Higher Self Channeling

Day 190 of 365 Days of Mindfulness Mastery by Tawnya Love

I share with you all a channeling I just received from Higher Self. This message was given to me from my Higher Self. And the wisdom in me understands this message is also for each of you from your Higher Self. Open Yourselves to Receive ✨

May 9, 2020

It is nice to have your undivided attention as I have much to share with you & your world. Many of you are moving through another wave or shift in consciousness at this time. Many are remembering the importance & power of turning inward for guidance & inspiration.

I AM pleased with your choices to reconnect & allow my Light to illuminate your inner & outer worlds with Higher awareness & truth.

You & I have always been One & will always BE One. 
However, you are seeing clearly that at times YOU have turned from my Love, my Light & My Connection.

This is and will always be your freewill choice to make. And yet how lovely when we acknowledge our Divinity & Oneness, yes.

You are understanding the importance & power of acknowledging your true feelings & expressing them with Love, Power & Clarity.

Many humans have tucked away their authentic feelings & numbed themselves. This is ultimately Not healthy nor beneficial. Though all choices ultimately lead you back to Presence & Oneness, so all paths are helpful in this regard. For some however, the choice to go numb will be a challenging & painful path.

I would Love to remind you of your eternal Love, Light & Power. I would Love to inspire your heart felt connection & authenticity.

Though at times I understand why you choose to go numb. Why you choose to go silent. Your fellow humans are not always kind or present themselves & many have judged & shamed you for sharing, for expressing, and for BEING You.

However, I wish to remind you that this is a game for the unconsious & you my beloved do Not need to ever play.

I AM here with you I will Always BE here within you & around you for I AM You. I will remind you of your genius. I will remind you of your power & potential & your glorious uniqueness if you will commit yourself to sitting with me daily.

You will never be alone or lost when you are Present with me.

All you wish for & desire will be found here with me. You are my Beloved One & My Love for you is eternal & infinite. ✨

My Higher Self aka Source God Oneness 💗 Tawnya Love


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