Alignment with Tawnya Love and the Angels


When we are awake and aware we realize that we are more alike than we may realize. We All share the common connection of Source, Love and our soul’s desire for expansion. Therefore if we feel fear, rejection, competition, or any threat from another whatsoever. We and we alone are pinching ourselves off from our Source of alignment and allowing our own well-being to flow.

Not one human enjoys the feelings of being pinched off from Source. The empty state that we experience can be overwhelming and very depressing when we stop the flow of connection, power and infinite energy to enter. We can observe this by simply watching your loved ones as they desperately attempt to control others. As we observe anyone in the energy of controlling another we can quickly observe a human out of alignment with their connection with Source. A human needing to control others is desperately attempting to compensate for their own pinching off the hose of well-being and abundance by bullying another.

Here’s the trick, we must stay awake, aware and connected with our Source no matter what is happening externally. If another is showing you unpleasant, unwanted behavior HOLD YOUR FOCUS upon alignment and your connection with source shall continue to flow. We must be mindful that we do not allow the behavior of other’s to trigger misalignment within ourselves. If we lose our focus we will join them in the sinking of vibration and enter their land of lack consciousness…This will FEEL very unpleasant very quickly…Just shake it off and realign and find your focus upon Love and wellness and your vibration shall rise swiftly. 

No One I repeat No One holds any power over your wellness and your connection with Source, unless you give it to them. You are the creator of your movie so hold your focus upon what YOU are creating, what YOU are calling forth, what YOU Love and YOU will experience beauty, Love and abundance.

Each one of us enjoys feeling good, growing, expanding, feeling Loved and accepted and being One with life. So when you observe another in a state of misalignment, realize they are showing you the panic that is created as one pinches off their own energy supply…like a fish out of water gasping for air, humans that cut themselves off from Source cut off their own oxygen and wellbeing. DO NOT join them! Hold space for them, send love, and help them realign all while remaining aligned with your connection with Source. 

So today and everyday if you notice another showing rudeness, treating you disrespectfully, or showing aggression or fear in any form, realize this is a human that has pinched themselves off from their Source and their own alignment. Don’t take their misalignment personally; it truly has nothing to do with you. Do not believe in their threats, lies and aggression for they truly have no power over you. Your power lies in your own alignment and your steady held focus upon wellness, Love, joy, peace and abundance. So like a cool dude by the name of Christ once said…Turn the other cheek…I feel he was speaking of alignment and to turn our attention swiftly to Source, God, Alignment. It is only your attention to misalignment that causes your suffering in any form, so allow all to flow around you with a steady aligned focal point and we promise you shall thrive in all ways! -Tawnya Love and the angels


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