Taking Ownership of OUR Creations with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 108 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love

February 28th, 2018

Addiction, Addiction, Addiction ahhhh how so many humans struggle with this Illusion of powerlessness. The truth is and will always be that You hold the greatest power in Your Universe. You call the shots in the roles you act out in this life movie. And when you become attached, needy, and addicted to Anything “out there” you become identified with the Illusion. You give all your power and energy over “by choice” mind you, to your addictions.

Suddenly it’s as if that addiction has the power, you begin to view your life from a distorted lens and the Addiction is your Master.

(Image of an imaginary inner dark master)

Again to be crystal clear…You Are THE Most Powerful being in your Creative Experience. That’s the clear truth minus Your distortion practices.

You Are the Master of Your Creations. And by distorting that truth you must play the victim.

It is Not possible to be both the Awakened Aware Conscious Creator and play any type of victim role. Not possible! You and only You Always choose the roles in which you play.

You choose to BE Present and Aware or You choose to slip into that familiar pattern of unconscious creation. Then you try to convince others that it wasn’t your fault…I can’t help it…they made me do it…and on and on with the distorted egoic creations of powerlessness.

You my friends have the potential to BE Aligned, Aware, Conscious Bad Ass Creators every moment of your lives. The problem is, many of you keep playing small. You keep lying to yourself and to others and you keep Manifesting drama, suffering and all kinds of bullshit chaos. Why? It has Nothing to do with anyone in your life situation…it has Everything to do with You and Your Choices.

You like playing the victim. If you didn’t you wouldn’t keep playing it. And you Love your Addiction to the drama, the pain and the suffering… otherwise you’d stop bitching and complaining about it. You’d stop participating in it.

I do Not agree with any human that distorts higher truth. I will not tolerate Addiction, nor will I participate in celebrating or feeding it. I will not make excuses for myself or another in any way that creates in the Illusion of powerlessness. I will see the games humans play with eyes, heart and mind wide open. I will speak of Divine Truth as a loving reminder for those who are ready to put on their Bad Ass Conscious Costumes and start Creating consciously with purpose.

Again I repeat You Are THE Most Powerful Creator in Your Life story. Nothing has more power than You. If you are Suffering and are experiencing the energy of Addiction, Stay Awake to that pattern. Love yourself completely with Conscious Awareness and Reclaim Your Infinite Power.

Chaos is created through unconscious thinking, speaking and action. Suffering is a result of that unconscious pattern. Clear the pattern. Return to your natural Empowered state as a Conscious Connected Creator. It’s truly that simple!

Love is the bridge that will take you away from unconscious creation into a higher Vibrational Experience of Empowered Creation.

You’ve Got This!!! Reclaim Your Power, Take back Ownership of the most important creation you’ll ever Create.. YOUR OWN LIFE!!!

Namaste Tawnya Love

P.S. for anyone who uses the…it’s a Disease card to maintain their game of unconscious creation. Let me remind you that any Feeling of Dis-ease is an opportunity to awaken. An opportunity to Realign with the Source Wholeness that is always available Within. All Dis-ease is simply a continued pattern of unconscious creation. βœŒοΈπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Š


Contact me at: tawnyaangel@gmail.com with any questions about my services and rates…New Awesome Mindfulness Mastery Website is being created and will be up and running soon βœŒοΈπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Š

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