Channeling Higher Self Wisdom

Day 191 of 365 Days of Mindfulness Mastery by Tawnya Love May 12th 2020

✨ Beloved Soul Family, I just channeled another beautiful message from Higher Self–aka Source Oneness. Please open yourselves up to receive these healing frequencies and alignment activations. ✨

Greetings Beloved Soul, we are pleased to have you join us in conscious conversation. We have felt your concern in regards to some of the disturbing dreams you’ve been having.

We would like for you to understand that all is well in your world. There are times that you, sweet sensitive one, are picking up on the collective energies being processed and released at this time of Ascension.

There is nothing for you to be afraid of at these times. We understand that you can sense and discern the difference between a divinely guided dream encounter, and a picking-up on collective energies experience.

There are some who are being shown their own deeply held and unprocessed fears and traumas that were experienced along various timelines and incarnations.

We’d like to encourage these souls to observe their dreams and imaginings with a sense of curiosity rather than become overly attached or serious about the energies that are arising.

For many, there is a need for a deep purging of the “old,” outdated story. Some of you have been carrying around (often unconsciously) so many fears and traumas.

We would like to assist and support any of you whom are ready to release that which is no longer healthy or helpful. For those who choose to walk alone and hold these energies within:  Your own body will serve as an important guide and messenger.

The choice and time to heal or what we see as realigning with Your Source and realigning with all that you are will continue calling to you.

Each of you hold the Light and Power within yourselves to return to all of which you are Now. Each of you hold this power within yourselves to heal and realign.

For some of you this truth may sound to good to be true. And so you continue to push away the Light of truth and cling to your “wounded stories.” In truth from our perspective you are all One, you are all whole. You are all worthy of your realignment. However we can FEEL some of your resistance to this truth. And so we patiently await Your choice to remember and realign.

These choices, these stories are All your creation, all your decision as to what You wish to remain aligned and focused upon.

Will you choose to focus upon Love or Anger? Trust or Fear? Abundance or Lack? Health or Sickness?

So many options, so many choices and Always Your Freewill.

As Always we remain here for You, and Always One with You no matter what You choose for You.

💫 Eternal Love & Light Higher-Self Source Oneness

✨ Tawnya Love ✨

✨ MindfulnessMastery888.Com ✨

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