Angelic Auric Clearing Session Client testimonial with Tawnya Love

Oct 25th, 2020

Day 198 of 365 days of Mindfulness Mastery

I am so grateful for each and every Soul that Spirit guides to work with us. And I am so very grateful to share a recent, client testimonial with all of you. He is such a beautiful and honoring Soul, and it is a true pleasure supporting him with his Spiritual Alignment and Soul’s Evolution.

This is a man who was as he says, “at his end.” He was able to manifest a successful professional career in the NBA. He has manifested material wealth and so on, and yet his deeper suppressed childhood wounds and traumas were stuck below the surface of his Conscious awareness. And they were causing him a lot of his issues ranging from injury to depression, to addiction. The pain was getting louder, Not going away.

When this occurs we as the grown-up do our best to live a happy and balanced life. And yet that suppressed pain and trauma can feel like a heavy weight dragging us down under the waters and we can feel as though we are suffocating and drowning.

As with this beautiful Soul and so many others Spirit has brought-in to receive Soul Alignment support, I struggled in this very same way in my own life before experiencing my own awakening. I also felt like I was drowning and wanted to leave this physical world. But thankfully, the deeper awareness within myself was stronger and I cried out for my Angels of Light to help me. And they did! Ohhh boy, did they ever help me with my own awakening and my own spiritual evolution. I experienced a Rebirthing in every aspect of my existence.

I share a piece of my story only to help others understand that I was once suffering like most hurting humans. And I had to remember who I truly am so that I could get my life into its Highest Alignment.

Like my aware client expressed to me, money, fame or nothing of the like makes you happy until you Align within. And he is completely accurate, because money and material items literally mean nothing to our Soul. Inner peace, happiness and Self-Love are only possible when we gain a clear perspective on the Bigger Truth.

That being said, I am incredibly honored and grateful to share my very happy and grateful client’s personal testimonial from his very first Angelic Auric Clearing Session with me and my incredible Spiritual team. Enjoy and please reach out if you know that you’ve been doing your best but need some spiritual, energetic support to Ascend and Evolve beyond the pain and distortion of an unconsious life.

Namaste ✨🙏✨ Tawnya Love and Source Oneness


Client testimonial:

“I went to Tawnya beyond frustrated, depressed, and honestly at my wits end over stuff I just couldn’t reconcile over a professional basketball career and identity issues that came about as a result of it..went to therapists..nothing….spent about 5 hours with Tawnya, talking and learning, and then she went to work, and used the gifts that she’s connected with, and it completely changed my whole situation…if I didn’t actually experience this, it would almost seem unreal but so, so happy I met her and that I can call her my spiritual guide on earth…changed my life!!!

Beyond grateful for her and the gifts she has been blessed with…thank you source!!”

Thank You Beloved Soul for sharing from your open and grateful heart 💗 Welcome Home Brother 💗

✨ MindfulnessMastery888.Com ✨

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