Taking a Stand for Conscious Evolution with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 117 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love

March 17th, 2018

Beloved Soul Family,

After observing, listening and feeling my own wisdom in regards to these brave teenagers who are choosing to take a stand for what they know is wise and aligned, I have chosen to make my own statement, I am expressing from Love and wisdom and I will not tolerate any ignorant ranting on my posts. Your ignorant unloving statements will be deleted and blocked every time, so if you’re driven by anger and hate, thank you for scrolling along. I write this because it’s time for Me to take my stand for Love and Wisdom. Seeing hateful comments on my posts celebrating humans who are choosing to live with courage is not necessary. Reading comments like, “all teenagers are ignorant and uniformed,” is a total myth…Anytime a human writes an all-encompassing statement like this I can quickly call bullshit. I have 3 Amazing teenagers who are informed and intelligent. Reading statements from adults saying, “these teens are all Tide-Pod eating idiots,” is absolutely untrue. Again, I have 3 teenagers who’ve never even thought to eat a fucking Tide Pod!? These statements are thrown around by insensitive adults who Are clearly uniformed, ignorant and nasty.

I encourage You, the insensitive hateful ones, to take a good look in the mirror and heal the only thing you have power over, your own unstable and insane minds. I encourage You to drop into your hearts and feel and listen from your heart and soul rather than your fearful, frantic egoic minds that have been programmed to hate. Hating other humans is not natural, it is a learned phenomenon. You and You alone must make the decision to unlearn the hateful distorted ideas that you’ve been fed.

You know what I’ve heard enough of, statements by ignorant humans stating that, “guns don’t kill people, crazy people kill people.”

Here’s the truth, guns (AR-15) assist hurting unstable humans in killing lots of innocent people very quickly. A basic handgun can also kill innocent people but not nearly as quickly. There is no reason whatsoever for anyone on the streets to have these types of semi-automatic weapons. These innocent humans don’t stand a chance when a disturbed human busts into their sacred spaces with an AR-15 weapon. In this case, these types of semi-automatic weapons are absolutely Killing innocent humans. And yes, an unstable human is holding that gun–a gun they purchased from a store or stole from their dad…They don’t need to be on the streets or in family homes.

The second amendment was created at a time when there was no such thing as an AR-15, or AK-47 weapon. This amendment was written in a time when humans wanted to have a right to have a single-loading rifle. This was in place for basic protection from wildlife or home/property invasions. Our society has lost their freaking minds and these events are a reflection of the deeper disturbance within many human minds. Human minds invented these destructive weapons and destructive human minds do not care nor have any compassion for the destruction these creations cause. This issue, as all issues, must be addressed from within each of our minds. Each of us must make the choice to heal our minds, to clear distortion and realign within if we hope to heal any external life situations.

Namaste Tawnya


https://youtu.be/QrY9eHkXTa4 Take a listen FEEL it in your heart ✨💗✨


  1. thereckoning12 · March 24, 2018

    Beautiful post!! There will always be haters unfortunately but I do believe that the light can be stronger….at least I hope…

    • Tawnya Angel · April 4, 2018

      YESSSSS ✨💗✨ WE can choose to BE the Light & Brighten our world!!! ✨🦋✨

      • imarhiagu · May 30, 2018

        That is really true words sister from the light

      • Tawnya Angel · May 30, 2018


      • Tawnya Angel · July 19, 2019

        Many Blessings to you 🙏

      • imarhiagu · August 10, 2019

        Thanks for your update dear sister from the planet????

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