Happy Rebirthing with Intuitive Healer Tawnya Love

 Happy December 1, 2017 

I have been born again & again & each time, I have found something to love.~Gordon Parks

Blessings Sweet Soul Family & Happy Holidays!

Our ability to find something to love, and to love again for the first time, depends greatly on how we resolve & integrate where we’ve been before. A great model for us exists in the chambered nautilus, an exquisite shell creature that lives along the ocean floor. The nautilus is a deep-sea form of life that inches along the bottom. Over time it builds a spiral shell, but always lives in the newest chamber.
  The other chambers, they say, contain gas or liquid that helps the nautilus control its bouyancy. Even here, a mute lesson in how to use the past: live in the most recent chamber and use the others to stay afloat.

  Can we, in this way, build strong chambers for our traumas: not living there, but breaking our past down till it is fluid enough to lose most of it’s weight? Can we internalize where we’ve been enough to know that we are no longer living there? When we can, life will seem lighter.

  It is not by accident that the nautilus turns it’s slow digestion of the bottom into a body that can float. It tells us that only time can put the past into perspective, and only when the past is behind us, and not before us, can we be open enough and empty enough to truly feel what is about to happen. Only by living in the freshest chamber of the heart can we love again and again for the first time. Right Here, Right Now.
~center yourself and close your eyes and imagine the passages that have brought you to who you are.

~inhale evenly and see which passage holds the most feeling.
~breathe steadily and ask yourself, is the past living in me, or am I living in this passage of the past?
~do nothing today; simply be with what your heart answers.
~tomorrow, share the feeling with a friend.
Happy day to ALL 💞🧚💞

 Love you, Namaste Tawnya Love 💗

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