There is No Spoon with Tawnya Love


Greetings beautiful soul family,

Are you ready to transcend your own ego identity? Ready to realign and balance your “Human-ness” with your “Being-ness”? Do you desire greater fulfilment and aliveness in any particular area of your life, or perhaps on all levels of your existence?

Please CLAIM your soul time and join us Live on Sunday at 5 PM Pacific on TheTawnyaLoveShow.Com

Source has much wisdom to share with us as we transcend the matrix of our physical realities our topic is titled “There is No spoon” join us for an uplifting and expansive soul conversation.

Thank You for sharing this invitation with everyone your able to, especially those you observe are greatly suffering.


Namaste Tawnya Love and the Angels of Unconditional Love and Light ♡

I welcome your live questions or comments just log in at or call in blessings to All during this most magical time of transformation and awakening

Contact me for my Awesome holiday life coaching, remote Angelic Auric Clearing and Angel Reading specials!!!


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