There’s Magic in the Air with Intuitive Healer Tawnya Love

Day 91 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

December 9th, 2017

So often I am touched & delighted by the Potential of each new day. For me, every day holds Incredible opportunity for Magic & Transformation. It’s easy to become distracted by the fears and negativity of outside forces. Those distractions seem to be all around us. However, we have the power to choose to focus within rather than without. We can turn our attention on our inner voice, our inner desires and co-create our own Magic & Miracles.

I speak Divine Truth here. Everyone of you reading this message have Incredible power. Everyone of you are worthy of aligning with your highest potential. And everyone of you are Incredible creators in a constant cyclical state of motion and creation.

Now what we choose to create is always up to us. This choice really has nothing to do with your current external reality. Unless of course you keep telling your mind that your external reality dictates your ability to create. Then your consistent thoughts will support your next creation, and your next, and your next.

Creation is our Birthright! It’s why we’ve all come here in this physical reality. Now what we create is up to us. I speak from experience on this and if you observe your life with an honest, open lense you’ll realize that you too have been creating your entire life.

But what are we creating? Are we creating Peace, Joy, Love, Connection, and Bliss? Or are we creating Fear, Lack, Limitation, Competition, Comparisons and Suffering? It only takes a moment to observe that in this physical world humans are all creating very different realities. And our choice of creation never needs to be limited by any other humans’ choice of creation, ever!

You may have grown up listening to your tribe constantly speaking about lack, fear and injustice. But please, please remember that You and You alone choose your focus, your thoughts and your chosen reality.

As a child I constantly heard and felt empathically the constant message of, “There’s Not Enough” & “I’m Not Enough,” there was a consistent energy flowing from just about every one of my family members. For years I allowed that programming to influence my own beliefs and expectations of life. For years I suffered and for years I truly believed I wasn’t worthy or enough. For years I was lost in Illusion, playing small and I suffered.

Now for myself I made some important choices in my life. In time I began meditating, I consciously pulled myself away from the external noise of the world, and that included my family and all of their opinions. It took Awareness and Courage to go Within. And though I get immense pleasure in writing these messages and sharing my wisdom with my clients and family, I know that my words are not enough to cause any of you to change. Only You can choose to change your old programming, only you can choose to pull away from the outer reality and go within, deeply within to discover your own truth.

It is my joy and pleasure to Inspire You, and Encourage You. The next steps are completely up to You!

Each day make a decision and commitment to walk or sit in silence for at least 30 min. Walks in nature can be Incredibly restorative and inspiring for this practice. If that’s not available for you, then sit somewhere quiet where you can enjoy your time off in solitude and stillness.

Let go of any attachments or expectations, just enjoy sitting, laying or walking with yourself just for the pleasure of Stillness and Being. Be with your breath, meaning bring awareness to your breath. Allow your mind to flow, just bring awareness to the thoughts that are flowing in-and-out. Notice them, consciously shift those thoughts to the highest most loving, empowering thoughts that you are Inspired to focus on.

FEEL the Aliveness within your physical body, notice the strength of your body. Bring Awareness to the Miracle that is your body. Just simply enjoy being in this physical-human vessel. Observe thoughts that flow in about your body. Notice if any judgmental thoughts flow in, notice that You have the choice and power to change those thoughts to Higher Loving thoughts anytime.

Enjoy this moving or sitting Meditation everyday for the next 2 weeks. Make the commitment to practice with consistency. Observe the inner and soon thereafterter the outer shifts that occur within your ever shifting reality. Enjoy this process, let go of any rigid expectations or neediness. Just enjoy your constant state of Creation.

I’d Love to hear from You. Take a moment and send me any heartfelt sharings of your experience. Happy Magical Creations to All!!!

Namaste & Happy Holidays, Tawnya Love & the Angels 🧚

Please view my Thriving Services here. Contact me if you’d like to work one-on-one with a Loving, Aligned and Incredibly Aware Mentor!

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