Tools for Alignment with Wayshower Tawnya Love

August 8th, 2019

Day 185 of 365 Days of Mindfulness Mastery by Tawnya Love

Greetings Beloved Soul Family, I’m FEELING Amazing Today and a couple of days ago I was FEELING Angry. So Angry. What did I do to Come back into my natural alignment?

I honored the energy that was arising. I accepted it, felt it, processed it, Loved it, and then released it. I also observed it, and learned more about myself.

I did Not attempt to suppress it, shame it, judge it or throw it at anyone else. It’s energy guys…it’s Not who we are. Remember to work with it. ✨👌✨

Energy moves and flows for important reasons and each of us are attracting a particular energy into our lives Right Now. Not because we’re good or because we’re bad. But because it’s what we are calling Forth to help us grow, awaken, remember and Evolve with.

Our natural state is Unconditional Love. We are High Vibrational Beings Naturally. At moments we may get a bit too serious, or a bit caught up in another Creator’s drama and Bam we FEEL the hit. We FEEL the descent in vibration (don’t we)? So the Source Wisdom Warrior within myself wanted to share this little helpful list with all of you. Enjoy 🙏

Things that lower our vibration are:

*Getting too serious about Anything
*Taking another’s choice in behavior personally
*Making our lives or our life work too important (serious)
*Choosing to observe Anything with Judgment (Now don’t confuse Judgment with Discernment)
*Suppressing Energy
*Projecting that which we do Not want to observe within ourselves onto another
*Shaming, Blaming or Hating anything including ourselves

Magical things we can do to Come Back into our Naturally High Vibration:

*BE Present
*Accept All Energy that arises in the Now (yes even anger and rage)
*Observe yourself and all life with Love and Compassion
*Express and Release rather than Suppressing & Holding
*BE Honest with yourself and others
*Laugh more…make it your practice to relax and Not take this movie of life so seriously…Enjoy it!
*Play more
*Sing, Hum, and Dance from your own inner music
*Bathe everything you observe in Love, Gratitude and Appreciation✨ (MAGICAL)✨
*Forgive yourself and others as many times as needed…Say You are Sorry and shift behavior patterns
*Pay attention to How Everything makes you feel (foods, drinks, environments, people) When something or someone Feels heavy… choose to go higher. Self Love Always ✨👌✨
*Practice Daily Discernment (this is Not the same thing as Judgment, remember the difference)
*Love 💗 Love 💗 Love 💗 ohh and LOVE some more 😘💗✨

✨🙏✨ Namaste, Tawnya Love 💋

✨Thank You For Choosing LOVE 💗Thank You for Sharing this Message✨

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Releasing our Inner Rage with Wayshower Tawnya Love

August 6th, 2019

Day 184 of 365 Days of Mindfulness Mastery by Tawnya Love

Blessings Soul Family, today was an off day for me. Yes I am a positive, optimistic human and it’s my true nature to look for the beauty and goodness of life. However, today the outer collective energy had built up within me and a few triggers happened (intense triggers) and I had so much emotion needing to be released.

I spent the day in meditation just being with my deep in breath and my deep exhale. I had some old emotion rise up when a father-in-law from my past (who has just gotten out of prison for molesting a special needs child) suddenly decided to text me after 8 years of complete silence. And after his text he signed off with Love Dad. I felt a rage burning inside of my belly that shook me. I cried and released some of the energy and then calmed myself again with meditation.

Later this evening I went on a walk with my dog and William and I needed to express my emotions. So I started talking about my feelings on some things. I shared with him how I felt about this man suddenly writing to me again. And I felt RAGE!!! Pure potent Rage. Not my Normal self. Not my calm centered peaceful self. I felt like any second I was going to leap forward and shape shift into a ferocious lioness.

