Stepping Out of Our Comfort Zones w/Intuitive Healer Tawnya Love

Day 56 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love & the Angels

March 8th, 2017

Each and Every day we are all given yet another opportunity for growth, evolution and expansion. Even if you feel like your life has become stagnant and full of life’s robotic routines, there is movement happening for all of us. When we start to bring Consciousness to All that we are Doing and Being we become aware of this subtle movement; We become aware of this New Now Moment. 

It may sound silly or just plain simple, however by simply bringing greater presence to our lives we activate an incredible power from within. As we become aware that we are One with an indescribable, Infinitely Powerful Source of ever shifting energy we become aware of life’s movement. Now, becoming aware of the fact that all matter is in essence moving and never stagnant is Liberating and Empowering. We can give ourselves permission to drop any scripts where we’ve been playing the victim card. We can trust that because we are One with Infinite Source then we are safe and secure, as we Shapeshift throughout our lives.

When I was younger I had a great fear of dying, not exactly sure why or when that fear crept in. But nonetheless it was there stirring up anxiety from within me. Before I become Conscious, truly aware and awake that fear of death drove me to take on more, to compete with myself and with anyone around me. It drove me to want more, more, more. And yet no matter how much I gained be it money, relationships, jobs, a sense of status–no matter what IT was that I felt I needed more of, IT was never enough. That constant dis-ease within cried out for more! Perhaps you can relate to this feeling? 
The good news is that through life’s perfect and beautiful mystery, enough became enough already. I experienced great pain and through that pain and suffering I chose to awaken. I say I chose because that is a vital part of the great shifts in my life. And nobody did my healing work for me, nope I had to choose Love over Fear. I had to choose Presence over Illusion. I had to choose to Live my life with joy and surrendered trust rather than Fearing Death and allowing that unconscious fear to drive me into the depths of suffering.

It takes great courage and awareness to Step Out of Our old familiar comfort zones. We can grow very uncomfortably comfortable living with such unconsciousness. Soon we start to identify with our victimization, and our limiting “Stories” seem to control us because we believe we Are our old stories. When we live unconsciously fear drives us, negetivity feels normal, we live with distrust and suspicion and we suffer. 
So how does one get out of this “old” routine of doom and gloom? How does one drop the limiting scripts that have possed us for so long? How does one Release the shackles of lack and limitation? 

It’s a choice. A choice You must make for yourself as no other can make it for you. It’s a choice to BE One with life again, a choice to breathe out All that old familiar fear and breathe in Love and Trust. It’s choosing to trust in life’s flow, to trust in more than your eyes can see, to trust in your worthiness. It’s choosing to open ourselves to receive, not because we’ve had to work hard, or because we have sufferrd, or because we are better than another. But simply because We are Here, living and thriving. It’s a choice to Step Out of Our Comfort Zones in whatever way our hearts are guiding us towords.
Your heart knows if you are settling, your heart knows if your passion lies elsewhere. Your heart knows what it wants to thrive. The question is are you still enslaved and shackled in fear? Are you still so afraid of death that you’ve become suffocated by it? Or are you ready to listen and trust in your heart’s wisdom and intelligence? Are you ready to start Thriving rather than merely surviving? Are you ready to move and flow with surrendered trust?

Life is happening, life is movement and flow, life is expansion and evolution. Catch the wave life is bringing to you, let go and allow yourself to be lifted to your highest most joyful and honoring shore! Don’t waste another day, another moment shackled in fear. Love is calling, can you hear her? What is your answer?
Infinite Love, Light and Blessings Tawnya Love and the Angels

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