You Are the most important Creator You will ever know!

Marilyn Manson

Music of the Spheres

“Everything in life is a sound vibration, and every aspect of life can be moved by frequency, even on a cellular level. When you can control sound, and manipulate frequency you are, in a sense, playing God.

Sound manipulates shape, shape forms matter, and matter is the illusion that is our current reality. Reality is sound and vibration, and when you alter sound, you alter your environment and reality.

Just think about it. What else in life besides sound/music can move a person to dance, sing, laugh, cry, feel love, scream, jump, feel anger, pain, or re-live an exact moment in time? When you dial into a certain sound frequency through a song, you essentially dial up an emotion which moves you, and you act accordingly. Sound/music is essentially God’s way of orchestrating a reaction, and when you are the music maker, you are essentially playing God.

When you realize you are in control of the “stations” you dial into, and how you let the “outside noise” effect you, you can then take command of how you wish to feel, and you will begin to understand the concept of creating your own reality.

You choose what you wish to move you, and you choose how you wish to move others. God, regardless of religion, is the ultimate word for “creator” and you have the same power within you to create whatever reality you wish.”

Greetings Beloveds,

I was browsing Facebook this morning during my cardio session and came upon this awesome expression by Marilyn Manson. I felt inspired to not only share this post but to speak up on this important awareness on this Sunday’s Tawnya Love Show live at 5 PM Pacific on please claim some YOU time and join us, write in, call in speak your truth and share your voice with us. Everything I have experienced in this life has brought me back to this truth and realization again and again…You are the most important voice, power and Creator You will ever know….its all about your chosen focal point and how YOU SEE YOURSELF that matters most in your ability to create.

After a deep restful nights sleep, sharing words of Love, hope and wisdom during my cardio session as I honor and Love my beautiful sacred temple…Life is a gift…are We honoring this gift? Are We Loving ourselves deeply? Are We honoring our sacred temple (body, mind soul) caring for it, tuning within to its needs, feeding it only Love and nurturing thoughts, food and experience. Are We truly Living and celebrating every breath every sacred moment? Is Love our focus or is it fear?

It’s All about Our chosen focus! Where will YOU choose to focus today? 


Love and Honor Tawnya Love  ♡   Join us in high vibrational soul conversation THIS and Every Sunday Live at 5 PM Pacific….Please follow me on Face Book and My YouTube Channel under Tawnya Love

Contact Me to set up Life shifting Soul Coaching Sessions via Skpye…I AM ready to serve and Assist You Are YOU ready to co create bliss and magic?

One comment

  1. Gary Wilson · June 19, 2016

    This blog is so true! Very apt and inspiring statements for us to think about, first thing, every morning! Thanks! I like that picture of the kitten. That is the way my kittens are all the time – until they become adult cats and then they get lazy and kinda bored with life, etc. That is the way a lot of humans are. When they are children they know they can conquer the world and as adulthood comes along they stop believing in themselves and just lay around and complain like an old Tomcat! ha! ha!

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