Divinely Guided w/Intuitive Light Assistant Tawnya Love

Day 19 of 365 Days of Mindfulness
By Tawnya Love & the Angels

January 19th, 2017

Do you ever feel lost or alone? As if you are the only one on Earth going through your particular life situation? Often times our egoic mind can distract us and try its best to convince us that we are on our own. That no one cares, that we’ll never make it, and so on. I’m Pretty sure we have all had several moments like this throughout our lives. However there is always another path available for each of us. 

The path that directly acknowledges our Oneness with Source God. The path of surrendered trust and faith, the path of peaceful presence and deep listening. It is through this path that we open ourselves up to receive Divine Guidance. And what a difference choosing this path makes on every level of our lives. 

We are All worthy and deserving of Divine Guidance, everyone of us. There are not just special humans like Christ, the Dalai Lama, the Pope or Angelic Healers that are worthy of channeled wisdom and Divine Guidance. We All are One with Source God–the begger, the criminal, the school teacher, the police officer, the healer, the thief. Each one of us are always connected to Source God wisdom and intelligence. However many of us have often times forgotten to tune in and access this Divine Connection. 
Accessing Divine Guidance isn’t just for those curing sickness, or conjuring grand miracles. You see every moment of presence offers us a new miracle. Every mundane activity is filled with miraculous solution and opportunity. Accessing Source Energy is available always. Whether we are in need of guidance on which road to take on our daily drive or what food is upsetting our stomach, to why isn’t that paperwork showing up at the DMV…Divine Guidance is always available, but are we allowing the wisdom and solutions to flow?

Many of us humans can struggle unnecessarily when we get caught up in our life situations. When we start to believe the misaligned chatter of the fearful frantic egoic mind. We start to pinch off the wisdom and guidance of the Source we are One with and we struggle and suffer. We start to create the feeling of separation because in our minds we are split. The ego has convinced us that we are separate, so now we SEE through the eyes of separation and fear. We start to view life as if it’s against us, as if there is not enough. So we struggle, we manipulate, we lie, cheat, steal and we live consumed by Fear. We survive, but in this space we cannot thrive.

The alternate path is to choose higher guidance, to open ourselves to receive the vastness of consciousness. We allow Divine Guidance to enter in this still calm peaceful moment of surrendered trust. This is the path of Miracles and what many perceive as Magic! 
Each one of us is One with Source God, as Christ expressed after performing Miracles. “These things I do, you shall do greater!” Christ realized his Oneness with Source God. He channeled this power and consciousness through his human form. He allowed himself to access unlimited power, knowing and potential through his surrendered trust and Love. Not through force, manipulation or worry. But through surrendered trust. This is also possible for You!

Surrendered trust…The most powerful space any one of us can choose to align with in any given moment. This path opens us up to all that is possible. Allows that which is best for our soul growth to enter. The mind cannot comprehend such vastness, it cannot hold it and label it. Release any need to even try, just allow.

The next time you find yourself in a bit of a dilemma or what could be a tense life situation, take a deep breath as you consciously open yourself up to Divine Guidance. Allow yourself permission to relax, find ease and allow surrendered trust and faith. Just allow it, no need to force anything to happen. This is the opposite of trying, this is allowing. 
As you calm down and settle into your breath, just imagine your Oneness with Source God. Imagine you can FEEL that openness in your entire being. Allow the mental noise to subside as you return to stillness. Calm that raging river of your mind down until it’s a calm, clear reflective pool of stillness. Once your mind feels calm and still, ask your question or state your request. Now shhhh listen, sense and FEEL the wisdom that is arising now. Just be present with whatever arises without judgment. Allow yourself space to receive.

When you feel ready open your eyes and trust in your inner knowing and Divine Guidance. Now take your next Aligned action from the space of inner alignment and awareness. Move forward with surrendered trust and faith. Allow the Infinite Love and wisdom to lead the way!

Infinite Blessings, Tawnya Love & the Angels

Contact Tawnya Love to schedule your one on one In person or remote Angelic Healing Sessions, Soul Coaching Sessions or Intuitive Readings. Blessings and Love to All 💖

XOXO 💋  Thank You for sharing this channeled message of Love! 

Email: tawnyaangel555.com


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