Creating Our Lives Consciously with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Oct 10, 2020

Day 195 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

Greetings Beloved Soul Family,

Our lives are created either consciously or unconsciously. Everyday, we are creating our life by our choices (conscious or unconscious) and habits.

Therefore if we desire a Healthy, Awesome life we must create from a Healthy, Awesome consciousness. Here are a few things I’ve Consciously done so far today to give you some ideas to try:

✨ Woke up slowly and processed my dreams

✨ Began my day with gratitude “Thank You Universe for supporting me in thriving on planet Earth…”  Then I ask this question everyday: “How May I BE of Service? And I sit in silence & listen and receive

✨ Drink a glass of structured water and Consciously send its healing to my cells

✨ Get up, make my bed, and brush my teeth (I also thank Spirit for my healthy teeth and gums and use a special solution that’s excellent for my immune system). Use the restroom and I say “I AM Now gently releasing any toxins from my system” I often look deeply into my own eyes in the mirror and tell myself how much I Love her. I am beautiful, I am worthy inner self talk and Love ✨

✨ Made a fresh batch of celery juice, because I could feel that my body wanted some (these habits have helped me be very in-tune with my body and its daily needs

✨ Went outside and laid in the sunshine, Consciously absorbing the Light into my cellular structure and anchoring myself to the 5th Dimensional Earth-Grids. I visualize a column of Light flowing through my spine and down into the Earth, and I allow that Light to fill my body and Auric Field with this high frequency. I ground this energy Consciously. Today, I watched an owl hunting a bunny, WOW!

✨ While laying in the sunshine I do my deep Wim Hoff breathing. I usually do at least 4-5 cycles and feel ignited after this. (I’ve shared many videos, if you want let me know I’ll share again) when I shower I start with warm water and end with cold, slowly making it colder and colder to the point I can handle, think glacier water

✨ I made myself a healthy, High Vibrational smoothie full of greens, cacao, frozen banana, and nut butter.  Soooo delish ✨

✨ I usually post a few funny and mindful posts to assist in spreading Love & Light, because that’s why I have come to this beautiful planet to inspire, to Love, and to Inform

✨ And now, as I sit here sharing this wisdom with you sipping on my delicious smoothie, I am about to lay down and go into Meditation and allow myself to rest and receive. Maybe I’ll receive wisdom and insight into an area of my life…Maybe spirit will bring messages through me for all of you or a client we are about to connect with…It’s Magic Time, No ceiling, no limitations✨

✨I will also Consciously Thank My Angels, galactic guides and Soul Family for everything I AM now Consciously Manifesting into my reality. Notice I didn’t say that I beg, I THANK the Universe for All that I AM already One with and Worthy of…I Call Forth My Desires. I usually spend a few minutes journaling in my gratitude journal as well, so much to give thanks for

✨ Usually, after this I will drive my daughter to work and go hiking with my Soul Sister Honey Girl. I make sure to move my body most days and rest it when it needs it, all about the balance. If I have clients I will hike afterwards and Meditate right before I connect with my client in order to receive guidance on their specific needs.

✨ Treating Our bodies with Love & Honor is Absolutely Vital in regards to Living Consciously and Ascending into Higher and Higher Frequencies. As my beautiful guides share with me…It is our job to Love Ourselves & Honor the Earth. If you are Loving yourself, it will feel natural to Love others and to Honor the Earth. If you are Not Loving yourself, it will be a challenge to Love others and Honor the Earth.

✨ We Need Everyone to Understand that Our New Earth Will BE Birthed From Conscious Beings Loving Themselves and The Earth ✨

You Must Love Yourself Fully and release All that weighs you down if you desire Ascenion ✨No one Consciously enters 5th Dimension without Self-Love

✨ So much more but that’s an idea of my morning flow

P.S. I do Not watch TV or news and advertisements a Conscious being doesn’t allow unconscious, subliminal programming. BE Mindful


Namaste ✨ Tawnya Love and Source Oneness

Please visit my website to schedule one on one Soul shifting sessions with me @

✨MindfulnessMastery888.Com ✨

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