Angelic Auric Clearing Sessions with Tawnya Love

Oct 14th, 2020

Day 197 of 365 Days of Mindfulness Mastery

I’ve had so many of you reach out to me privately asking questions about the Auric Clearings spirit and I support our clients with. I felt Inspired to share a session with you so you can get a feel for the energies we are Feeling, Clearing and Activating.

I’m grateful to share a sample of the types of information that are shared during our Angelic Auric Clearing Sessions. I’m so grateful for my clients openness to share with you her very detailed session. She shall remain anonymous unless she desires to comment. If you have further questions please feel free to message me, call me or email me from my website MindfulnessMastery888.Com



Right away as Michael is assisting with clearing your cellular structure I felt the need to open my arms out chest forward and release tension from upper back area. I received the message that is it safe to fully open from your heart center. It is time to drop into your heart and listen to it’s wisdom and to live and thrive and flow from your heart.

Feeling an energy being cleared within the right knee connected to the tension you’re feeling in your right shoulder.

As I approached your pelvis area we energetically held your pelvis area and sent energy into your body. I felt your emotional body showing me trapped energy from childhood. I see you as a toddler very young and small. You’re lying in fetal position knees pulled up to chest crying. You’re feeling rejection from someone close to you. Like the attention was taken away from you. And your crying so hard because you feel abandoned. I’m being shown this is a very early memory your body has been holding in regards to a belief you connected to in regards to your not being good enough.

They want you to process and feel this and to let it go. No need to overanalyze it just be with it and state your Intention to release this distortion and move forward.

I see them placing hands under your low back and gently rocking and realigning your Sacrum area.

My fingers are very tingly as I am feeling the energetics through my body. I’m being shown that this will assist your structural alignment they call it. Deep belly breathing on a daily basis will support this alignment.

As we clear your lower energy centers they are wanting you to be aware of a distortion you’ve latched onto in regards to scarcity. You have taken this distortion from your outer world/societal view. It is Not the truth and does not need to be in your Reality.

They are guiding you to release this distortion and to realign and remember that You Are Always Plugged in with Source. That there is More than enough, Plenty of Everything. Food, Love, Attention, Money… Plenty.

They are saying that your stating this shift in awareness out loud and in your journal will help support your Realignment. There is More than enough.

They are guiding you to unplug from the Matrix. From TV, Advertisements, News unplug fully. Including removing yourself from hearing it as background noise…this is affecting you on a subliminal level.

The message at your solar plexus area is in regards to realigning with your power, with Source Oneness. It is time for you Empathic One to positively affect your environments rather than allowing the density of the external environment to negatively affect you.

Get bigger. Expand, expand, expand your Auric Field beloved one. Take up space. BE the Light in the environments you enter. You are never vulnerable when you are One with the Light. Release the fear that is causing you to pinch yourself off from Your Light and Power.

Release your anger and frustration now. It has served in your Awakening. It is now time to release it fully and Rise. Forgiveness of self and others is vital in regards to your ascension. Let it all go beloved one.

I see them arching your chest forward. A guidance to open and lead from your heart center. I also feel we are supporting you from behind. Holding your shoulders and I see and feel energy being cleared from your upper right shoulder and rhomboid muscles. You’ve taken in external energy here from “tension” and “resistance” with others. Time to relax and let this energy go. This tension has caused pain within your skull and brain and led to what you refer to as a migraine.

Your light body is in another process of up-leveling. The sensitivity to light and headaches, dizziness shall pass soon. These are your awareness of your Ascenion that is occurring within and around your cellular structure.

Tingling in your ears and irritation of your eyes are also connected to this Ascension process. Nothing to be fearful about. Relax and rest your body as needed during these times. When your body is feeling this way, honor it. Feed it well, hydrate well and rest. Turn off electronics at these times as they will exacerbate the symptoms.

I’m being shown that it would benefit you to increase your intake of vitamin C. As well as adding tumeric to your diet in small doses. These will support your cellular structure at this time. A reminder to Tune In daily and ask what supplements are needed as some days your body will not need them. Practice being present and communicating with your cellular structure as well as your guides. Trust in your Intuition.

They are bringing a reminder of releasing the emotional attachment to fried food as a treat. The fried greasy food is bogging down your system making it work harder, irritating that which is already irritated. It is Not helping you.

We are clearing energetic cysts from rhomboid area. Pay attention to where you take in outer energy and where you hold onto it when you are tense. Practice being present with this energetic movement and redirect the energy out and away from your body. You are often unconsiously taking in others “stuff” their tension sucked in like a vacuum. This is Not helpful to you beloved one. Practice remaining centered and present and if needed move away from the tension, the tense human…move away and Consciously release anything that is not beneficial to you.

We are reminding you of the importance of healthy boundaries. Practice being aware and stating these boundaries. Practice moving away from those who refuse to honor healthy boundaries. You are always safe to evolve forward.

Eating foods to naturally balance thyroid are recommended as well. I’m feeling a tightness in your throat area and your jaw.

They are showing me the two tennis balls in a sock placed at the back of your head in line with your upper ears. Pressure on the occipital lobe of your skull. This is going to help “re-set” your system and will help your facial, neck and back relax and release energy.

Relax and lay on these balls for 10-15 min as needed. Very effective if used right before sleeping.

Feeling ear chakras being cleared and dialed in. Crown area is being cleared of excessive energy, mental busyness. I’m receiving guidance to move away from noise. Background noise that is unsettling to your system and mind. Create a quiet peaceful inner and outer environment.

I feel energy being cleared in a cyclical way through your entire body. Energy flowing in and out of your body Creating a powerful tube taurus as your Auric Field expands and activates.

This energetic movement is cleansing your Auric Field of anything disruptive. Arch Angel Michael is completing the clearing of your physical structure as well as your environment.

I feel tingling in the third eye area a sense of Activation. It is safe for you to trust and to SEE. Open up, simply state your Intention. Your universal eye is opening. It is safe to SEE.

Buzzing at your crown and beyond your physical structure a reminder to Consciously connect with Source Oneness and to Consciously anchor this flowing energy into the New Earth grids. Remember to connect with your column of Light as you Intuitively feel guided and take in this light, this frequency.

Many of the unpleasant experiences you have been feeling within your cellular structure will soon shift as your body adapts to the incoming frequencies. Relax, Receive.

As I feel Arch Angel Ariel moving in and illuminating your physical structure and Auric Field I feel like I’m buzzing as I tune in to your energy. The entire physical structure is being illuminated you will FEEL this Energetic shift in a pleasant way.

Move with the wave of energy enjoy it. Relax and rest when your body guides you in order to receive more and more energy. This entire human experience is much more pleasant when honored with balance.

Your Auric Field felt tight and restrictive and now I FEEL it expanding and stretching out. You should feel a lot more comfortable now. Remember to Consciously expand your Auric Field, get bigger rather than smaller in tense situations. Expand, Expand, Expand Our Light.

The mental entites have been cleared from subliminal programming. Mindfulness as you move forward. All rips and openings of your Auric Field have been repaired and strengthened.

We are Always with you. We are One. Session complete.

Tawnya Love and Source Oneness

We encourage you to rest and integrate the new energies over the next couple of days. Give your body the extra hydration that it requires for enjoyable Ascenion.

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