Love Lift Us Up w/Intuitive Healer Tawnya Love

Day 39 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love & the Angels

February 8th, 2017

Today was an enjoyable day with many beautiful soul-connecting conversations. What was so beautiful was not just the beauty that arose when I connected with those who think or live as I live, but how beautiful a gift when we can connect heart-to-heart with others that may feel differently than we feel on certain topics, or who may have different beliefs or views on life. We truly live in such a beautiful and diverse world. Some of us enjoy this diversity and we show up with honor for ourselves and each other regardless of our varying views. And some humans I observe are just so angry, so afraid to connect, to relax, to open their hearts to listen.

What causes this shut down? I’m sure this rigid focus on life can occur from a multitude of life experiences. However, to keep things simple my heart tells me it’s Fear. Throughout our lives we can lose our innate sense of trust and Love for life if we’re not mindful. Heartbreak after heartbreak can leave a human being emotionally bankrupt. For myself, I’ve definitely seen and experienced my share of pain and heartache. And yet, here I am Loving life to the fullest, trusting one beautiful sacred moment at a time. Here I am Loving All of You with my heart WIDE Open, regardless if you have the openness to do the same.

When I observe small children I SEE Love, pure uninhibited flowing Love. Sweet little black babies and white babies, Hispanic babies and Indian babies all connecting, playing, laughing, and hugging. I do Not see hateful babies. I do Not see any racist babies. I definitely do Not see any Political babies of any kind.
My point with this is that somewhere along the way many of us lose ourselves. We start caring too much about dad’s opinion so we observe dad as he talks with his friends about hating another race, or talking about those “Stupid Democrats,” or those Slutty women. Next thing you know you’ve lost yourself. Suddenly you hear yourself calling someone a Nigger, or a Slut, or a Dumbass…The list goes on. Trust me, I’ve seen adults with bucket loads of insults to throw around. What’s sad to me is I SEE these adults, I SEE their fear, their insecurity, everytime they lash out at another human.

What I also SEE is their frozen inner child, stuck inside of themselves crying to be free. That inner child that wants to just Love everyone, that inner child that wants to play and be played with, that inner child that just wants Love and wants to express Love freely. You see the truth is we haven’t lost our inner child he/she is still here within us just waiting to break out.

Everyone of us has an inner child, The Pope, Madonna, the delivery person, your mom, the President, your next door neighbor. All of these humans once lived without fear, without any judgment or racism, without hate and aggression. Yet somewhere along the way their inner child got frozen inside. And somewhere inside that inner child would Love to be free again.

(This song is literally playing in my mind as I type this)

This Healing exercise simply requires your presence and openness. That’s it! Lay or sit down somewhere you won’t be disturbed. Connect with your breath and with each exhale allow your body permission to relax and let go. With each inhale allow yourself permission to take in more life force and energy. Now connect with your heart center.

Allow yourself permission to tune inward with the intention of connecting with your inner child. Be patient with this process, if you haven’t connected for years your inner child may be cautious and slow to respond. Just be open and receptive to whatever arises. Imagine within what your inner child looks like, trust that whatever age arises is perfect. Just stay present. Once you feel or sense your inner child and have an imagination of what they look like, age 4, age 12… Simply ask, “How can I show you more Love today?” Now be present and listen without judgment.

Just allow yourself to receive. Once you have an intuition of what your inner child needs, say Thank You. Now ask, “What do you need from me today?” Again listen and receive. Once you’re aware of what your inner child needs be sure to honor these requests today. Imagine hugging your inner child or giving them a high five, maybe even holding them close with Love and Nurturing. When you’ve completed this healing exercise tell your inner child, “I Love You, Thank You for connecting with me today. I am sorry for ignoring your needs, I Am here for you now. I Accept You as You are. I Love You!” Now gently open your eyes and go take the actions your inner child shared with you today.

May You truly come home to yourself today, may your inner child be Free and know how deeply Loved and Appreciated they are. May this be the start of a beautiful relationship with yourself and may that Love spread outwardly to every life you connect with.
Peace & Love are here for us All Now!

Blessings, Tawnya Love & the Angels πŸ’–

Thank you for listening, observe the Miraculous shifts that occur simply by practicing deep listening. Thank You for sharing this Divinely Inspired Message if You found it helpful.

πŸ’– We Are All One πŸ’– May We Live As Such πŸ’–

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