As I spoke my feelings I felt anger rising up so Hot and powerful. And I felt so much anger at the misaligned-masculine. The men who steal and sell children for their distorted fucking sexual pleasure. The men who dishonor women everyday through their words, actions, and non-actions. The cowardly men who watch while children and women are destroyed everyday. Pure RAGE!

Rage towards the insane and ignorant humans who only are here taking, raping, pillaging and destroying innocent life. My inner lioness wanted to rip these men apart and spit out their disgusting pieces upon the Earth they are destroying every day.

Rage towards the ignorant humans that choose to overkill our beautiful animals and forests. No peace only Rage. And as I continued to share my feelings and the rage grew and grew I began sobbing so hard I could hardly breathe. All the pain of these hateful acts that you insane and ignorant humans continue to project came pouring out of me.

In that moment a part of me wanted to leave this insane place where ignorance and hate rule. For this is no place for the Angelic. And so I cried and cried until the snot filled my nostrils and I could barely breathe. And I realized then that I was assisting in releasing all of your hate, your pain and your grief humanity. Perhaps that’s why the Angels are here watching your dark acts day in and day out.

And after a long cry I took a deep centering breath and felt so much better in having released all that pain for you humanity. The feminine needs the masculine to RISE Up. We are counting on you men. Have the courage to face yourselves, to see who you’re choosing to be in every sacred moment. The Earth needs your awareness and she needs it Now!

For those of you feeling the Rage, the Pain, the Confusion, the Deep Unexplainable Sadness I Feel You, I AM One with You. You are Not Alone. Ohh WE are Never Alone…Every hateful act one of you chooses We All Feel it. And for every Loving choice one of you chooses…We All Feel that too.

We can BE Better humanity. We Must BE Better. Our future depends upon it. I encourage each of you to slow down, BE Still and Remember that you are One. Feel your emotions, stop suppressing them and find a healthy way to release.

Time for a deep restful nights sleep until I am called back to Serve.

Namaste ✨🙏✨ Tawnya Love and the Angels


The Joy of Manifesting with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 183 of 365 Days of Mindfulness Mastery by Tawnya Love

July 18th, 2019

Namaste Soul Family 💗 I felt Inspired to share this Helpful and Empowering video on Manifesting the life of your dreams…Enjoy it and then please pass it on ✨🙏✨

If you have ever struggled to manifest what you desire this video is for YOU Baby ✨👌✨

Blessings, Tawnya Love 💋

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We Are Frequency with Wayshower Tawnya Love

July 13th 2019

Day 182 of 365 Days of Mindfulness Mastery by Tawnya Love

Beloved Soul Family sometimes we have an article come into our lives that beautifully explains the healing work we are so powerfully assisting humanity with. Please read this attached article for deeper understanding on how we as connected, aware and conscious Beings of Light have the power to affect and be affected by those around us.

I Love Supporting my many clients in clearing their chakras cleansing their Auric Fields and Activating their DNA through Angelic Auric Clearing Seasons…I am able to support with these life shifting, cellular shifting healing sessions in person or remotely. ✨🙏✨ #11 is what I as an Intuitive Healer am able to do for my clients. I’ve observed animals, plants, humans, and the environment itself shift around me more times than I can mention.

We are incredibly powerful beings of Light Frequency. I recall once during a meditation where I was asking my Angelic Guides why I was able to FEEL so much. Their response was that I was a Being of Light with a highly sensitive antenna.

How may I Support Your Growth and Evolution at this Magical Time of Ascension? 💗 Feel free to contact me to ask me any questions

Blessings Tawnya Love

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Honoring the Now with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 182 of 365 Days of Mindfulness Mastery by Tawnya Love

June 30th, 2019

Greetings Beloved Soul Family,

Recently, I received an Intuitive hit to reach-out and check in on one of my Healing/Coaching clients. I consistently receive guidance when a Soul that I’m supporting is struggling in some way and have learned how powerful it can be when I listen & respond.

