Aligning with Spirit’s Divine Flow w/Soul Coach Tawnya Love

(Actual photo I took from inside our car with magical frost)

Day 17 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love & the Angels

January 17th, 2017

Recently we received quite a lot of snow, something that is out of the ordinary compared to the typical mild winters we have here in Vancouver, WA. We received over 12″ in one evening. Now, I’ve lived in Wyoming and Alaska in my childhood, and this amount of snow would be the norm in such places. However, the Vancouver, WA area isn’t quite as prepared for such weather, so this sudden flurry can create a lot of change, and fast.

Something I’ve learned from life that I’d Love to share with all of you that are open is this: to learn to trust in Spirit’s Divine Flow. There is a current Spirit offers us that can assist us, support us, and even lift and relocate us if we allow it. There is a Divine intelligence operating at all times, and we are a part of that intelligent flow. When life brings sudden change, those changes can be incredibly powerful in delivering to us that which we truly need – not always what our Ego wants or thinks it needs -but what we truly need, we will receive.

I enjoy going with Spirit’s Divine Flow. I am open to it, mindful of it, and always watching and FEELING for it. I’ve observed how going with Spirit’s Divine Flow is like catching that perfect wave in the ocean. One can be lifted, propelled, and delivered swiftly and efficiently; yet for those that haven’t yet allowed themselves permission to relax and flow, these Divine moments of change, delivered by Spirit, can seem terrifying. Humans who have not yet allowed themselves the space to trust and flow can feel as if life is against them, or out to hurt and destroy them. 

This brings to mind the saying: “We do not see things the way they are, we see things the way we are.” This statement is filled with truth. When a human SEES from the eyes and awareness of fear, destruction, doom, gloom, and lack, that is all they will be able to see in life. As changes come, all they will see is destruction, fear, anger, and lack.

And yet, this isn’t exactly true for others who SEE from the alignment of Love, faith, and trust, and surrender every change that arrives as simply that- an opportunity for change. Maybe a new way of doing something, a new way of being, or at times a whole new direction. Times like these can be filled with fear, anxiety, worry, and anger as a human lashes out in an attempt to control life. One may also choose to stay present, open, excited, and in harmony with life. Change will most certainly come for each of us, and often this is the essence of life. However, it is for us to choose how we respond to that which life delivers for us.

So, back to the recent arrival of snow in our community. It was interesting for me to observe how so many humans were excited for the snow, Joyous for the opportunity to slow down and snuggle up inside with the ones they love.  This is exactly how my family and I felt. Together we enjoyed this unexpected gift of down time, snuggle time, meditation and relaxing time. We accepted this gift with joy, and trusted that what we need, we shall receive.

Now, in contrast, I observed many humans that were upset at the snow, angry that they couldn’t get to work, complaining that they needed the money. These humans were at war with nature, at war with life, and at war within themselves. Fear was taking them over- the anxiety of what they couldn’t control ignited anger. These humans were receiving the very same beautiful white snow, and yet the way they were choosing to SEE it made all the difference.

What if we could all relax a bit, and let go of needing to control anything outside of ourselves? What if we could give ourselves permission to stay playful, present, and open to Spirit’s Divine Flow? What if life truly does know what we need, maybe even more than we do? What if being snowed in was actually a blessing, a gift, and an invitation to slow down and relax, play, snuggle up with a loved one or a favorite book or movie? 

You see, I FEEL Spirit is incredibly intelligent, and I trust that whatever is on its way is flowing our way as a Sacred Gift. All that must shift to help us as humanity to enjoy life more, is to relax and receive these gifts with full faith, and to surrender and trust that All we need is on its way- even on a snow day!

Take a few deep, centering breaths, and just allow yourself permission to relax, to soften, and be still. Allow your muscles to relax, your breath to deepen. Notice what fears you’re holding within, and allow them to surface one by one. Invite your suppressed fears to surface into the light of consciousness. Now FEEL them, give them a name, and thank them for surfacing. Enjoy releasing each one of your fears as you exhale. Realize that this is just suppressed energy, and that you have the power to release and transform this energy. With each inhale, allow yourself permission to breathe in Love and Trust. Fill yourself with Trust and Love, as there is an infinite supply. Continue this meditation until you FEEL relaxed and centered. Repeat often!

Infinite Blessings to All
💖 XOXO Tawnya Love & the Angels

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Thanks for sharing this with all your Loved one’s 💋 Tawnya Love

Last night we received an abundance of rain which is currently Washing away the snow, another sign of Transformation and change. Last night I also dreamnt of a beautiful frog jumping onto my bedroom window. Check out the spiritual meaning of frog online…Magic is here! We welcome your Essence Sweet Frog Spirit 💋

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