Free to Forgive w/Tawnya Love

Day 22 of 365 Days of Mindfulness
By Tawnya Love & the Angels

January 22nd, 2017

I Love this statement, so powerful, so truthful: “Ships don’t sink because of the water around them; ships sink because of the water that gets inside them. Don’t let what’s happening around you get inside you and weigh you down.” Such a powerful and wise reminder. We all have a wide variety of life circumstances occurring daily. Sometimes life offers us a path of ease and grace, other times we may face challenges. What’s so important is that we are mindful at all times of what’s going on within ourselves.

It’s important that we don’t allow what’s occurring”out there” to be pulled inside of ourselves. For example, if humans you live with and Love are going through their own challenges and projecting negetivity, it’s important that you choose to stay centered in Love and Ease.

So often the tension of others around us can unconsciously be sucked inside of ourselves, and the next thing we know… Boom we’re stressed out, we’re feeling anxiety, we’re feeling sick or unwell. We must stay present to how we are feeling within at all times. Allow this to be your primary focus and practice.
We are all experiencing our Human Moments, unless you are an incredibly intelligent animal that is reading this, if that’s the case I completely apologize! But I’m going to just assume that everyone reading this is in fact a human being for now.

(Our incredibly intelligent Honey Girl)

We are going to have our challenging moments, we are going to be near other humans that are experiencing their challenging moments, this is part of life. However, we have the power to stay present, the power to stay aware and the power to choose our vibrational focal point.

Give yourself permission to Forgive yourself daily, and often. Now extend that forgiveness outwardly to others around you, daily and often. Humans experience lots of human moments. We often say things in less than Loving ways when we are afraid, stressed or tired. It’s important that we remain mindful so that we don’t allow all that external energy to get inside our metaphorical boat.

Observe the energies within yourself first and foremost, this is your primary focus. Then enjoy observing the countless energies “out there.” Stay present in a space of Love and Compassion for yourself and others at all times.

Life can be incredibly Fun, Enjoyable, Amazing, and Miraculous even. Allow yourself permission to really enjoy your life. Be mindful that you don’t allow your very picky and judgmental egoic mind to rain on your own parade. BE easy with yourself and with others… Forgive, Let Go, Love, Laugh and Live Fully!
We only get this Now Moment once, so really embrace it, BE present and enjoy every sacred moment to the fullest. BE slow to anger, and swift with forgiveness it costs you nothing and blesses you & others with everything!

Blessings & Namaste, Tawnya Love & the Angels

Thank You for following our Divinely Inspired Messages and for all your support in sharing these messages with the masses.

💖 LOVE is All we Need!!! 💖

Happy Birthday to my daughter Sierra I Love You!

Enjoy and learn from the journey!

I just have to express my deep gratitude for all the love and honor that I am now attracting into my life. This was not always the case, in fact for most of my life (40) years I am 42 now. I had been attracting such deep abuse. Many of you see the aligned courageous Tawnya Love today, yet many may not clearly see how much I had to heal and clear on my own to get here.

From age 4-18 I was beaten and shamed by my mother and father and though I loved these humans I never felt connected to them. Most of my life I felt like a freaking alien on this planet. I was harassed and bullied as a child and physically beaten up just for being me. I could feel everything I felt sick to my stomach most the time. I used to cry and cry to my Angels as a little girl begging them to bring me home. This life on planet Earth made No sense to my soul. This planet was heavy, the humans around me were all suffering and angry, so much woundedness so many lies and manipulation that my little empathic being felt physically ill.

I have been through the darkest experiences beaten, bullied, molested, raped, rejected, betrayed, gun pointed to my face…you name it I have probably been through it. I do not share this for pitty, not at all. I share this for the sake of expressing truth and Inspiring hope for those who are still walking silently with pain, abuse or fear. I feel such gratitude for my aligned life it is so beautiful and blessed and I had to claim it. I had to fight like hell at times, I had to claw my way out of the swamps and choose to fucking Rise like the warrior I am. I had to choose to forgive, choose to understand, choose to believe and choose to heal. And I did, I worked intimately with my Angels invisible make believe friends according to many lost humans. And working with these beyond words awesome Angelic warrior’s made all the difference.

