Conscious Creation with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 119 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love

March 19th, 2018

Greetings Beloved Powerful Creators,

As Free-Will beings each of us have the power of choice. Choices are neither Right nor Wrong. Choices are choices, however all choices Create. In every choice one creates a new experience, a new consequence and a new creation.

That being said, choosing consciously will support a soul in higher Vibrational Experiences and Consequences. Where Choosing unconsciously will create a very contrasting experience and consequence.

All souls have the Freedom to honor their own bodies, minds, and environments. One may set healthy boundaries/requests and yet the other also has the freedom of choice. They may choose to honor those boundaries or dishonor them. In all choice there are consequences. Some refer to this as The law of cause and effect, or the law of karma.

Souls may deliver themselves from any life situation via their choices. No choice is good or bad, again to be clear, choice is choice. However, if we desire a loving life experience and we torment ourselves via our chosen thoughts, and then we torment others via our chosen dishonoring actions one can quickly discern a karmic/cause and effect consequence in motion.

When we choose to consciously Love and Honor ourselves via loving expansive thoughts, and Loving Expansive action one will quickly Observe a shift in external reality. The same law of karma/cause and effect in motion yet creating a very different Reality.

Therefore in regards to joy, happiness, and peace certain choices would appear to be better choices/higher choices than others. In this case we could call these choices Good or Aligned. They are Good and Aligned because they are supporting us in creating consciously that which we desire, as opposed to unconsciously creating that which we do Not desire. The Choice to lie cheat and steal will usher in very different life situations/realities than the choice to Love, support and heal for example.

When a soul plays the game of separation and unconsciousness through their unconscious thoughts and choices they create a very different external reality. They or others may call these choices Bad, where in truth they are simply unconscious choices creating unconscious realities that are Not desired.

Each of us hold the ultimate power in every Sacred Moment via our choices. That being said, it is wise to pause and invite consciousness into our Chosen thoughts and actions if we desire to create that which we truly Love and Desire.

We Are All Powerful Creators, some of us are Powerfully creating that which we Love and desire Consciously. While others may be Powerfully creating that which they do Not desire via unconscious thoughts/actions. We are all droplets from the same vast Cosmic Ocean choosing our next life experiences via our choices. The Ocean of Potentiality and Consciousness doesn’t really mind what WE choose to create. Yet our choices will very much effect our life experiences/realities.

Namaste 💞🙏💞

Tawnya Love Conscious Creator Igniting & Activating Great inner & outer Transformation 🔥🦋🔥 take a moment to like, comment and share your favorite posts ✌️💗

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