Beautiful Heart felt testimonial

A sweet heart felt testimonial from a beautiful soul sister and client

Thank you Eileen Mihich Love You sweet soul sister!

Heart-Felt Testimonial

Illumination Game Day is always such a synchronistic, naturally-flowing, creative, empowering time. The Game is an interactive process, a blend of Gameboard, Intuitive Card Reading, and Psychic connection for all the players. This Game is like magnet and calls forth all souls meant to be there in that moment. A portal and gateway for our Higher Selves to flow through. And FUN!!!

Tawnya Love is such a loving, empowering force and is an excellent facilitator and fluid speaker! I am inspired by her emotional intelligence and compassionate, direct communication style. She is a Goddess Leader who is in Her Power and She always empowers us to be Goddess Leaders in Our lives too. An amazing teacher who comes from her Heart and cares to live her life by her highest dreams and shines this light upon others. She has truly touched my life in a healing way and I know many can say the same. You’re amazing!

Last night’s 5-hour Women Power Session was amazing! My brain wishes it had a recording of it all, but My Soul knows it is soaking it all in even the day after! Much wisdom and Psychic insight is passed through the Game and mostly between us all. We are huge lights for one another, clearing our small Ego voice, and shining precise details on our life matters at hand. We laugh, We cry, We’re Authentic, We’re True and Unconditional.

What a Powerful, Manifestive, Intuitive way to kick off the New Year with Our Highest Dreams and SELF-LOVE! Thank You Tawnya Love for this experience! Much gratitude for this soul-shifting connection.

With Love ,
Eileen Rose

heart 2

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