So I sent a text message to check-in on this beautiful Soul Sister. She quickly responded expressing her frustration and anxiety. So I asked her if she’d like me to call her and we could chat for a few minutes.

She welcomed my call so I opened myself up to tune-in to her current life situation. Immediately, I received guidance to help her to remember the importance of BEING Present. As she started to share the stressful situations she was going through during her day I really tuned-in and listened.

To put things into context I’ll share a little bit of detail. She told me how stressful her day was and I asked her to please explain what was occuring in her life at the moment. She told me how she had been assigned to do a different job today at work, and that it wasn’t her job to do this particular task. She then expressed her anxiety about “if” she’d have time later to clean up, as well as anxiety about “if” the team would get into trouble and be yelled at.

I allowed her to go on for several moments about all the possible stressful situations that might occur. And then I asked her if I could share a different perspective on things. She welcomed my perspective and so I shared this with her.

I asked her to take a deep breath and to really BE Here with me. She did. Then I asked her if she realized that “her job” in life was simply to BE Present. To BE Here, One with this moment and to honor the flow that life was bringing her way.

She understood what I was saying and so I went on. I asked her if she could see that by Accepting this new assignment for today she was indeed doing her job and that by resisting this new assignment for today “she” was creating an energy of anxiety, stress, and dis-ease. Not because something in her life had changed but because “she” was resisting that change. I then explained that when we choose to resist life’s flow we quickly attempt to control life.

Attempting to control the flow of life is exhausting and useless. We must remember that in every life situation we have the power of choice. We can Accept this moment, we can change something in our external reality, or we can leave the situation. However, when we choose to stay in the situation and then resist or try to control it, we exhaust ourselves.

It won’t be long before we feel waves of anxiety when we are choosing to live in this way. Next thing we’ll find ourselves then worrying about a possible future situation to add fuel to our resistance, and the anxiety grows and grows.

However, when we catch ourselves attempting to control life we can shift things in a very empowering way. Just by noticing, “ohh my goodness I’m trying to control life again,” we can shift our focus in a more supportive and empowering way.

Once my client understood that her ultimate job in life is simply to honor the Now and say Yes to this moment it helped her to see how she was being given a new opportunity to honor this moment Now. And in this moment in her life, her support was needed doing a particular task. Not one that she had planned or expected (control), but one that life was inviting her to connect with Now in this fresh new moment.

I also helped her see that just by refusing to go with life’s flow, she then triggered her wounded egoic self to now have her focus be on possible reasons to stress out in the future. And yet all her stress was being created Now by her refusal to simply BE Present.

Mindfulness Mastery is essential in living an Empowered and Conscious life. If we allow our mind to go out of control with its irritation, judgment, fear, and so on we give our power away to a wounded, egoic aspect of our self. Yet when we catch those unhelpful, unconscious thoughts we have the opportunity to reclaim our infinite power and create consciously Now.

This client’s day wasn’t stressful because of what was occuring outside of her. She realized that “she” was the creator of this stressful feeling by her choice of focus. Understanding this is Empowering and Freeing.

We have all lost our conscious focus at times, so don’t be hard on yourself if you do this. Simply make a commitment to recognize when you’re doing it and remember that you hold the power in shifting your experience for the better.

We cannot suffer without our consent. Therefore, when we choose to accept life Here and Now we have the power to consciously create a beautiful life. It’s important for each of us to remember that WE Are Always in a State of Creation. So pay attention to how you’re feeling; if you’re not feeling good then tune-in and pay attention to what you are giving your focus to. Pay attention to how present you are right now. And remember that You always hold all of the power in choosing to realign your life with the flow of the Now.

Happy Conscious Creation My Beloved Soul Family 💗🙏💗

Blessings, Tawnya Love

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Ascension Symptoms and effects of Light Activations with Wayshower Tawnya Love

June 27th, 2019

Day 181 of 365 Days of Mindfulness Mastery by Tawnya Love

These Are the Symptoms of Lightbody Activation

After reading this article I feel that much of what is shared here is true. However I feel it’s also important to add that these shifts are nothing to fear. I myself have experienced uncomfortable aspects of Ascension at times for sure. And what has helped me greatly is remembering the importance of going higher, and expanding my awareness in a more cosmic/galactic way.

