Dissolving the shadow of hierarchy with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 98 of Mindfulness

With Tawnya Love

January 17th, 2018

Blessings Beloved Soul Family,

Those who take advantage of hierarchy are as much victims of a misaligned system as the ones they take advantage of. We often observe this as fear emerging as unconscious anger, which will be expressed either up the hierarchy at leaders or down upon those deemed as less than. There is always a desire for control of the other, rather than an awareness of self.

Humans living in such ways behave irresponsibly in the sense that they do not feel they are accountable for their choosen actions. They will often point blame at anyone else they deem unworthy. They will commit hateful acts and then justify those acts through their unconscious fear.

These are the builders of empires, competitive business owners, corrupt political leaders, leaders/controllers of families. These humans always seek to control others with an obsession for personal gain and status. They also show up as the criminals, and rebels within all societies.

It is only once the deeper fears are truly faced that these humans are able to transcend these dysfunctional systems of hierarchy through their openness to be Conscious.

Moving into a higher frequency/experience requires social equilibrium which requires us to consciously fulfill the needs of both the individual and the group as a collective whole. A deep care, honor and respect are vital to the well being of all individuals within a group or society.

A focus upon the Alignment of individuals births a collective Alignment in which a Unified Consciousness is Honored and accessed for the betterment of the Whole. Love, rather than attachment must lead the way.

The path into Wholeness requires a great trust and honor of every individual to creatively find their own Alignment. It is by trusting each individual to take responsibility for their own contributions in any group that a very powerful energy field is built within the group in which all individuals thrive.

The path to Wholeness requires a playful, creative and Intuitive flow of freedom. It is only when individuals within a group are truly trusted that a community begins to embody and radiate optimal health. Without trust, fear will be guiding action.

True equilibrium and teamwork always occur as a self-organising energy that can never be successfully created through external control or manipulation. A true Collective Harmony and Unity can only be birthed through individual freedom as well as trust in the self-organising intelligence of that very freedom. An honor for the mystical/mysterious flow of intelligence and creation is helpful.

Namaste, Tawnya Love and Source Oneness


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