Chasing Nirvana Today Live at 5 Pm on The Tawnya Love Show

Greetings beautiful souls,

Last night we had such an awesome night connecting and empowering each other during our Empowering the empathy mentorship. We just scratched the surface of the importance of clearing our fears in regards to our gifts of Clairvoyance. I Love how spirit brings those who are ready for exactly what I’ve been called to…such synchronicity is AWESOME!!!!

Huge thank you to all of you that took the time to empower yourselves and connect with vulnerability and courage at our workshop You are all Awesome, Loved and Supported!

I am Calling forth a miraculous magical day of inspiration and beauty!!! So excited to assist with remote sessions, yoga teacher training and our live today at 5 PM

We’d Love for you to join the live conversation as we discuss the topic “Chasing Nirvana” How so many of us are seeking, searching, and suffering as we chase, chase, Chase the illusions. Please feel free to call in live to share your thoughts and insights or to ask an aligned question.

See you all today at 5 PM

Blessings Tawnya Love and the Angels

If you Love our live show and would like to make a small donation to support us with our expenses of offering it. Please send your donation via PayPal to: (please mark friends and family and message that it is for a donation for our Tawnya Love show…Thank YOU!!!)


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