Spiritual Transformation and Rebirthing with Intuitive Healer Tawnya Love & the Angels

Day 11 of 365 Days of Mindfulness 

By Tawnya Love and the Angels 

January 10th, 2017

Spiritual Transformation and Rebirthing

I woke up this morning and felt like I had been away along time. Seriously felt as if I had been in a coma as I processed and cleared all the clinging heaviness of my past. Woke up completely soaked with sweat. Dreams are so interesting to me. My aunt who I’ve not seen nor spoken with in years was standing by in my dream. I was walking through a house that I seemed to know from my past, I knew where things were and what was stored in certain bins. All symbolic of the stored memories, and experiences.

I then saw a camcorder playing videos of my ex husband with our daughter our first born child. I saw videos of stored happy memories. I felt in my dream I was taking those forward with me. I then saw a headboard of a bed with carvings on it. Carvings from my ex husband, my children and myself. 

I recall I read mine and it spoke of the deep pain I was in during this relationship. I then spoke out loud with one of my spirit guides close by, I expressed the wisdom I held within in regards to life. I spoke of the fact that even when a family is appearing to all be in the same place physically, doing activities together, going places together, they are each moving through their own intimate process, their own emotions, joy, pain. Each one taking gifts from experiences they choose to, or packing out heaps of pain, guilt or shame. Each one taking their own lessons with them, or not. I realized clearly that we are all in this life stuff together, however we are not at all living the same experience.

I then moved forward and offered myself to this beam of bright cobalt blue fire, I stepped in and I transformed into a fiery Phoenix. I allowed myself to burn off all heaviness, all lower vibration I saw my old self fall to dust in that purifying flame. Suddenly I arose new in Phoenix form and I stepped out of the flame Brand New, reborn.

I feel Awesome today, New and Light…That was some serious transformation we put ourself through last night. Just before sleep our whole family saw a flash of blue green neon light. We weren’t exactly sure what it was. Yet I was open to it being the very Angels I had called in to work with me. What an Awesome experience this life stuff. My heart is open, pure, and incredibly grateful! 

Allow yourself some deep stillness, processing time with spirit today. Turn off all the cell phones, computers, TV and distractions and go within for awhile. Invite your Spirit Guides, Angelic Family, Source God, Goddess whatever symbol of The Infinite you most resonate with…Invite this Love and Support in.
Thank your guides for showing you your life review, the stored memories and emotions. Thank them for assisting you in releasing everything that has become heavy and burdensome. Allow yourself permission to let it go! Notice the Intuitive guidance and knowing that bubbles up in your consciousness. Pay attention to symbolic images and messages of wisdom that your soul is ready for you to take forward with you. Be willing to burn down all that is no longer serving you to ash, know that you are ready to rise New! 

Allow yourself permission to stay inward for some time, as long as you need. Enjoy the process of your own Spiritual Alchemy and Rebirthing. It’s Your Time to Rise Anew!

Have a Beautiful New You Day!
XOXO Tawnya Love & the Angels πŸ’– 

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