anxious, hopeless and stressed. Remember, YOU Choose what you tune-in on. Be conscious of this important choice, it matters. ✨🙌✨

✨ Remember, anxiety is just an energy…It is not who you are. Thank the energy of anxiety for nudging you to come back into your highest alignment, and Enjoy Surrendering & Trusting in your Divine Life’s flow. ✨🙏✨

Many Blessings, Tawnya Love

Please contact me when you are ready to take your Mastery to a New Level.

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Don’t Give Up on Yourself with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 186 of 365 days of Mindfulness Mastery by Tawnya Love

August 12th, 2019

Greetings Beloved Soul Family,

What I observe with so many hurting humans is this: They continuously quit and give up on themselves. They are skilled at this whole giving up on themselves thing. They are masters of victimization.

Whether it’s that hurting human that gets sad and reaches for the bottle of alcohol to numb their pain, or maybe the hurting human that reaches for the drugs to numb their pain. Or the hurting human that reaches for that unhealthy food when no one’s watching to numb their pain. Every one of these hurting humans have something in common. They are in pain and they do not feel safe.

Now this issue is Not pain itself, because let’s face it we all feel pain. But it’s how we deal with that pain that is shaping our reality, day-by-day. Do we choose healthy ways to express our feelings? Do we go to the gym and sweat out our stress? Do we go hiking in nature to calm our busy minds? Do we choose to meditate and quiet the chatter? Do we choose healthy, uplifting foods, environments, and people to spend our time with? Our choices Matter. Our choices are shaping our reality.

Do we choose to quit and give up on ourselves again and again? Truly I ask you to examine your own life right here, right now. Dare to look at your life in a truthful, honest way. Dare to FEEL that pain rather than continue attempting to numb it.

So many hurting humans are absolute Masters at quiting on themselves, Masters I tell you!

But I promise you this…And listen closely because this is some Soul-level truth here. Give up this One bad habit, this One nasty destructive habit of quiting on yourself and I promise that You will absolutely transform your reality in Amazing ways.

Trick is you’ll never know unless you Fucking Stop Quiting on yourself, right? I know it really makes a lot of sense to me, too.

You Can Do It! You’ve Got What It Takes….Stop Giving Up On Yourselves!!!!


✨ MindfulnessMastery888.Com✨ For those who are ready to be Jedi Masters of Transformation. Contact me…We’ve got some important transformation work to do ✨🙌✨

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Tools for Alignment with Wayshower Tawnya Love

August 8th, 2019

Day 185 of 365 Days of Mindfulness Mastery by Tawnya Love

Greetings Beloved Soul Family, I’m FEELING Amazing Today and a couple of days ago I was FEELING Angry. So Angry. What did I do to Come back into my natural alignment?

I honored the energy that was arising. I accepted it, felt it, processed it, Loved it, and then released it. I also observed it, and learned more about myself.

I did Not attempt to suppress it, shame it, judge it or throw it at anyone else. It’s energy guys…it’s Not who we are. Remember to work with it. ✨👌✨

Energy moves and flows for important reasons and each of us are attracting a particular energy into our lives Right Now. Not because we’re good or because we’re bad. But because it’s what we are calling Forth to help us grow, awaken, remember and Evolve with.

Our natural state is Unconditional Love. We are High Vibrational Beings Naturally. At moments we may get a bit too serious, or a bit caught up in another Creator’s drama and Bam we FEEL the hit. We FEEL the descent in vibration (don’t we)? So the Source Wisdom Warrior within myself wanted to share this little helpful list with all of you. Enjoy 🙏

Things that lower our vibration are:

*Getting too serious about Anything
*Taking another’s choice in behavior personally
*Making our lives or our life work too important (serious)
*Choosing to observe Anything with Judgment (Now don’t confuse Judgment with Discernment)
*Suppressing Energy
*Projecting that which we do Not want to observe within ourselves onto another
*Shaming, Blaming or Hating anything including ourselves

Magical things we can do to Come Back into our Naturally High Vibration:

*BE Present
*Accept All Energy that arises in the Now (yes even anger and rage)
*Observe yourself and all life with Love and Compassion
*Express and Release rather than Suppressing & Holding
*BE Honest with yourself and others
*Laugh more…make it your practice to relax and Not take this movie of life so seriously…Enjoy it!
*Play more
*Sing, Hum, and Dance from your own inner music
*Bathe everything you observe in Love, Gratitude and Appreciation✨ (MAGICAL)✨
*Forgive yourself and others as many times as needed…Say You are Sorry and shift behavior patterns
*Pay attention to How Everything makes you feel (foods, drinks, environments, people) When something or someone Feels heavy… choose to go higher. Self Love Always ✨👌✨
*Practice Daily Discernment (this is Not the same thing as Judgment, remember the difference)
*Love 💗 Love 💗 Love 💗 ohh and LOVE some more 😘💗✨

✨🙏✨ Namaste, Tawnya Love 💋

✨Thank You For Choosing LOVE 💗Thank You for Sharing this Message✨

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