The Power of Choice

Beautiful awareness filled meditation class this evening. A sweet soul asks me how she can permanently rid herself of all ego. Says she feels anxiety in letting it go fully and she wants to master her ego.

I smiled and said:

“Love from what I’ve been shown the ego will constantly try to distract us from alignment, this is part of the human conditioning. So let go of the need to fight w this. Let go of any need to control ego or others this only feeds it. Know that you are powerful and that every moment you can choose. This is where your efficiency lies this is how you remain aligned…one choice at a time” 

She left tonight so excited for the light bulb of awareness is shining brightly yay!!!

Are you are a human that is struggling with your inner voice of ego and or with the external distraction of what others are telling you or projecting upon you? If so know that with awareness you have great power to choose higher choices, to eliminate all drama and chaos. Know that with each moment a new opportunity for higher choice is always available. We must simply choose it! As we disconnect from our egoic voice it becomes weaker and more diluted.  what once felt so powerful loses its perceived power and we awaken to what true power really is. We claim it, we align with Source and we choose from love and awareness rather than from a lackful consciousness and fear. And we raise our vibration, we heal, we shift, we grow, we thrive and Shine in new powerful ways!

This week take notice of your ego as it chimes in telling you your not enough, or telling you your better than another. Notice how sneaky your ego’s voice slithers in and try’s to bite you and hook your attention. Notice that as you laugh at it, and refuse to give it any food to feed on this voice weakens. This can be a very playful game and in fact the more playful you are with this the better the results and the swifter the shift in experience. Give it a try you only have fear and a very overly fed ego to loose and miraculous joyous shifts await you.~

Namaste, Tawnya Love and the Angels ❤

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