Reclaiming Your Independence with Intutive healer Tawnya Love

I live and create in a truly magical realm. This week has been powerful and called forth my steadfast warrior on several occasions. Yet through it all the angels, ascend masters, fairies, and ancestors are showing up in such magical beautiful and empowering ways.

I am truly honored beyond words to be assisting so many beautiful deserving soul’s as a Modern Day Shaman. Our ancient wisdom is being deeply called for in this modern fast paced world.

So many are hurting, harming, suffering, enslaving and hiding. Many modern day fixes are simply not working and the return of the Shaman is being summoned forth. I encourage each of you to claim daily time for stillness and reflection. Cultivate Peace with your conscious presence. BE more DO less.


The elders and ancient ones speak through me always. Last night they came to me in dream state the Angels Ascended Masters and Galactic helpers. We were meeting in a great galactic council it was so beautiful and vivid. I could feel the energy of such great Love and support for humanity. Yet what I was shown was of great importance which I now have been summoned to express transparently for each of you to listen to or ignore, that is your choice.

Ultimately the word choice is a great place to focus, as we are all living in a freewill universe. We all have the important choice in how we live, think, speak and create. We all have the freedom to take a stand and speak our vulnerable truth or to deny that truth yet another day. The choice to assist in liberation of ourselves and others or the choice to to enslave ourselves and others.

What I was told boldly and powerfully in my dream state was this “The time has come, you have all been prepared for your own ascension. The great Armies are Uniting. Remain alert, awake and aware!”

What I was told boldly and powerfully in my dream state was this “The time has come, you have all been prepared for your own ascension. The great Armies are Uniting. Remain alert, awake and aware!”

There is much shifting on a galactic astrological level as well as at the micro cellular level humanity. Observe and choose from Love, release your old mental programs of fear and control. Surrender to the Light as you embody this loving vibrational frequency.

high council of orion

For many today marks a day of Independence at the level of nation breaking away from enslaving nation. It is now your opportunity humanity to reclaim Your own personal Independence Day! Not just for today but rather the opportunity to live completely authentic, aligned, awake, present and aware. To live out your highest truths, to speak up and stand forward on what matters most to your soul. You must choose this independence no other may choose this for you.

Remember all you’ve been as you surrender all that brings you pain, fear and sadness release with your powerful intention and breath We Are with You Always!

Your heart is ready to end all suffering, seeking, sadness and struggle. Your heart is ready to fully embody the Light and Love available for you…will you allow this shift? If your answer is yes Welcome Home beautiful deserving soul’s ♡

~ Galactic High Council channeled through Tawnya Love ♡

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