I like so many of you have been lost and suicidal I have longed for release of the pain brought on from choosing this human incarnation. I was trapped in an abusive marriage, raped by my own husband, shamed and rejected by a family I felt no connection to. Yet every time what kept me here, what inspired me to trust….my Angels. I Love them more than any man made words can ever express and they are more real to me than any human torture, any human experience. I owe my very life to my Angelic family who have always been there encouraging me to heal, to walk away from the abuse, to speak my truth regardless of the outcome, to Rise and Shine like the true Angelic being I am.

It took me 40 years, in this lifetime and holy shit sooooo many lifetime’s of enslavement prior to choose liberation and freedom. So I encourage you all to be easy on yourselves be gentle. Love yourselves and know that if you see anything beautiful or hopeful in my life, that like yourselves I have been down low as well. And that I chose to Rise and you can too. At a soul level I know that I walked through the darkness on purpose for my soul wanted to understand it, it desired to experience it all and then it desired to Rise and Shine once again while inspiring a planet full of enslaved humans to Rise with me, it was no coincidence or random event…it is our destiny to Rise and I know in my soul that if I can heal and Rise Anyone can…so who will join me? Who is Done with abuse? DONE with tolerating it or enabling it, Done with suffering. DONE with feeling unworthy unlovable and alone?

Because one thing I know is you each must come to that moment where you are FUCKING DONE! who’s ready to forgive, ready to thrive, ready to Ascend, ready to Love and be Loved. You and You alone must choose. A soul like mine simply points the way. I wouldn’t change a thing from my journey I have learned so much. I now wake up each new day with a heart filled with gratitude and the question How May I Serve on my heart and mind…start healing today, choose higher because we all deserve Love everyone of us!

I had a beautiful soul reach out to me privately last night. Telling me how much my honest inspiring posts meant to them, that my energy had kept this human alive. This soul has been hurting silently like so many yet was courageous to express truth to me. My heart felt led to express the fullness of my experience to offer a beacon of light in a dark suffering world. You are All so incredibly Loved, so infinitely worthy…my hope is that one day You All see yourselves as the Angels and I see you…You are All so Beautiful and Mighty…Awaken sweet humans and RISE!!!!

~infinite blessings Tawnya Love and the Angels ☆ ♡ ☆


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Blessings Loves,

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My Year of the Phoenix

My Year of the Phoenix

Greetings friends/clients, I am feeling guided to share with you a bit more of my own story of awakening from the past year. As I meditate and glance back over the past year I am both amazed and stunned of all I transcended, all I left behind to live a fully aligned and authentic life. It is in the glancing back that we can see all those lessons so clearly and come into a complete state of awareness in all we have shifted through. For many the BIG Shift will feel intense and often chaotic as you open your eyes fully for the first time with a heart guiding you to Know truth. Last year I had to burn down to ash in order to rise and evolve, it was frightening at moments as well as exhilarating. As I choose to leave all illusion and fear behind I had no other choice but to enter the vast unknown with trust and presence.

What made this past year different from other years was the fact that I knew if I did not leave I would die. I felt my soul fading I longed to escape this life, when I realized it was not life I needed to escape but simply a life situation that did not serve my soul I knew important choices had to be made. I knew that many who loved the illusion would lash out at me and blame me for rising, but I rose anyway. I knew that others had the power of choice to rise as well or to cling and I knew with every fiber of my being it was time to let go, and so I did.

Letting go is simple, yet I hear so many who are clinging speak of how letting go is so hard. I feel from living the experience of letting go time after time, that in truth it is so natural and easy when we just flow with life rather than try t control life’s flow.  Those who attempt to control life exhaust themselves I’ve observed this over my entire life. Those who choose to love and flow without attachment thrive and enjoy the current and see where it will carry them.  How we choose will greatly affect our entire lives, so I suggest you each really open your eyes and learn to See and choose from Love, Self Love. To thine own self be true…No greater words have ever been spoken. And my ohh my how my soul was taught this important lesson.  As we are evolving Source is guiding us to come home to us! To return to self Love and wholeness and to know with every fiber of our beings that we are loved, we are One with Source. When we understand this deep and infinite truth Everything changes and shifts. We begin to thrive not merely survive, no more need to manipulate or control or steal and take energy from others. We realize we have had it within the entire time. Much like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz realizes she had the power within to go home the whole time.

