Holiday Healing Specials w Tawnya Love

Give Yourself & Your Loved Ones the gift of health & wellness this Year. I’m offering many Incredible Holiday Healing Specials that can be used throughout the Year. When you purchase a package you may use these sessions for yourself or share with Your Loved Ones. Gift certificates are available. Healing Specials Offer good until December 31st 2017. Contact me soon 🧚

Aromatherapy Healing Touch Massage sessions are Incredibly relaxing and restorative. I will tune into your personal needs by adding Angelic Reiki, Tuning Forks, Healing Crystals or Singing Bowls. Most of my clients drift off into a peaceful sleep during these sessions. Single Sessions are $75 plus gratuity

10 Session Package are $55 per session plus gratuity
5 Session Package are $65 per session plus gratuity

Angelic Auric Clearing Sessions are beneficial for Everyone, humans as well as animals. I am able to support You with these Auric Clearings in-person or remotely with great success. These sessions are Incredibly Activating and Empowering for Body, Mind and Soul. Sessions are typically 3-4 hours in length. It is highly recommended that you begin hydrated and take the day off for balancing & processing these energetic sessions. I’ve literally observed many of my clients completely turn their lives around when they honor the higher guidance they receive during these sessions.

Single 3-4 hour Session are $333
Prepay for 3 Sessions & Receive your 4th Session half price
Prepay for 6 Sessions and Receive your 7th Session Free 💜 (These Sessions are Powerful Beyond Words or Measure)

Past Life Regression Sessions are Incredibly helpful in understanding and processing issues you may be facing now in this Present Life. These Sessions are typically an hour in length and very insightful.

Single Sessions are $222
Prepay for 10 Sessions and Receive 2 Complimentary Sessions 💜
Prepay for 5 Sessions and Receive your 6th session half price

Private Yoga/Meditation Training is Incredibly Empowering for every human seeking greater health and balance of Body, Mind & Soul. I truly Love living my Yoga & I Am honored to support my clients with wisdom & guidance.

Single Sessions are $75 per hour
Purchase 10 Sessions and Receive 2 Complimentary Sessions
Purchase 5 Sessions and Receive your 6th Session half price 💜

Thank You for Choosing to Love Yourself, Everyone in Your life will benefit from that choice 💞🙏💞

Thank You for Sharing these Amazing Healing Specials & for Choosing to relax, align and heal with me. Namaste, Tawnya Love
Call 360.567.7576 to schedule your Self Love Sessions 💜

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