Love is the Solution <3



Want to powerfully shift your life into alignment? 
Ask yourself w every thought, with every action. Is this choice I’m about to make coming from fear or Love?
I assure you that as we shift and allow ourselves to make All choices from Love rather than fear, you shall co create a heaven upon Earth with every aligned loving action.

For example, you sense someone getting more attention than you. So you make extra effort to give compliments and flattery to another. Is this action coming from fear or Love?
You are worried your not making enough money so you try to come up with tricks to market them in. Is this choice coming from fear or Love?

Perhaps your staying very busy all day rushing around taking care of other people’s needs barely acknowledging your own needs. You race and stress and over give, why? Because you Love these people? Because their needs are more important than your own. As we look deeper into our behaviors we have the opportunity to truly see the underlying fear that can constantly send us racing ahead with little awareness as to why we are racing in the first place. Perhaps you are being led to read this post at this moment because Source is trying to get your attention? Perhaps a little detachment from results and more awareness to your intention could be beneficial for you.

There are infinite possibilities of what may arise for each of us every day. But let us begin with this moment right here, right now. What are you thinking about? What would Love have you choose? Listen closely because this subtle voice of your soul can easily be missed. Clear your mind, open your heart and listen deeply to what your Source is ready to teach you.

As we allow ourselves to observe the character being played by our infinite Source self, we are given opportunity after opportunity to release all attachment and to flow from a space of infinite Love♥

Blessings sweet soul’s know that you are so very loved. In fact You Are Love in action ♡

Keep Shining Brightly Love’s 

Namaste, Tawnya Love and The Angels ❤


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