Free to Forgive w/Tawnya Love

Day 22 of 365 Days of Mindfulness
By Tawnya Love & the Angels

January 22nd, 2017

I Love this statement, so powerful, so truthful: “Ships don’t sink because of the water around them; ships sink because of the water that gets inside them. Don’t let what’s happening around you get inside you and weigh you down.” Such a powerful and wise reminder. We all have a wide variety of life circumstances occurring daily. Sometimes life offers us a path of ease and grace, other times we may face challenges. What’s so important is that we are mindful at all times of what’s going on within ourselves.

It’s important that we don’t allow what’s occurring”out there” to be pulled inside of ourselves. For example, if humans you live with and Love are going through their own challenges and projecting negetivity, it’s important that you choose to stay centered in Love and Ease.

So often the tension of others around us can unconsciously be sucked inside of ourselves, and the next thing we know… Boom we’re stressed out, we’re feeling anxiety, we’re feeling sick or unwell. We must stay present to how we are feeling within at all times. Allow this to be your primary focus and practice.
We are all experiencing our Human Moments, unless you are an incredibly intelligent animal that is reading this, if that’s the case I completely apologize! But I’m going to just assume that everyone reading this is in fact a human being for now.

(Our incredibly intelligent Honey Girl)

We are going to have our challenging moments, we are going to be near other humans that are experiencing their challenging moments, this is part of life. However, we have the power to stay present, the power to stay aware and the power to choose our vibrational focal point.

Give yourself permission to Forgive yourself daily, and often. Now extend that forgiveness outwardly to others around you, daily and often. Humans experience lots of human moments. We often say things in less than Loving ways when we are afraid, stressed or tired. It’s important that we remain mindful so that we don’t allow all that external energy to get inside our metaphorical boat.

Observe the energies within yourself first and foremost, this is your primary focus. Then enjoy observing the countless energies “out there.” Stay present in a space of Love and Compassion for yourself and others at all times.

Life can be incredibly Fun, Enjoyable, Amazing, and Miraculous even. Allow yourself permission to really enjoy your life. Be mindful that you don’t allow your very picky and judgmental egoic mind to rain on your own parade. BE easy with yourself and with others… Forgive, Let Go, Love, Laugh and Live Fully!
We only get this Now Moment once, so really embrace it, BE present and enjoy every sacred moment to the fullest. BE slow to anger, and swift with forgiveness it costs you nothing and blesses you & others with everything!

Blessings & Namaste, Tawnya Love & the Angels

Thank You for following our Divinely Inspired Messages and for all your support in sharing these messages with the masses.

💖 LOVE is All we Need!!! 💖

Happy Birthday to my daughter Sierra I Love You!

Living with Awareness

Living with Awarenesster,

Living with awareness is our highest calling. As great shifts in consciousness are opening for humanity at this time more powerfully than ever before, we are being tested. We are being given a very important choice to step into our power and align or to stay stuck in lower vibrational energy and continue co creating suffering for ourselves as well as others. Every day is a new opportunity for shifting and choosing aligned living. However I observed how the tests to stand in Love and alignment were very intense for so many during the holiday season. Perhaps this is because we as humans hold onto to the past in such a way that it causes us great suffering. We do it because we think this is love, we think not letting go of the pain or anger will help us in some way to control the past. Sadly we couldn’t be further from the truth. We as a species have much to learn about living in the Now, living in alignment and with integrity. We have much to understand in letting go and living in alignment and with Love as our guide.

How did you do during this holiday season? Do you feel you lived in alignment and centered in Love? Were you present and open to the energies connecting with you? Or did you connect with others with a heavy energy of past pain and anger or an expectation of negativity? Simply observing the truth is a powerful assistant in awareness and in breaking free of past behaviors and programming. It is vital for us as we evolve to drop the heaviness of past, to surrender ego and a need to control others. We will never feel freedom, Love or joy with such behavior. We are all being encouraged to evolve to let go and to enter a new space of trust. There are many Angels and Ascended Masters, spirit guides and ancestors are connecting with us humans to help us in shifting, in rising and ascending. It is we who must accept this assistance and call in these powerful spirits to assist us and awaken us to remembering who we truly are.

If you feel led grab a notebook and a pen and write down anyone your heart feels your holding onto, anyone you need to forgive (including you) and make a list of names, just let them flow onto the page. Now sit with each name and feel the emotion completely that you are holding connected to each name. Really feel it, allow yourself permission to cry and vent. Next feel what these beings, or experiences taught you. What did you learn? Once you’ve completed this, release each one with Love and Light and set them free.  Your angels can assist you with this if you call them in and the effects will be very powerful. Dare to release the heaviness of your past, dare to offer true forgiveness and let go. It is time to Set Yourself and others Free!

Once you’ve done this initial clearing, it would be wise to connect with your heart space daily and clear any pain, hurt or anger on a daily basis to keep your heart space open and free. This will be healing for your body, mind and soul just give it a try and see. I’d love to hear comments from you on what you discover from this process when you’re ready. Live in the eternal Now the space where it is All happening, Live with Love and Joy as your guide and enjoy your freedom.

 ~Happy Healing and Happy Holidays~

Namaste, Tawnya Love and the Angels ❤