A time to Live, A time to Die, A time to Love!!!

Greetings Soul Family,

I am very aware and focused upon healthy positive thoughts and New creations today. Sometimes our life situation can bring us what some may label as problems, yet we can stay centered and observe that there truly are no problems. Just new life situations, and within every situation there are gifts that have the ability to cultivate greater strength and awareness and Love.
Many of you know that this has been a challenging week for myself and my family. Having a dream of a new baby, a dream job, a dream life partner and having that dream fade away can feel painful for any of us. Yet I do trust that my Source God Love’s me, Love’s our family and knows exactly what we truly need. As well as knows exactly what is not for our highest and best. We have grieved the loss of this baby and know that she is forever with us in spirit. And she will join us in physical when it is the Divinely aligned time.
I have truly learned through many life situations that life is working for us, never against us. Some questions may feel difficult to answer. Yet we can relax and trust that this universe has our back and is lifting us up to exactly where our soul’s most desire to ascend.
One thing I know for sure, when life brings us trials, challenges and change. We have the opportunity to grow and rise in every possible way. Or we can fall and descend into the darkness of our worst fears. That choice is and will always remain Our choice. I choose to focus upon Love, New Hope, Beauty, Growth, Expansion and Divine Perfection forever in effect within each and every life.
Going through a situation such as our family has this week has brought incredible clarity and perspective. One quickly sees who is truly there for you and who doesn’t care at all. And though that may feel painful momentarily, it is a gift for forward growth and movement.
I truly feel I have risen and Ascended higher from this spiritual re-birthing. More aware, awake and fearless than ever. There are some humans that I am moving away from for it is time and new soul family that are now entering my most sacred space with Love.
Life is happening within and without, all lives matter, Love is our highest calling and the most important thing this much I know for sure.
Namaste, and the deepest gratitude to all of you who reached out in Love and Kindness ♡ Tawnya Love and family
**I will not be hosting a live TheTawnyaLoveShow.com this Sunday as my family knows we need some time near the ocean. Have a most blessed and beautiful Now!

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