The Art of Blossoming and Becoming with Intutive healer Tawnya Love

Greetings beautiful aware souls,

Today I saw this post by Jeff Brown on FaceBook which was so synchronistic as I was just having Source upload me with messages to share with you all on this very topic…don’t you just love synchronicity! I do 🙂

here is his post: (thank you Jeff)

Depression is frozen feeling. The mystery begins
with our history. Although the physical body
travels forward chronologically, one’s emotional
consciousness always lingers at any point of
departure. Before we can fully surrender to the
mystery, we have to go back and heal the wounds
and memories that obstruct us. This is the ‘power of
then.’ We’ve got to be there then, before we can be
here now.

I was just assisting a beautiful soul today with an angelic auric clearing. The angels channeled in messages of the importance of clearing. Messages on how this clearing process is our very evolution. We as Souls are experiencing a human awakening. For us to rise higher in vibration and therefore life situation and heightened consciousness we must first clear away the heaviness of past vibrationally.

Think of this as a symbol of renewal. If we want to build a beautiful new building, say an art museum in the city, we have to clear out the old crumbling structure that is condemned and no longer serving us. This is what is for now…we must clear away the rubble of past to rebuild the new structure. Think of my healing abilities and services I offer as an assistant to clearing away the rubble of your heavy past. Until we feel, process, learn from it and then clear it away vibrationally…it shall come around again and again and again…and again 🙂


The shifting path to building and aligning with your power and potential must occur once you have cleared away the heaviness of past. Until you release, you truly hold yourself back and you get this “stuck” feeling which for many we call depression. Once we address, learn from and clear away any old energies, we have flow and our soul’s LOVE flow. Yet for many the need of the ego to stay “stuck” and attached to an old sense of self even when it is causing great suffering is the choice many humans make daily. Why do we choose that? Fear! Every time it is from a fear of the unknown, a fear of who will I be without this energy. A fear of what will change in my life. I promise you as an intuitive healer that has witnessed so much, you have nothing to fear. Yet you must chose to embody courage and move into the unknown spaces. This is the path of evolution and it will never stop. Every single client I have assisted that chose to let go and flow has had amazing and powerful life transformations. Then there are those clients, friends, family who refuse to let go. They refuse to see their stuff and face it.  They dwell on it, identify with it, and then choose to be “stuck”.  This choice always leads to great suffering and resistance.

So let us as powerful spiritual beings realize we are in the amazing process of a human awakening. We know who we’ve been. Learn from it, process it, face it, feel it and release it. Because your soul is NOW ready to flow into who you are becoming!

Enjoy the unfolding and the blossoming of your soul, and if your ready for powerful shifts in your body, mind and soul contact me and set up a one on one Angelic Auric Clearing…Trust your intuition it led you here for important reasons!

Infinite Blessings, Tawnya Love and the Angels join our conversation live every Monday at 4 PM Pacific

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