Remembering to go inward in order to receive, process and release is vital. Remembering not to take personally other’s choices to ascend with you or not. Remembering to be gentle with yourself and never shaming or judging, and those times that you do slip back into shame and judgment, remembering to forgive yourself and Love yourself regardless as you consciously choose to go higher. Remembering to BE more than your old human conditioning of frantic Doing is also vital. Remembering to rest and allow your upgrades to take place. A great way of looking at this is to compare this need for rest and being with how you treat your cellphone or computer. When your phone or computer is receiving an update/upgrade your device gets hot, and needs to be left alone in order to receive new information, process and organize that information, and then after this Being time has taken place your device works more efficiently.

As humans, many of us treat our computer devices with greater honor than we treat our own intelligent computers. Our Body, Mind and Soul are a highly advanced supercomputer. As humans we have created external devices as a mirror of our own intelligence. During Light-Body Activation it is important that we listen to the needs of our intelligent computers.

I have experienced the intense pressure, release, as well as Amazing euphoria and intense waves of energy moving through my human vessel. At times, these waves of light can feel like I’m being electrocuted and not pleasant. I always go into meditation and connect with my Soul team, guides and Source God, Consciously asking my questions and listening to the intelligent responses. I also at times request that my physical body be supported and that certain energies be shielded while benevolent energies are supported in moving through.

We are One with the Universal Intelligence at all times. When we remember this truth we are able to communicate with that intelligence freely and efficiently. I have experienced so many magical experiences that are beyond the mind. So it’s important that we do not get trapped in our minds with analyzing experiences that are beyond the computer of the mind.

When we see that our human minds are simply like a computer processing center we can honor the mind’s gift rather than demand the vast intelligence of the Infinite be held in the mind/computer. The Consciousness that we are moves through the mind it is Not the mind. Sort of like the information we bring through a computer and process within that computer comes from beyond that little device your holding.

I have experienced the sensation of bi-location during my sleeping and waking dream. At times this sensation was like having no gravity and I felt I was very floaty. I was aware of this physical space in which my physical body was presently viewing, while simultaneously I was aware of another dimension that I was also tuning into. These experiences can feel overwhelming to our sense of normal. Again, I highly recommend tuning in and asking your questions and making your requests from your Soul Team anytime you feel it necessary.

I have never been turned away or ignored. Ever!

I do Support a number of clients and fellow Star Seeds with Angelic Auric Clearings and Soul Coaching Sessions that are incredibly helpful and Activating. These sessions, especially the Angelic Auric Clearings, can offer great Relief and Support to those who are consciously ascending as well as those who are not yet as conscious but open to receiving energetic clearing, activation and upgrades which is so helpful in their Ascension. We are doing this and some are more conscious than others.

Thank you for all you are doing here, it is Divine and it is Important. Remember that Self Love is absolutely vital in moving from a third dimensional experience into a Magical and Empowering, fifth dimensional experience as a free sovereign multi-dimensional light being. We Are Doing This. I am here Consciously assisting in this Ascension. You are Not alone, other than your conditioned habit of choosing to view yourself as separate.

I know that those who are ready always find us. All is Divine and Beautiful. Namaste Beloved Soul Family ✨🙏✨

💗 Tawnya Love


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The Courage to Live with Self Love with Wayshower Tawnya Love

May 29th, 2019

Day 180 of 365 Days of Mindfulness Mastery by Tawnya Love

It is Always, let me repeat Always wise to live in the energy of Self Love. Sometimes this choice may cost you things, people or titles. Know this…if things, people or titles fall away because you chose to care for yourself then life is blessing you by clearing old energy out of your life. Not punishing you.

