Beautiful Client Testimonials

March 13th, 2018

I Absolutely LOVE when I receive Honoring High Vibrational Client testimonials. Thought I’d share the Love with all of you beautiful Soul Family 💞🙏💞

“So I have this awesome soul coach & friend (Tawnya Love). She’s helping me remember so much. The times I felt stuck under a glass ceiling was because I was focused on that glass ceiling. How could I get around a barrier I kept envisioning? I had to see myself on the other side of it to find myself on the other side of it (Quantum Tunneling). The more I focused on that barrier the more real it became. It got my attention & energy. Whatever your “glass ceiling” is, see yourself on the other side. In your mind go to the place where that barrier doesn’t exist, FEEL what that feels like 😊 speak what that feels like. Keep doing it. Don’t give the barrier your focus. It only exists because you believe it does. ” -Shannon 🦄🌠🌈🌟💃🤸

#WeAreCreators #ItsAllUpToYou


Love This Thank You for Sharing this Sweet Shannon. It is my honor & pleasure Assisting & Supporting Your Conscious Expansion ✨🦋✨

Namaste, Tawnya Love

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