Last year I surrendered a physical home that was filled with fear, and control and abuse. It was the only home I had known for over 20 years, yet the entire time my soul was calling to me to expand to remember who I was.  I have learned that it is in the holding back of our natural need to expand that hurts us and causes discomfort and pain. It is in the fear of the unknown that we cling to the comfortably uncomfortable and suffer. My soul could not tolerate this misalignment another moment, and so I let go and walked away from everything I had known into the vast infinite unknown. And I quivered as I let go, as drop of water quivers before falling from a leaf. This quivering is natural, allow it to move through you and surrender anyway.


As I let go of all I had known for so long, I promised myself that I would trust in my angels and Source at all times. I would move with awareness and presence and that I would give myself body, mind and soul to serving the light and assisting in this awakening of consciousness rippling across our sacred planet at this time. I promised to walk with Courage and I summoned Arch Angel Ariel to be one with me, to move through me, teach through me, speak and heal through me….and ohhh has she ever! I knew that if I left I had to keep going, there could be no turning back. I knew that I would be tempted to return as I had been before, yet this time I was not leaving in anger or from fear. I was leaving for Love, for self Love and for Source. I was evolving and it was time to let go and flow again. I was out of practice, yet my soul felt so at ease with flowing and trusting as this is our natural state. It is the clinging that we have been taught and conditioned to do, and this clinging is not a natural space for our souls at all.

As I gave myself fully to the light everything shifted for me within and without. Life became very synchronistic and playful again, and fun. I realized that everything is energy and it is where we are holding our focus that we begin to align with energetically. I learned to focus on the miracles, the good, the Love, the Joy, the infinite possibilities, the abundance and wholeness. And I began to co create powerfully with Source. I stopped wishing for things and instead focused my energy on what was truth for me and allowed it to come to me. I no longer clung to anything, released all neediness for anything and allowed Source to surprise and delight me. I accepted friendships as they opened and released them if they fell away, I accepted gratitude and honor when it was shown and surrendered those who could not align with this higher vibration. I knew my worth, I knew my capabilities, I knew myself as One with God One with Source One with the Universe. And I knew that now that I was aligned, aware and awake that Anything and Everything Miraculous was not only possible, but was mine in truth. I started to simply Call it Forth!

Now I teach workshops and mentorships on the Art of Calling it Forth and am now living in full alignment with my soul’s highest mission. I am honored, I am respected, I am thriving financially, I am healthy, I am Free! And all I had to align with was the true infinitely powerful me. I share this with each of you because I know many of you may be struggling. Life may be feeling unbearable and intense and you know deep within your soul is ready to expand and evolve. I am here to mirror to humans that miracles are possible for each of you when you let go of what has never been working and allow yourselves to align with Source. I am here dedicated and committed to serving All living beings who are ready to shift and align. And Source and I are very powerful in assisting humans and animals with miraculous shifts in consciousness. All that is required is your openness and desire to shift and to release all no longer serving your souls highest mission. Are you ready? When you are we are here to serve and assist and absolute miracles await you in all forms.

For those who would like to ask me questions before receiving an Angelic Auric Clearing please feel free to call me at 360.567.7576 I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.  You can easily schedule a session with me in person or remotely by going to My Services at the top of my home page and purchasing your Angelic Auric Clearing. Please message me or call me with your phone number and a good time to reach you. If the angels have been coming to you repeatedly nudging you to heal and align, trust them if they are summoning you to me there is a reason. So please trust and allow we are here to help you All of you who are ready to align with Unity Consciousness. Please realize the importance of each of your souls shifting, you are all so loved, so important and it is essential that we all awaken and remember our soul mission at this time. Blessings to you all as you flow with Source.

Namaste, Tawnya Love and the Angelic Ones

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