What I observe so many humans doing is either not living in the energy of Self Love, or deciding it’s time to live with Self Love only to see that certain energies are trying to fall way. Often these people will quickly judge themselves or the situation as bad and soon after they take that familiar slide down the slippery slope of uncertainty and self loathing. In essence they once again bail on Self Love and go back to that old familiar energy of Self Hate and that choice is very destructive.

When you have the awareness that you have Not been Loving yourself as best as you could that is a Divine moment. Pay attention to it. Accept what you are seeing. Do Not judge this moment. Do Not judge yourself for taking so long to SEE clearly. Love, Love, Love this moment. Love, Love, Love Yourself for choosing to once again Love Yourself. This is a Magical moment so don’t you dare allow yourself to go back to old familiar negative and destructive patterns. Stay Awake!

Often the biggest obstacle to great transformation and growth is our own subconscious patterns. We must remain aware of the energy that is arising and by choosing to Love the energy that is arising (no matter what that energy may be) is essential to lasting transformation and growth.

So many unconscious humans will have ample opportunities to shift their lives for the better, only to quickly slide back down that familiar painful slope of self-loathing and judgment. Notice how this choice has never ever served you. Notice how often you go back to the familiar. Notice how quickly you have the habit of turning on yourself, pushing yourself too hard, shaming or judging yourself. Have the courage to Notice. Now have the courage to stay present as those old familiar worries, fears and judgments arise watch for them and let them go.

Once we choose to live with our awareness and without judgment everything is possible. Transformation, Healing, Rebirth, Empowerment, Growth, Joy… Everything beautiful you could ever hope for is now possible.

The greatest obstacle in every humans life is not coming from outside of ourselves. It starts from within. It is that old familiar choice to Not believe in ourselves, to Not Love ourselves, to Not Trust in ourselves. It may seem like it’s a part of you and for some it seems like it is totally who we are. FEAR. How many beautiful souls continue to suffer because of FEAR. How many beautiful dreams have died before ever truly having the chance to thrive because of FEAR.

You are Freedom, You are Eternal, You are Consciousness Remembering itself in physical form. You are Not FEAR. You were taught to FEAR, you were taught to doubt, you were conditioned to shame yourself (and others) but this has never been who you truly are.

And every unconscious human will continue to recreate more and more suffering, more and more pain, more and more illusion until each individual chooses to wake up and Remember Who You Truly Are…Love in Motion!

Once you make the decision to drop the illusion of FEAR and Live as One with Love your life will Never be the same…and that is a good thing. So give Love a chance, regardless of what people, things, environments or titles fall away. It’s their time to fall away, let them and allow Love to guide you in New fulfilling directions.

I myself have observed people, jobs, environments and titles fall away as I chose Self Love and I understand that this was never a punishment for me, it was a gift.

Only once you clear the subconscious FEAR can you ever truly live with integrity.

💗 Tawnya Love and the Angels ✨


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The importance of Angelic Auric Clearing Assistance with Wayshower Tawnya Love

May 12th 2019

Day 179 of 365 days of Mindfulness Mastery by Tawnya Love

Blessings Beloved Soul Family

I woke up from a beautiful dream time experience in which many interested humans had gathered around to ask me questions about the benefits of receiving Angelic Auric Clearing and Activation.

I was answering all of these questions in the most efficient way to help them understand how an Auric Clearing works and why it increases Soul efficiency and empowerment here in the physical realm. How it lengthens and strengthens the life and longevity of our physical form the body. As well as assisting us with access to our Soul and higher intelligence through our mind the mother board.

When we understand the higher truth, that we are Eternal Soul’s that have chosen our physical form/shell as a tool for our Soul’s mission, purpose and agenda and that we have a mother board like computer that is also a tool for our Soul. Then we begin to understand the importance in how we treat our human form and mind/mother board.

