Honor Thy Healer


Honor thy Healer


Speaking from my heart as Source is guiding me to speak up on an important topic…All humans are worthy of Love, respect and support now I understand that many of you are not understanding this for yourselves so it makes sense that you will struggle to value others when you are not in alignment with your own Source. Here’s the deal all of you that are receiving abundance have choices of where you give and how you honor or with hold honor from another. Now each of you know that if you go to the mall and want to purchase a $100.00 pair of shoes you must pay the store $100.00 correct?…and if you go to Starbucks you pay $10-20 whatever your bill is correct? If you get your car fixed, or go to the chiropractor you pay their fee because this is how each of these humans and businesses receives abundance from the universe.

Now if you ask to have a healing session that is healing and bringing your very soul into alignment…Why would you think you should receive this help and assistance of 3-4 hours of healing, wisdom and soul connecting for free? Healers have great value and deserve to be paid their asking rate for sessions Period!

I have been getting too many taker energies coming in lately wanting it all for free…I care deeply about all of you and I thank you all for appreciating the miraculous healing assistance I am here to provide…it is valuable, my time is valuable, my gifts are valuable, I AM Valuable…so thank you for hearing this message and honoring me, it is my highest intention to inspire you all to start to truly value the healers in your lives…Go hug and honor a healer today THEY DESERVE IT! I am here to teach you how to fish, not give you the fish. Big picture this will serve you all

I always work with clients with payment plans or whatever needs to be done…HONOR ME FOR THIS do not contact me again if your intention is to take advantage of my generosity and kindness…I Am here to assist those who honor, value and appreciate my gifts and bless me abundantly for the assistance I so lovingly provide.

I LOVE when I am honored for my time, energy and healing gifts it is AWESOME! Thank you Universe for shifting this all into alignment for my highest well-being.


For those of you who can feel my alignment and would like to do your work with a trusted mentor, contact me and let’s begin your intuitive Soul Coaching, Angelic Auric Clearing, Angel Readings, Past Life regression work Today! Thank you for your honor, and your heartfelt testimonials and client referrals of friends, co workers and family I will honor each of you with a $50 discount off your Angelic Auric Clearing sessions for every client you refer to work with me. Win-Win

Infinite Blessings Tawnya Love and the Angels 


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