Reuniting with Mother Nature w Intuitive Channel/Guide Tawnya Love

Day 54 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love & the Angels

March 1st, 2017

(My sweet Mermaid resting amoung the blossoming flowers, her favorite place to BE)

Happy March and Happy Spring to All!

I’m not sure if it’s because I was born in the month of March (March 3rd) or if it’s just Magical in general, but I Adore March, I Adore Springtime so much! Like all the sleeping flowers and trees, I feel myself waking up, springing forth with life during the springtime. I truly Love Love Love Spring!!!

This is such a Magical time of year when all of nature around us is awakening from its long winter slumber. There is a freshness, a need to get out and deeply reconnect with nature again. One can truly FEEL the aliveness pulsating all around! And my favorite part, all those Gorgeous Amazing Blossoming trees and flowers, the sweet crocus flowers pushing their way through the soil. The Grape Hyacinth, and no one can miss those bright cheerful daffodils reaching for the light. 

Springtime is a Magical Period! The Sun is shining longer, the refreshing rain nourishes the Earth, the birds are playful and totally twitter-patter (remember Bambi). Everyone is pulled to reunite in Mother Nature’s Vast garden for the celebration, and all are welcome here! And for this I am infinitely grateful that I myself sprung forth into life during the Springtime. 

During this Beautiful time of vast beauty and aliveness I encourage You, I Welcome You, I Beckon You to connect with Nature daily. Just for the fun, just to BE One with all this thriving blossoming beauty and magic! Take time each day to truly stop and BE with the Blossoming flowers, don’t You dare race by unaware. Slowwwww down. Breathe it all in. Fill your senses, FEEL the Aliveness within and without. Give the blossoms Your honor, Your awareness, Your full Presence. It will be a gift for You both if You will allow yourself permission to receive.

Relax, sit down next to that ancient tree and enjoy Being for awhile. Enjoy deep Listening and Stillness. Venture out and meander through the lush forest growth, go off the path, explore and allow your Intuition to guide You. 
Take a blanket and lay down next to that babbling Brook alone or with Your Beloved. Relax your gaze within, allow your mind, your body and your heart permission to relax and let go. Let go of the fast-paced life, let go of ambition at the cost of Your peace, let go of your worries, just let go and enjoy Being with the sound of the water as it flows. Drink it all in! Fill Yourself up from the inside out.

Don’t allow yourself to miss Mother Nature’s Most Spectacular show. This Spring, really get out there and reconnect with all the Abundant blossoming beauty and BE One with Mother Nature again. There are countless gifts and wisdom that await you just around the River bend. Pay close attention or you’ll miss it! Mother Nature has missed You.

Enjoy and Happy Spring to All!!! 

💖 Tawnya Love & the Angels


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