Going within

Going within we discover who we truly are, we have the opportunity to heal, realign w our Source, to truly know self and align w our power. Seeking externally is what we are taught from our physical birth on. Society constantly teaches to go look out there for what’s missing. To chase the carrot of the hungry ego forever chasing searching and running to find fulfillment. Yet as we turn inward and awaken to the fact that we Are Enough now, we reclaim our birthright as a very worthy soul in a human form. We begin to awaken to our Essence and to feel at ease in our human form. Now as we awaken we have emence power from a position of authenticity and awareness. Now we can fulfill our soul’s mission and even find joy and purpose in every life situation as a worthy, capable magnificent being of light having a human experience ♡ ~Tawnya Love and the Angels


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