Conscious Creation & Calling Ourselves Out on Our Own Distorted Behavior With Wayshower Tawnya Love

Dec 21st, 2020

Day 201 of 365 Days of Mindfulness Mastery

Greetings Beloved Soul Family,

Self Love and True Healing are only possible when we can observe our own human avatar and their behavior. As we open ourselves to honestly look within we begin to observe the wounded patterns and behaviors that we have been often robotically playing out.

The first step in regards to our creation begins within our mind. When our mind is ruling us we just react and behave in such a way that seems familiar because that is the program we are attached to.

When we begin to observe the mind’s chatter and the emotional triggers that arise we have incredible power in regards to evolving ourselves into Aligned and Conscious behavior. The old “reaction” is observed, honored and then released. A Higher Vibrational Reality opens up to us.

As we create Consciously we recognize that all thoughts create and that it is so important that our thoughts are Aligned and Conscious. We recognize that WE are All interconnected and that how we treat one another is reflective upon how we view and treat ourselves.

Unconsious Hurtful behavior harms not only the one choosing to live in such unconsious ways but also is a very toxic energy sent out to “other.”  The other always has the choice to co-create unconsiously with another co-creator. However, it is important to also understand that the “other” always has the power and choice to maintain their inner Alignment and to create Consciously, regardless of what anyone else is choosing.

When we create Consciously, we are Aligned within ourselves to create from a space of Love and Honor for All Life. We do not seek to “take” anything from the other in unconsious ways. We do Not seek to harm anyone in order to get what we want.

Conscious Creation honors the Whole and is a Holy Creation. One cannot BE a Conscious Creator while refusing to Love and Honor Self or Other.

Conscious Creation is Not attached to “other” nor a specific outcome. Conscious Creation Calls Forth a desire with surrendered Love & Trust in this Abundant & Supportive Universe. Conscious Creation always allows the highest Alignment and Manifestation to unfold without a need to control or manipulate from egoic, distorted attachment.

Conscious Creation is far deeper than just getting what you think you want. Conscious Creation is Never about taking advantage of another. Conscious Creation ALWAYS flows from a State of Surrendered Trust, Unconditional Love & Honor for All.

Dare to Observe your thoughts, Intentions and behaviors with Love and Openness. Your Awareness is Healing Your own life and is Healing every aspect of your inner and outer world.

What the world is calling for from every individual is Awareness & Consciousness. Are you ready to answer that call?

Namaste ✨🙏✨ Tawnya Love  and Source Oneness


Evolving beyond the misaligned tribal consciousness w Intuitive Healer Tawnya Love

Greetings Evolving Soul Family,

We have all chosen from our highest perspective our family of choice. However that does not mean this is where we have to stay for eternity. Evolution is our journey into expansion, greater awareness and understanding. Therefore if you were born into a family that was abusive or enslaving in any form…Your journey from your higher soul perspective may be to understand the importance of freedom and Love. I encourage any of you that are ready for greater expansion and joy in your lives to sit back relax and watch this video and then share it with all your friends and family as you honor each others unique need and heart calling for experience and expansion.

Peace and Love Tawnya Love and the Angels (live every Sunday at 5 PM Pacific)


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Blessings Tawnya Love and the Angels

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Time for Trutsting inner Knowing!

Awesome Awesome magical soul connections opening today…Angels your constantly blowing my mind and ignite my soul mission!

Had a beautiful sensitive soul connect with me who has been grieving from some deep loss a pattern of loss actually that I was shown was from lifetimes. What a beautiful and aware soul that simply needs to honor what she knows…who can relate to this? You FEEL inner knowing and worry other’s will think your crazy for that. So you suppress it and squash it and suffer…It is time sweet humans to RISE and SHINE your Light. You know truth within, it is simply time for you to trust this and speak it and assist others with your gifts of knowing. This soul KNEW many things and had them confirmed but was taught to betray this knowing, was taught to feel fear from her gifts. Time to release all fear and Align with Source where absolute miracles await us all.

I am always learning more and more to trust my inner knowing I saw visions of events before she would speak them. I now trust this and know I KNOW and let it go from there without having to analyze it. We are all learning to live with greater trust and to honor what we FEEL. Be gentle with yourselves on this journey YOU each chose to embark upon. Remember why you came and align with your mission…FEEL stuck and Lost? Contact me and allow the angels and myself to tune in and assist you back home.





I am always so honored and happy to help a seemingly stuck soul, to see that in truth they are not stuck and simply need to honor the energy and allow it to flow freely. I have great vision’s for this soul’s purpose coming into alignment. I look forward to assisting in any way I am called upon.

LIFE IS FREAKING MIRACULOUS!!! I Love you angels and I Love and salute your awakening beautiful gifted human’s Tawnya Love and the Angels

Beautiful local souls come join us in the stillness of your knowing every Wednesday evening for our conscious conversation with Source followed by gentle calming yoga and meditation. Tomorrow from 6-8 PM

For those of you who feel guided to work more intimately with me either remotely or in person. Please view my services and call me with any questions you may have. It is my absolute pleasure to serve & assist All who are open and ready. Infinite Blessings, Tawnya Love & the Angels ❤


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