YOU Are THE One You’ve been waiting for With Wayshower Magician Tawnya Love

Day 112 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love Master Magician

March 6th, 2018

So many humans are still lost in their self-created Illusions of fear, so many wanting to die in order to go home. What I know: We Are Home–we either embody and allow the Infinite Unconditional Love that we are, in truth, to move throughout our life situation/experience–or WE block that flow.

We do Not need to die in order to access our Infinite Power, Love, Light, Gifts, Wholeness, or Intelligence/Wisdom….It is here Now…We Can choose to access All, Now!

I AM Living in the New Earth Frequency/Reality by choice, not by death circumstance. My heart has chosen to BE Here Now to playfully Dance & Guide those who are paying attention into a New Super-Hero Reality. You Can Shapeshift, Anything. You Can Magnetize to You Anything…You Are doing it everyday.

Many of You are simply unconsciously drawing in energy and life situations as a loop from your past experiences/expectations. Therefore it FEELS as if you are stuck in Hell….Hence you wish for death so that you may get back to a Bliss-filled Heaven.

I tell You, Your Blissful Heaven is Within…You must choose to access it and activate it. It IS who You Are! You are never seperate from Your Power.

You Are a Powerful Magician, in fact You Are THE Most Powerful Magician in Your Universe/Reality. The Only limitations you will ever experience are those you believe in and identify your sense of Self with. You Are Source God Oneness and Intelligence, You Are All of it!

Nothing can ever be denied You except that which YOU command. Ready for a Blissful Heaven?

Command a New Experience/Reality. Release Yourselves from the life-situation looping of problem and limitation. You have had the power to choose this the Whole Time!!! No one “out there” is holding you as prisoner, it is All Your Creation.

There is No waiting for our 5D Reality…WE Are One with that Possibility if We choose it. Now!

You Are The Master and Magician You’ve been waiting for…AWAKEN! Or Don’t, it’s not really a big deal either way. Unless of course you’re miserable in your own creation of looping. If that’s the case, consider this a cold bucket of water I just Lovingly tossed in your face. WAKE UP My Fellow Magicians ✨🙏✨ Let’s co-create some Awesome Magic!

Namaste, Tawnya Love Master Magician Extraordinaire Choosing to BE of Service In Your Awakening & Remembering ✨🦋✨ Because I enjoy that Shit! 😆

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Today I received this message of truth from my/our Source of Wisdom:

Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will BE Done on Earth as it IS in Heaven 💞🙌💞

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