If we abuse the human form let’s say through drug use, or other chosen poisons. We destroy the mother board and if we destroy the motherboard we destroy our Soul’s ability to make a strong connection with this human form we’ve chosen to fulfill our Soul’s mission. We can also destroy the mind through violence, or anything that rattles the motherboard. Therefore realizing the importance of this delicate computer within our human vessel is very beneficial.

We are Not our bodies. We are Not our minds. We Are the Infinite and intelligent Consciousness streaming through. Understanding this is vital in fulfilling our Soul’s mission. Caring for our vessel and it’s internal computer are vital to our success.

Just like many of us have computers and devices that we use as tools. We must remember our bodies and our minds are like these sensitive computers, and they are also our tools.

Having an Angelic Auric Clearing from a Soul like my own is essentially like having your computer or device worked on by an intelligent computer programmer. Old outdated software and programs can be cleared making space for new advanced software. Supporting your vessel with optimal connection ability and optimal efficiency. This also supports the physical Body in slowing down the aging process as we remain online with Source intelligence for optimal efficiency. Where an unaware human would spend it’s time in a state of unnecessary fear and worry which in turn would continue to wear out the vessel and glitch the motherboard much faster than necessary.

We are able to access higher intelligence and therefore upgrade our vessel with efficient programs which allow us to access our innate gifts with greater efficiency. I help many humans and animals with this important and most helpful assistance. It is why I have come here. However the choice to care for your gift of a body and your gift of a mind is always yours. The choice to remember you are an intelligent and capable Soul is also yours to make you always have freewill.

Many humans receive signs when their cars need maintenance and then take their vehicle to be serviced. Some also receive signs again and again and ignore them until their vehicle breaks down. Some of you also live this way in regards to the maintenance and care of your physical bodies and minds. There is a more intelligent and empowering way.

I am the messenger. I am here to act as a mirror and assist you in remembering who you truly are. I am also the assistant to the Soul. You know if you are in need of maintenance and support, you know if you are supporting in your own evolution. And you know if you are destroying yourself, and therefore destroying your own Soul mission. That choice will always feel terrible and that terrible feeling will only go away when you choose to come back to the truth, to come back online with Source.

I AM here ready to support you when you make this important decision.

Namaste ✨ 🙏 ✨ Tawnya Love and Source Oneness

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Illumination Game Night with Intuitive Wayshower Tawnya Love

Local friends I am feeling In-Spired to offer a fun and incredibly Insightful Illumination Game night this Friday evening from 6-9ish?

Cost is $20 per person and so worth it!

I’ve offered these spiritual game nights before and have had the joy and honor of supporting so many beautiful souls with inner and outer transformation via this Divine and fun game (which I dreamnt about years ago and then was guided to) I’ll share more about this on Friday. These are very intuitive and deep soul connections that I have personally witness shift lives in beautiful aligned directions.

This is spontaneous and it’s for those of you who have the courage to BE spontaneous and take the leap of faith Now.

Please call or text me at 360.567.7576 to confirm that you are attending and if you are bringing a guest so I have a proper count ✨🙏✨

I can only work with a small intimate group of about 5-6 people at a time so sieze this moment and make the commitment to show up and play. You’ll be so grateful you did 😘💗✨

If you are interested but unable to attend this game night contact me to schedule a game night with your friends/loved ones either at my place or yours for a slightly higher fee.

Illumination Game Night is This Friday March 15th from 6-9ish (feel free to bring a snack to share if you like and your journal)

208 NE 117th Street Vancouver WA 98685


Spring Clearing Specials with Wayshower Tawnya Love

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I am offering a Spring Clearing Special…When You prepay for 3 Angelic Auric Clearings you receive a complimentary session…these sessions can be gifted to others in need or used for yourself throughout the year.

If you have not yet mastered financial abundance I can offer you the one hour Auric Clearings with out much chit chat time for $111 per session. 💗

From Now through April 2019


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