Want to Keep you vibrations high? there are several factors to be mindful of, such as what you eat, what you drink, who you spend time with, the thoughts you focus on and how you express your emotions.

It ALL matters, being mindful that we are in tune with our own bodies and spirits is very important. Your body is intelligent so listen to it, rather than go against it honor it. A great chi- or energy stealing culprit is caffeine. Caffeine and other stimulants give a false sense of energy. These stimulants are actually disruptive to our energy systems and therefore can create imbalances in our natural abilities to connect with Spirit and our higher awareness. If our energy reserve is already depleted, caffeine can trigger the pituitary gland to secrete a hormone that tells the adrenal glands to produce more adrenaline, this sends us into a fight or flight response which causes our bodies unnecessary stress. A simple shift like releasing an addiction to caffeine and other artificial stimulants can make a HUGE difference in one’s energy and abilities to connect and allow life force, or chi to flow to us in a more beautiful beneficial way.

Some chi builders include: (taken from Connecting with your Angels)

Organic produce and meats
Freshly cooked meals
Raw foods
Pure water
Sprouted Grains
Green foods
Digestive Enzyme Supplements

Spending time in nature is also very beneficial for increasing our chi and life force. Spending time near the sea, breathing in the fresh salty air. Or walking in the forest and breathing in the fresh air, connecting with the powerful energy of the trees are all wonderful ways to reconnect and center and increase our life force.

The Power of the mind

What we focus on with thoughts and belief systems, what we expect to happen…All effect us! The Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto did a powerful study of the effect of our thoughts by holding a thought and speaking this energy into water and freezing it. In his research, he discovered that water memorizes the vibration of substances and essentially copies the information. For one of his experiments, Emoto thought about what would happen if phrases were written on pieces of paper and then wrapped around bottles of water with the words facing in. He wrote phrases like “Thank You” and “You Fool”. the results of the experiment were astonishing. The water exposed to “Thank You” formed beautiful hexagonal crystals, while the water exposed to “You Fool” produced fragmented and malformed crystals. Emoto found that using words such as Love, Unity, Friendship and Gratitude created the most beautiful crystals, whereas negative words created distorted and unattractive crystals.

The point to all of this? What you think about, what you express and what you intend can all be felt and DO effect the energies of those around you. So choose wisely and dare to go higher with your own thinking and expressions. During my healing mentorship class last night we discussed the Laws of Attraction in relation to manifestation. And this topic was addressed, we are All powerful manifestors. It is just that some of us are aware and focus upon what we desire to create and we create beauty. While others are unaware and focus upon the negative and they create it!

So if you are ready to live a more aligned, high vibration, connected and fulfilling life…Pay attention to all the energies you are aligning with. What you put into your body, who you share sacred space with, and what you hold your focus upon with your thoughts, intentions and actions. You are the most powerful being in your movie, however keep in mind that others thoughts, and expectations can also effect you vibrationally so stay awake, aware, unattached and powerful!

Blessings, Tawnya Love and the Angels



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