Mind Control = Manifestation Control w/Intuitive Healer Tawnya Love

Day 34 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love & the Angels

February 3rd, 2017

As I’m receiving this Divinely Inspired Message my guides are playing a song by Janet Jackson, Control in my Consciousness. My soul team has a great sense of humor. Today we will share just how in Control you truly are in regards to Your Sacred life. For many of you are still awakening and remembering just how powerful you truly are in regards to manifestation. 
You see, You create it All…You Are One with it All…You are One with Source God. Therefore, once You truly are awake and aware of your Oneness you’ll realize You create the goodness, You create the sadness, You create the Abundance, You create the lack and so on.

How do we create? Through our chosen Thoughts, chosen Feelings, and through our chosen Vibration. I encourage You to test this out for yourself, because you will only truly Know this truth as You experience this truth consciously.

Begin to observe the shifts that occur in your day when you’re in a negative mood, you stub your toe, you start cursing, you drop your water bottle, you curse some more. Someone cuts you off in traffic, you give them the finger. You start to think more negative thoughts and exclaim out loud, “What else can go wrong???” Ummm, careful asking this question.
Next thing you know something else is going wrong (according to your lack of true awareness) and if you’re not careful you can really lose yourself in this low Vibrational Reality. Some humans can spend a few moments here, some a few weeks, months and some a lifetime. 

You see, You create according to Your own limiting thoughts and beliefs. Or according to your expansive thoughts and beliefs. And sometimes according to you passively just letting things happen. What’s important is that you’re aware that You hold power. You Are a powerful creator. If we still haven’t awakened we often have a sense that we are victims. Yet this is never true. You are creating right Now, through your chosen thoughts You are choosing to think about right now, through your chosen Emotions and Feelings you’re emitting and through your chosen vibration.

No one else can make you hold a thought, they can project limitations or beliefs or expectations or dreams upon you. However, You Choose to let those thoughts in or not. If you haven’t Awakened yet to this truth, then you will feel others Make You think negatively or others Make You suffer. But it’s simply not true. Others’ external noise is just that, noise. You either tune in and focus upon that noise or you allow it to pass by.
What gets us in trouble is when other people make their choices and we don’t like their choices so we feel We need to control them. Not an Aligned or empowered idea. And this is a Huge distraction away from the only thing you truly do have control over. Your own thoughts, your own chosen emotions and your own Vibrational Alignment with the Source within.

Start consciously intending to be aware of how You are FEELING. Be aware of the thoughts your choosing; if a scary or fearful thought arises, send this part of yourself Love and choose a Loving, expansive, joyous thought. If your feeling blahhh or heavy, consciously turn on some happy music, go for a nature walk or dance in your bedroom. Literally shake off the heaviness and choose to consciously raise your own Vibration. 
Simply by bringing awareness to how you’re feeling, what thoughts your choosing and the vibration you’re emiting, you will reclaim Your Power! You’ve never truly been powerless, it was all an illusion, you simply lost yourself in the illusion. It’s time to WAKE UP!!!

Time to realign with your true power and potential and start consciously co-creating with your Source. Consciously Manifest the life of your happiest, most Joyous dreams. As you take your power back you can expect great shifts to occur in your life, as well as beyond yourself as you Inspire others to realign with their Infinite power. We are Powerful beyond measure, WE Are ONE with Source God!!!
Now use your power wisely and consciously as WE co-create a beautiful balanced harmonious joyous life together on this Beautiful planet, who’s ready for Miracles?

Blessings and Namaste, Tawnya Love & the Angels

Thank You for helping us spread these Divinely Inspired Messages with All of Humanity We are counting on Your Support! 💖

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